Talking it out


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I've lost around 30 pounds in just over 4 months, folks! So excited. Hubby is trying to join me in the healthy choices camp, but he has exactly zero self control. He's an all or nothing guy while I'm a "one bite of that candy bar is better than none" kinda gal. Boy lost 20 pounds a few years ago and has kept it off (he's at a healthy weight now) but wants to muscle up. We are thinking about doing some sort of long distance workout thing together. Suggestions welcome. Lol I was thinking maybe something we could do on video chat OR on the switch or something? I don't know.

My budget looks terrible right now. Working on that. No more weekend trips for a while. I need to rest anyway. So tired. Annual bloodwork showed some (unsurprising) issues. Upping my iron intake and continuing to lose weight/decrease stress/get fitter should fix them. We'll see in a year, I guess!

I kind of hate my sex drive right now too. I'm into it in the morning then way too tired by night time. Guess who very rarely has a chance to be naked with anyone but herself in the mornings? ME! Ugh. Lol