Me and my gf


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First off, I met her a couple weeks after I broke up with my ex. She was already in a poly relationship; I was kinda just welcomed in. That was almost a year ago. Anyway, my name is Brandon and I'm 23. Her name is Kayla and she's 19.

She has at least 5 male partners, including me. I just have her, plus a couple people I've been talking to. But all have been pretty dry. I decided to come here to see other people's struggles in a poly relationship and possibly post some of my own.
Greetings Brandon,
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So far it sounds like you just have Kayla, not a lot has blossomed with the couple of other people you have been talking to. These things take time, be as patient as you can be. With five male partners Kayla must be spread pretty thin; do you get much time with her? If it feels like I'm snooping you don't have to answer, I was just curious. I hope proves to be helpful to you, don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

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I am not sure if you're using your real names. Most people like to post anonymously. Let me know if you want me to change the names to nicknames.

Five dating partners is a lot. I hope you feel like you get enough attention!