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You're a teacher (?)
I'm trying to get a teaching job. So far, I've only worked as a paraprofessional.
Generally, women are not interested in 41 year old men who are broke. There will be exceptions, but it is a problem.
I've noticed. I've struggled my whole life because of my disability. Even with my education, I never could secure any decent paying job or financial security.
Oh, I didn't know you were disabled. I am sorry it's prevented you from having a fulfilling career and love life.
Re: how to find potential partners ... we have already attempted to address that question.
Sure you've already tried some of those things, but not all of them, and the ones you have tried, may very well bring you better luck if you try them again. Maybe you need to retry some things with a fresh perspective, such as with the goal in mind of being more outgoing, and of exercising more of a positive attitude. Methinks you give up too easily. It's like Richard Bach says in his book, "Illusions" ... "Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours."
I appreciate it. But where I seem to be getting stuck is meeting people. All the women I meet IRL are always either already taken (and monogamous) or just not interested in me or I'm not interested in her. All the usual methods don't seem to work either: none of my platonic friends have ever introduced me anyone that wasn't one of the above. I also never met anyone at work, schools, classes, etc. I never connected within anyone from an online meetup platonically or romantically. And online dating never went anywhere for me: I've tried OkCupid, POF, Tinder, Match, etc. over the years. The farthest I got was to meet a few women for first dates that had no interest in seeing me again. Once, I actually went on a second date but there was just nothing there. The problem is I've tried everything and nothing ever worked.