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Hi, you can call me Mimo. I'm 22, nonbinary, and in a happy, healthy relationship. I'm in northwest Washington, he's in Portugal, and his other partner is in Australia. I love them both, but I'm only dating one right now. Maybe it's because I'm dense and can't tell friendship flirting from I want to date you flirting, maybe he's just not into me, but either way it's all good. (Not looking for advice on it, just introducing the situation)

We're all cosplayers, which is quite fun! It's actually how we met. :D I like baking, cooking, camping, and collecting rocks. It's a good thing I like to cook, I don't trust my bf in the kitchen. Love him dearly, but he burnt himself making eggs.

I'm also about to go to college again! Uh, my fave colour is black, my fave bands are Saywecanfly and Black Veil Brides. Pop punk and emo are my favourite musical styles, and I'm part Filipino.

I think that about introduces me and my situation.


Welcome Mimo!

As someone else in an American-Australasian relationship, I get both the joys and frustrations of long distance, especially in the time of Covid.

That's a cool variety of interests you have there! Thank you for the positive energy your introduction brings to our little corner of the internet 😃



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Greetings Mimo,
Welcome to our forum. Please feel free to lurk, browse, etc.

Wow, you guys live long distances apart; are you able to see each other in person very often? I take it your boyfriend is the one in Portugal, and that he is able to visit you sometimes. In between these visits, do you guys keep in touch by Skype/Zoom/what have you? Do you text each other often?

I think it's pretty cool that you like to cook, and I like your other interests as well. I'm glad you could join us on Polyamory.com, and hope you enjoy your stay.

Kevin T., "official greeter" :)


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Welcome aboard!


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There is no need for you to date your partner's partner. In fact, it's pretty uncommon for that to work out.