Opening up to polyamory


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Hello everyone I’m brand new to the site and to the world of polyamory. So about me..
My partner and I have been together for over a year and we have the most honest relationship I think I have ever been in, we talk about everything and can literally discuss any topic. When we first started dating she told me that she had been in poly relationships before and explained that it’s was very much her. She loves to building meaningful and deep connections with other and of course if the connection is right the. having more intimate relationships to. At the time I was like wow this sounds really interesting but we never really spoke about it much after that a few conversations here and there but nothing significant. Recently the topic has been in conversation pretty much every week for the past 2 months and I’m finding myself reading more and learning about the polyamory world and it genuinely appeals to me. As I have never experienced or been in a poly relationship I thought the best thing to do was start talking to other people about there different experiences and how do you even go about speaking to other people that you might be attracted to that you are in a poly relationship.
Any advice or points in the right direction would be much appreciated


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Welcome. Advice.....question all of it. Just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will for you. Read, ask questions and learn about jealousy. Poly has been awesome for me. Getting better for my wife. It is interesting, stressful, rewarding, and fun.


Hi and welcome!

It's one of those things that when it's new to someone as a relationship style, it seems quite strange. After a while, however, it just becomes normal. Extremely normal.


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My advice when you start seeking other partners is to be upfront from the beginning that you are not willing to date one person exclusively. That way you will present yourself honestly and no one will get the wrong idea.


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There are quite a few different approaches to non-monogamous relationships. As you are sifting through all of the information and learning about different configurations, approach it as a sampling buffet and not as a big meal. What I mean is, don't get caught up in the labels but build your own thing from only the parts the fit in the overlap between you and your partner.

For me, I use the basic principles of Relationship Anarchy to help guide my path. It isn't a configuration so much as it is a set of guidelines for custom fitting your configuration to the people in it.



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Hello AblaDave7,

It sounds like you are just getting started on your poly journey. Welcome! Welcome to, and to the world of poly. Don't hesitate to post more of your thoughts and questions as you go along.

I think simplest is best when informing someone you might be attracted to that you are poly. Just say, "I should let you know, that I am nonmonogamous." Then just be open and prepared to answer any questions they may have for you. Some people may have a knee-jerk reaction, but you wouldn't want to be dating those people anyway.

There's so much to learn about polyamory, I encourage you to explore this site, see what calls to you, and post often for answers and feedback. There are a lot of valuable perspectives to learn from here, take advantage of that resource, and learn all you can.

Kevin T.