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Hello! My name is Lindsey and I have two partners. I love my nesting partner and I’m also in love with my ex, who is poly, as well. My nesting partner is still trying to figure out this whole thing and I’m trying my best to help him through it. I am hopeful I can get some resources and insight from the community to share with him and to help me figure out how to handle my situation in the best possible way.
Welcome. Feel free to start a thread in our Relationships Corner and ask specific questions about what you want to do and learn and teach to your partner(s).
Greetings Lindsey,
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I have looked at your other thread, and responded there briefly. To summarize, I think you should get back together with your ex, it's what you want to do, and you feel like you are poly. To that end, you should stay with your nesting partner as well. That's what poly is all about, is loving more than one partner.

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There's a *lot* of good info in Golden Nuggets. Have a look!

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