Gaming and Gamers of my first posts and it's about gaming. :eek: I'm somewhat of a gaming geek when I'm not working. Started with Atari and worked my way through all the consoles until someone introduced me to the fact that I could IM and kill monsters in FFXI, played that for a while, WoW and now SWtOR.

This thread was my first post! Even before I introduced myself lol! Gotta stick to the comfort zone!
I'm a total gamer geek.

Starting at a young age, we had the following consoles: nintendo, snes, sega genisis, nintendo 64, gamecube, wii, xbox, xbox 360 ps1 and ps2.
Now that I'm an adult, my mother bought herself a ps3 last christmas, lol...

As for me now, I am primarily a PC gamer. My favorites include Killing Floor (seriously, if anyone plays, omg hit me up. I love it) Civ 5, Starcraft 2, Lego Batman, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Diablo 2 and 3, Portal 1 and 2, Fallout 3, and Fallout 3: New Vegas, Unreal Tournament 3, and Minecraft.
MMOs.... EVE online currently, but in the past- Lineage 2, and a little bit of WoW. League of Legends... and I think that's mostly it....

Gotta love Portal. Portal 2 with the whole user made levels and multiplayer and such really just upped it so much too. I'm rather addicted to Minecraft at the moment. Playing with the Tekkit 3.0.3 mod on my own survival server, building some fairly technical stuff. Still not touched half of what is included in it though. If you haven't already, I'd reccomend highly that you play Minecraft with Tekkit. Adds so much more. of my first posts and it's about gaming. :eek: I'm somewhat of a gaming geek when I'm not working. Started with Atari and worked my way through all the consoles until someone introduced me to the fact that I could IM and kill monsters in FFXI, played that for a while, WoW and now SWtOR.

Yay for SWTOR! What server do you play on? Republic or Empire?
Gamer, Gaming and Game Designer Here

Hi, I am Desert Rose,

I have been playing games since the Tandy2000 came out in the late 70's. I am not that old.....LOL.
Anyway, I am currently nearing the end of a Bachelors Degree in Game design. I plan to make a media-gaming company out of my education.
My favorite form of gaming is on my pc, though I started out with game systems.
My favorite games right now are first person shooters. I like mystery games. I like all games really, but these are my favorites. I game with my clan on Combat Arms......which I am developing a site for the clan and making a personal flash game for the clan.
I play all COD.....though I am anxiously awaiting the release of COD Black Op II.
I am gamer on WOW, RIFT, AND Diablo III.
Diablo III, is a whole other conversation to say the least, anyway, thought I would introduce myself here and what I do.


What server are you on in wow, and when do you get on Diablo III.

If your ever on lookup Madlady37;)
It will be madlady37 in Diablo,

If you play on the blizzard server for wow, which on, if not do you play on a private server.

I had my own wow server for a good minute, then got tired of it. I play on Molten Wow.
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Let me check

OK, let me know what time your on, and when so we can do this thing, lol.:)

Normal if I get on it will be around 8:00 pm est. Madlady is my handle.
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My BattleTag

Sorry, thought I posted it,

Madlady37#1288 is the tag.

Hope to see you in the game.


My first console type video game was Pong
First computer was the Radio Shack TRS-80

Since those days pretty much had hands on everything from Handheld light games, which you still see now and again in stores.... Watch games, Merlin, Atari, Odyssey, Intellivision, Original Sega, Nintendo up to the Wii, Gameboys up to DSi, PlayStation's up to PS3, Pinball & Arcade Games, various phones with games, even my Kindle & Kindle Fire have games on them.... and the ultimate gaming system: several PCs that even when maxed out only last a few years at best.

I remember when PacMan was single, Donkey Kong was a bad guy, the best defense against a Dragon was a Bicycle Pump, and using a ball to kill an alien Centipede was a huge innovation.

Lived through R.O.B., U-Force, Virtual Boy, & the Power Glove.... not sure how.

Basically: I am old & being born in '75 allowed me to see most of the steps that have led to gaming today and just lucky enough to evolve with it.


