Talking it out

A gnarly cold worked its way through the family. I am feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. I've gained back about 20 of the almost 50 pounds I lost so I am trying to be more intentional about my intake again without becoming calorie obsessed. That and going to bed on time with likely improve my mood and energy levels.

I've started doing LG's preferred sport with her which has been fun and added some much needed physical activity and flexibility training.

A couple of friends and I have been having weekly hangouts and I'm feeling burnt out. My introverted self is feeling the need for disconnect from other humans for a while. Life has been too busy lately. Hubby doesn't get it but tries to help. Boy is feeling it too and would love to find time for a chill, plan nothing except relaxation getaway. Finding time though...
A very relaxing, very decadent weekend with Boy happened.

Sport is going well. First competition for me happened and LG moved up a level. She has been placing on the lower end, but still placing, which is amazing. Her hard work is being recognized by people outside of our small group 💖

Hubby and I have weekly date nights on the calendar now. So far, we have done a puzzle and watched TV until I started snoring - focused time together has been nice even if it's silly little things like that.
Hubby and I have kept up on date nights and have a long weekend planned next month. Boy will be spending 3 nights with LG and the pets for us. He will have to take her to 3 different activities and is both dreading it (lots of people) and looking forward to it (being there for the kid, letting hubby and I have time, generally getting a glimpse of what my every day is like).

Hubby has reconnected with... can't remember what I named her on here. It's a little early this year, but covid kind of threw off their normal cycle. He's traveled to see her a few times, and she came here while LG and I were at Boy's one weekend.

My friend also convinced me to reactivate my tinder. Damn that app is a trip. I've had one set of unicorn hunters get pissed because I told them I wasn't for them - they were insisting everything could be a group thing. I was polite at first and hoped maybe they'd listen (they seemed nice otherwise). When they insisted it wasn't an issue, I thanked them for being willing to stop dating each other one on one for me, if we got to the actual dating part. They... did not like that. Lol they weren't awful but they were definitely unhappy that I pointed out flaws in their master plan. Oh well, unmatched and moved on. My friend and I matched with the same woman which was HILARIOUS. I was vibing more friendly while friend was developing a crush fast. We all made plans to meet up at Pride but then my friend's mental health got worse so she bailed. Not sure if I'll meet the new woman or not since a group I'm in is actually setting up a booth. She'll probably just stop by to say hi and actually go with people she already knows. 😆
Are you saying their plan was 'no one will see anyone unless all three of us are there?'. And then you noted that would mean they couldn't date each other without you there? LOL.
Are you saying their plan was 'no one will see anyone unless all three of us are there?'. And then you noted that would mean they couldn't date each other without you there? LOL.
They said they wouldn't see me unless it was all of us, so yes, I replied that it would only be "fair" if they didn't see each other without me either - otherwise it is just a big old double standard from the get go. Lol

I might be weird, but I enjoy being a unicorn now and then. I've dated a few couples and had a blast. This couple was super cute but so full of red flags it wasn't even funny 😅
LG has started referring to Boy as her "part-time parent." She says he's like a parent when he's here but is like a friend when he's not here. I think that's adorable. Boy was worried that Hubby would be upset by that. Hubby has no opinion on it and is happy the child is surrounded by love/humans that make her feel comfortable.

We've been talking about pronouns a lot lately as well. My sibling has officially come out as nonbinary. LG is proudly telling everyone that her aunt is now a they. 🤣 Sibling has gone by a gender neutral shortening of their name for years and says that being called aunt still is totally fine.
The summer has flown by. It's been fun but exhausting. I had a major illness that slowed me down for a month as well. Rough. We are hoping to plan some international travel next year. That is new for all of us. I've been to Canada but that's it. Hubby and Boy have never left the states. First stop will probably be Canada again for sports stuff but then I would like to go to New Zealand and LG wants to go to Mexico (one of her good friends visits extended family every summer and the family has offered to help us with a safe, fun, educational visit one summer - we'll see if it works out).

Overall things are pretty much normal around here. Hubby has been dating a bit. Nothing serious but it's been fun for him and fairly easy to fit into the schedule which is nice.
Fuck covid. I really wish regular boosters were a thing already. I've been masking and avoiding crowded indoor spaces again because it's so bad in my area. Fingers crossed it stays away from me. My lungs are tired.