Poly-themed Movies

These are great recs guys! We just watched The Dreamers which isn't 100% poly but it was excellent all the same. Eva Green was phenomenal and she's gorgeous too!

Also has anyone seen A Home At The End of the World? That's one got one of my favourite lines in it: "It's just love"
Tilda Swinton rocks

I've heard Tilda Swinton is poly in real life. She's also the love of my life. (Shh, don't tell my boys that I'd be mono for her... :p)

I feel like she's done some other poly-esque films, but I can't recall any. It might be worth checking.
I'm definately gonna have to check these out, I wish there were more outright poly movies, instead of all the movies with poly-esque plots. I'd personally love to see a romantic movie based solely on a group, like a triad or quad.

And in response to an earlier suggestion, YESSS @ "Chasing Amy"!!!! I LOVE that movie. Again it wasn't about poly, but it was definately more than monogamy. It was just about the complexities of love and sexuality... truly beautiful film, I'd suggest it to all

The Sex Monster

This is a really good movie I just watched on hulu about a man who convinces his wife to try a 3some with another woman. It was really funny and had the best storyline, plot, and overall message I've seen in a movie in a long time.

I recommend anyone who wants to see a good poly-ish movie watch this :)

just search "The Sex Monster" on hulu
"Paint Your Wagon"(1969) Joshua Logan (Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, Jean Seberg, Ray Walston)
Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood live in a triple relationship with Jean Seberg. The woman is sold off to the highest bidder (Marvin) by her Mormon husband, then makes up her mind that she is in love with both Marvin and Eastwood. Since her former husband had two wives, she reasons, why can't she have two husbands? There is absolutely no hint of sexual involvement between the two men.

I just saw this the other day! I was so surprised. It was a gold mining camp and there were 400 men and only one woman. So, she got 2 husbands out of the deal. It depicted California when it was a territory, not a state, and this triad made their own rules. Sadly the whole town gets punished at the end for this and other "dissapations" as was common in movies of classic Hollywood.
Hubby and I just watched the movie Hump Day and it was fantastic!

It briefly touches on the idea of poly, but is mostly about the idea that human sexuality is not fixed, but flexible and fluid.

The movie was unscripted and has such a raw, real, genuine feel it blew us both away.

Best movie I've seen in years.

The movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona has poly in it, but it also has horrible, annoying narration, and the end sort of fall flat.
My husband, his girlfriend and I recently watched the 1962 film Jules and Jim. Here is the Netflix synopsis:

Writers Jules (Oskar Werner) and Jim (Henri Serre) are close friends who fall in love with the same woman, the unpredictable Catherine (Jeanne Moreau), amid the turbulence of World War I Paris in one of director François Truffaut's best-loved films, adapted from the novel by Henri-Pierre Roché. What results is a decades-long love triangle that both tests and strengthens the bond between the two men.

She is married to one of them and openly seeing the other for most of the film. I was really impressed by the woman's husband's ability to accept her need to see the other guy. At one point something was said about "inventing a new form of love" or being "pioneers of love," I wish I could remember the exact quote.
Just throwing in an oddball film for consideration. The End of the Affair isn't really about poly, but in the end, I think it has a strong poly bent. It certainly yanks your heartstrings and shows that love, while not necessarily always happily ever after, opens your heart to more than you desired or thought it could bear.
Trying to find one....

Several months ago, I was aimlessly surfing the net and saw a mention of a movie about a gay-male triad. I think it said it was French with English subtitles. I wrote the title down and of course lost it! :mad:
Does it ring a bell to anyone? It looked pretty new (less than a couple of years old).
The other day I came across a title in IMDB called A Small Circle of Friends, which a reviewer said addressed "menage a trois" tastefully. I think I might've seen it way back when, but not sure. Sounds like a good one to look up. Karen Allen was always so cute!


RfromRMC, not familiar with that movie you mentioned, but maybe searching keywords or asking at one of the boards over at IMDB.com might help you find it.
"I love you and you and you" Polyamory documentary. Sometimes goofy, sometimes revealing. Filmed from the perspective of a monogamous filmmaker which sometimes comes across as a little condescending or confused, but it was fun to watch and helped me work though some anxiety when my boyfriend started dating his other girlfriend (the first outside relationship since we decided to go Poly).
Just watched Sex in ’69: Sexual Revolution in America (2009), a special on the History Channel (although I believe it was produced by A&E). There was quite a lot of it devoted to open marriages and group sex at the clothing-optional Sandstone retreat. The word "polyamory" wasn't used. They included excerpts from Sandstone, a documentary by filmmaker Jonathan Dana, who shot it while living there with his then-wife for 15 months. In an interview segment, Dana spoke about his experience living and shooting there, and said that while there he and his wife met another couple with whom they lived in a group marriage for several years after the retreat closed.

Sex in '69 was pretty good, though it really only touched on the topics briefly. However, it wasn't sensationalistic and I quite enjoyed it. If you have the chance, you may want to check it out. Here's a clip, from the distributor's website: http://films.com/PreviewClip.aspx?id=19040

I'm surprised that no one mentioned the film "Frida." It's pretty much all about the relationship between Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera, which was pretty much full-on poly by today's standards. I think it actually does a good job of representing the complexities and problems that come with loving many people but maintaining what folks would call a "primary" relationship. :: shrugs ::
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After a quick online search, here is a list I found.... "Splendor" (1999) Greg Araki (Johnathon Schaech, Matt Keeslar, Kathleen Robertson)
"an excellent movie. It is about a MFM triad, and covers the beginning of the poly relationship, and they have to decide, when the female becomes pregnant, how to keep the family together. The two males have to work together to show how much they really need the female and how much they love her. ... a good ending"

It looks interesting.