Poly-themed Movies

I'm really surprised that nobody yet has mentioned Pleasantville, a 1998 American fantasy comedy-drama written, produced, and directed by Gary Ross. The film stars Tobey Maguire, Reese Witherspoon, William H. Macy, Joan Allen, Marley Shelton and Jeff Daniels. Here is a trailer on YouTube.
I fell in love with the Joan Allen character (the hinge in the V). Watch out for her (incendiary) discovery of orgasm (self produced)! The polyamory doesn't run right through the film (and I don't want to spoil it for you by expounding on this), but the scene at the end on the bench is just wonderful. As is the one of the son cross-examining his father in the courthouse. (I like the whole film, and it's got the best cover version of "Across The Universe" [by Fiona Apple] that I've ever heard.) I've seen it on video, dubbed into Spanish, as well as in original American (cut up into 10 minute "chapters" - and missing one chapter) on YouTube.
I just saw this film again last night. You know how "It's A Wondeful Life" comes up on TV every Xmas, and some people watch it every year? I think that "Pleasantville" would be my choice for watching once a year. Not just (or even mainly) because of its polyness.

I watched it last night with friends (a couple), the woman being very vociferous about things that bother her on-screen. When the [film] husband says "Where's my dinner?!", my friend shouted "Get it yourself, you lazy bastard!"

... After she calmed down and started paying attention, she LOVED the film.
When the [film] husband says "Where's my dinner?!", my friend shouted "Get it yourself, you lazy bastard!"


I think I may have once seen this film. Not sure. (Would have to check the trailer or see a snippet.) But I'll seek it out at the video rental place I go to.
I've added it to my to-see list.
I just watched the trailer online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_RfD-xTnV8

Yeah. I did see that... long ago. I don't remember it well, however. I'll have to watch it again. What I mostly do remember is the obvious stuff about color and black and white (film) employed as analogy or metaphor -- which is cool.
Oh ... I've seen it.

Don't remember it having a poly element though!
Oh, wait, I think I do remember ... :)
@ River and kdt26417:

When I originally mentioned this film on this thread, NYCindy said that she couldn't remember the poly element. When I suggested that she watch it again, she commented that she didn't think that it was worth a 2nd viewing.

Her loss.

The poly element is there. It's just subtle. Which makes it even more beautiful. This film is a masterpiece.
I now have my own copy, so that I can watch it whenever I want:):):). Unfortunately, it's only in English and without subtitle options, so I can't share it with my Spanish and German friends who don't speak English:(:(:(.
Did anyone mention Two Girls and a Guy? It stars Robert Downey Jr, Heather Graham and Natasha Gregson Wagner.

Not exactly poly but I believe it has some aspects that poly people would appreciate. Two women meet in front of Downey's loft and soon realize he is seeing both of them. The entire movie is the three of them trying to hash things out. It is interesting in that most of the film is in one location and done in real time.
Sounds interesting (I took a quick look at the Wikipedia article on it), I'll have to check it out.
My current favorites are "Three" (which someone mentioned) and "Angels of Sex" (which is available on Netflix streaming).

I also enjoyed the YouTube series "Family".
Still have Design for Living (1933!!) high on the list.
In Paris, two Americans, playwright Tom Chambers and artist George Curtis, both fall in love with Gilda, an American commercial artist. She cannot make up her mind which man she loves, so the three decide to live together platonically. At first, the three are friends, but as time goes by, the two men become more competitive. Gilda decides to end the dispute by marrying her employer, Max Plunkett, but finds the marriage dull and stifling. After Tom and George crash a party at the Plunkett mansion, Gilda returns to the two men, and Max agrees to a divorce.
But the original play is a little edgier (the mens' names were Otto, Leo, & Ernest):
Otto and Leo explain to an incredulous and incandescent Ernest that Gilda's formal status as his wife is irrelevant. She slowly realises that the attraction the two exert for her is irresistible. As Ernest rushes out denouncing their "disgusting three-sided erotic hotch-potch," Gilda, Otto and Leo fall together on a sofa in gales of laughter.
Noel Coward said, "I'm told that there are three of my original lines left in the film." :D

I've looked at a few lists of supposedly "poly" films, & it's dismaying how many are focused on affairs, or Mormonism, or competition for "the prize," or titillating bisexuality.

The movie that I wish could be made? A biopic of Dr William Marston, the guy who created Wonder Woman, with much input from his wife & their partner. Cancer took Marston in 1947.
After his death, Elizabeth and Olive continued to live together until Olive's death in the late 1980s; Elizabeth died in 1993, aged 100.