I play mostly anything online
My go to downloaded computer games are Natto-Cat & Creeper World 2
My favorite MMO is Wizard 101

PS3: Recently got Assassin's Creed II & now have Brotherhood & Revelations being delivered any day now.
Got screwed with WWe'12 & still hoping WWe'13 actually has good game play and functional Servers.

Wii: More for the Grand Kids, but I like Bowling on it & trying to get back into Super Mario.

Whatever I missed you can ask me about.... Y'all know where I am.

I'm strictly a PC gamer. I love Team Fortress 2, Portal 1 and 2 and Left 4 Dead 1 and 2. I like Battlefield 3, just hate the interface.

But I can't play any of these (except Portal 1) without being in a Skype call with friends. It's more of a social interaction than just playing video games.

If anyone is interested in playing any of these together PM us and we can exchange Steam names.
My first experience with video games was when I was under 5 years old (way back so unsure how old I was) My older brother would usually be in the local arcade/pool hall as a teen. Honestly not sure if they were all 18+ back then, I remember some places at the 18+ sign on the doors. My older brother was in deep shit for not being home on time, I whined to go with my Dad there once got in my bro was playing Frogger and told me to take over could barely see the screen, lol. I guess he knew our Dad was gonna be yelling and swearing so went with him outside so her could get it out instead of in front of me in the car going home.

Then had Colecovision, Intellivision rentals from movie stores back then. My first "own" console was an Atari 2600 (lmao) I remember carrying it home like it was my friggin baby as a kid I think also got Missile Command with it.

At 10-12 years old got a Nintendo (NES) and first time into the RPG's and Sim type games like Sim City. Later got the SNES still into the same type of games. I thought Nintendo was the BEST thing out there, subscribed to their Nintendo Power magazines and everything.

Then I saw the hottest new bombshell on the block and dropped Nintendo faster than my pants when my wife says she horny lets do it.

First time I saw the Playstation and actual video clips in a Top Gun game I was sold almost like going from being a kid to being a man as far as video systems went :p Nintendo seemed like a bloody child's toy with their kiddie colorful graphics. Played through PS1 and PS2 and still sitting there. Don't really have the cash now to spring for a PS3...

Anyways after seeing an Xbox with Kinect at couple's place we were hoping would click with pretty much think our next system won't be a PS3 but a Xbox. (Couple didn't work out with fucking sucks! Wife hit it off with the guy and their dating now, I'm back to women telling me off YOUR MARRIED!? POLY EEW THAT'S DISGUSTING YOU SICK PERVERT)

We currently have a PS2 with the Eyetoy, some of the singing games with the microphones, dance pad etc but rarely use it.

My wife and I have also played World of Warcraft for many years. First on retail servers for 2-3 years guild blew up after Wotlk came out. Tried "free servers" and luckly found a great adult one with mature players. Actually fucking ENJOYED WoW like never before but sadly it shut down last year when one of the owners go into some shit and had to disappear, lol.

I enjoyed being a Game Master on that one with about 100 players and later for to be a (level 3 for anyone that knows) on another server which tried to replace the one which shut down. It bombed since the owner was running it from a home computer, had ZERO leadership skills and was a total pussy where anyone could cheat, hack, say their sorry and would get unbanned and back to cheating. Quit that one even being a GM.

Messed around setting up my own home WoW server with a Trinity Core but got boring fast with just my wife and I although she LOVED having full GM powers, fly around, spawn stuff, one-shot bosses, etc. Like a kid in a candy store hehe. I tried a few others since but can't stand the bloody kids on most servers. I LOVE the game, just HATE most of the people :p I think the only reason I'd play WoW again would be to help maintain and GM a server with owners staff I could respect.

I've tried other games but WoW seems to be the only one with stunning graphics, love the game controls and will actually work on our old piece of shit desktop computers. (P4, 1gig ram pc2700, 64mb standard video) tried others and they require higher system req's and worse graphics like that when I saw on old SNES games.

Now just fart around on Facebook games, trying to get back into working on my websites. Wife REALLY wants me to make a Poly dating site and market it since have done SEO internet advertising.

