(Re)opening up is hard - and that's okay, right?

I think it's great that you can just deal with Alicia being away with her OSO by thinking of it as her being with friends doing random whatever, and not focus on the sex or romance, thereby getting all jealous or envious or fearful or otherwise anxious. Honestly, when I started practicing poly, I soon got to that mindset: Pixi is off having fun with a friend. I love Pixi. I want her to live a full, satisfying and fun life. So whether she's gone to another state to visit her family and friends from her childhood, or off to work at a sleepaway camp for three months (she's a camp director), or having lunch locally with a friend, or seeing her bf for the weekend in the next town, all those activities get categorized into the same place in my mind.

I have her for X days a week and I stay in the moment and enjoy our days together, and then she enjoys her other activities, and I enjoy mine.

Things will only be even better when you're not ill while she's away, and you are distracted by exercise in the fresh air, fun with friends, doing your hobbies, etc.
I started off just wanting basic sharing because hes my partner and for me, intimacy is created with sharing. Only things outside of normal were limited. We would share things like went to dinner and movies with details about the restaurant, food, movie, if we should go to eat there someday or skip it entirely just as if we had a conversation when they went out with friends. (We would leave out detailed info about the person we dated) i wanted to know when the relationship became sexual (mouths on genitals or genitals on genitals) if condoms were used, and when or if true feelings are being developed.

as we got further in we experimented with little bits to see how we felt. As comfort level increased, so did the amount we shared. We are now comfortable sharing anything. We never share intimate details freely but we do share openly if asked and if we feel our other partners privacy isn’t being violated without consent.

Do what feels right for you. Theres no right or wrong answer.