Hey friends!

Hey everyone, you can call me LB or Lizzie. I got the name from Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I am 25, from Texas (I feel like there’s supposed to be a custom of hat tipping after saying this but I don’t even own a cowboy hat).

I am new to polyamory. And it has been an interesting struggle. 😂 me and my long term live in boyfriend (we’re going to just call him Babe) opened our relationship a couple of months ago. We’ve been together for almost a decade (high school sweethearts) and I found out a year ago that I am actually, in fact, bisexual. 😂 Babe opened the conversation about polyamory when we discussed my sexuality because he did not want me to feel like I was missing out, but also because he’s felt like he was polyamorous for a few years. I was super hesitant at first. But I ended up having a crush on someone who is also in a newly developed polyamorous relationship.

This is where my second partner comes in, we’ll call her Dos. She was my friend first for a year and started telling me about polyamory as well. I had lots of questions since Babe had brought it up. She provided a safe space for me to ask questions, and then we kind of fell into each other’s laps. 😂 it was the most “fate” thing that I had experienced thus far. It was just the right time with all of the right people in the polycule.

Polyamory has given me the safe space to explore my sexuality, learn about and practice compersion, and be intentional and present with my time. It has helped me with confidence, my boundary setting and respecting, and patience. This has been a really emotional experience, especially because me and Dos are both new to this. But it has been very rewarding. Still need to keep doing all the research and being open to changes and shifts in boundaries. But it’s been a really rewarding experience.


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Welcome to the board. I think it sounds healthy that you are opening yourself to more relationships since you've been with your high school sweetie for a decade! I'm glad he's on board too. I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible. :)
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Thank you! It’s been a really interesting process. We’ve (all three of us) have gone through a lot of trauma healing since the process started. We’ve also worked a lot on curbing our jealousy and changing our perspective away from possessiveness. It’s definitely been challenging. But so far we are all adjusting. 😂


welcome to the board, theres alot of good peeps here.


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Greetings Lizzie,
Welcome to our forum. Please feel free to lurk, browse, etc.
I am in New Mexico, so not too far from you.

It sounds like polyamory has been good for you so far, not that there haven't been struggles, but it has been worth it for you. It sounds like Babe and Dos are both very supportive towards you, it helps a lot when you have that kind of support.

You can still learn much more about polyamory here on Polyamory.com ... to that end, I encourage you to explore this site, see what threads and boards call to you, and post often with your thoughts and questions. We are a nutty but friendly bunch.

I'm glad you're here!
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There's a *lot* of good info in Golden Nuggets. Have a look!

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Welcome aboard!


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Hey Lizzie, I’m fairly new here too ;) A friend and I had a conversation the other day and a few things hit me……

It’s not that I want to cheat but I just don’t think I can 100% commit to just 1 x Person. It’s not just sex or anything like that, I want to explore as much as possible with a new partner. I’m not sure if that makes sense….

Like I’m a massive geek but respect that may not be for you etc. A lot’s going round my head at the mo lol.


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Welcome from TX. I am a hinge. Many challenges but I would not change a thing.


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Polyamory has given me the safe space to explore my sexuality, learn about and practice compersion, and be intentional and present with my time.
Hi Lizzie,

All good points. I like that idea- a "safe space to explore my sexuality." I'm new to poly and am still sorting through how to feel good about connecting with someone other than partner.

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