Meh I've thought about going back just to check out my guild on Eternal-WoW, left a 300 member guild there as Guild Master lol. If any Wow'ers are thinking to check it out don't waste your time. More bugs than usual, even a Guild Bank bug which I have NEVER seen having tested prob hundreds of servers over the years. GM's mostly just do silly events, ie kill the GM. Although you CAN buy pretty much anything you want if you got the cash!

Anyways, yeah I do long posts.
I love XBOX and PS3 games. I have started playing WoW again for my husband. I am slowly getting back into it. Maybe I can make it fun this time.
I just got back into playing on my PS3. Been a PC gamer for going on 2 years now. My PS3 has been sitting cold. But recently [far behind, I know] got a HD TV. First flat screen TV at all, oddly. =P Took me long enough to even get one for my PC. Even now, it's still a measly 19" 1366*768 thing! Haha. But yeah, now with the full power of my PS3 able to shine through, and with some trophy updates for Metal Gear Solid 4, I figured I'd dust it off and play through some of the games again. Still mainly on my PC though. Even though my TV may be HD, my measly PC monitor at least can still manage modern graphics details. Even a lot of the PS3 games are starting to look blocky. You just get used to higher and higher quality from graphics.
In reading all the games mentioned in this thread, I feel like I'm looking at a foreign language!

I truely know what you mean. Although growing up with a younger brother who was massively into nintendo, magic and all that sort of thing, I can catch whiffs of the gamer chat and recognise a few words. A bit like hanging out in a foreign bar where you know how to say 'hello may i please have a drink or 3, thank you.' And that's about it.

That said, I do love cards, backgammon, chess, word games. Minesweeper was a favoured timewaster in the college computer labs. And if we are to include the real life 'games people play' well...:rolleyes:
I've always been a person who avoided the gaming stuff. In high school, the Atari, Commodore 64 and other such devices were just out on the market and all the guys seemed to be drawn to them. Some girls, yes ... but mostly the guys were addicted to the point of madness by these gaming consoles.

My first husband and a couple of our mutual friends started up a DnD group, and I played along. Mostly to spend time with them. The Dungeon Master accused me of being there solely to destroy his carefully laid plans. *evil chuckle* It was a good time.

After first hubby and I split up, I moved to another state where I had friends, got involved in a DnD group here mostly as a way to make friends. But found it had lost all it's appeal.

A dear friend of mine wanted me to try World of Warcraft, and I happily spent many hours with my current husband questing, raiding, achievement hunting and all sorts of things to do. My appeal to the MMO was constant as there was always many things to do and the best part was playing with my husband and friends.

We've moved on to Star Wars now. Happily so, since I've been addicted to all things Star Wars since the first movie came out. :)

My husband? Oh, he's a hard core gamer. Has the latest Xbox and PS3, Gamecube, PS2 and probably every gaming console he ever bought! I love it because it gives me great gift ideas for things because new games are always coming out that he would love to play. The good part of all of this is that we have a great relationship with his kids, because "game night" is usually the Wii ... and someone is going down to Table Tennis or whatever! /giggle
Like aLABiMCpl, my gaming started back in the dawn of time. Pong, VIC20, TI99/A, handheld football, Commodore 64, Colleco, Intellivision, Pac-man, Battlezone, and the like. Programmed several by hand from magazines, experienced the early days of pirating software, wasted tons of quarters, one of the first to get a 20 sided die, and two time Atari competition champ. These days, I work for a company that makes world class gaming hardware, have several consoles, built a complete MAME arcade, but rarely play anything other than a few games on my phone/tablet. Words with Friends and WELDER are my main two.
I played wow for way to many years then did some game hopping a while mostly pc and at least at the moment I have settled on guild wars 2
I just got into the beta of Planetside 2 the other day. So far, I'm quite impressed. I'm looking forward to seeing what the fully released game will end up being like. Especially as so much stuff is still locked out at the moment. Even after it releases, they have so many plans on where to take it too. I think this is going to be a game that is around for a very long time. Plus the whole free to play is VERY much my kinda thing. =P