LDR Poly during COVID


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"well you chose this lifestyle and so you need to suck it up".....I keep feeling like I should just be stronger.
Being a strong person doesn't mean putting up with sh*t (or anything that feels remotely like sh*t, no matter what is happening or who chose what, or, or, or.) Being a strong person means that you know what you want or have and you stand by what you want or have. There is no Poly Pledge of Allegiance, no rules to which you must be loyal - other than honesty. And just because you're down with poly, you don't have to be OK with every person or every situation. In poly, just as in any relationship configuration, individuals and circumstances vary greatly. Strength is not compromising ones peace of mind for the sake of having made an agreement to be with someone(s), strength is respecting your internal guidance and honoring your values, no matter what.


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Anyway this has been really helpful guys. I have a way more manageable perspective now and I will make some adaptations based on these talks and report back with an update soon.

Glad you are feeling a bit better and the thread participants gave you some ideas to try/think about.