The "How Are You Doing" Thread (redux)

It's my birthday. :D I woke up to cuddles from my little boy and Runic Wolf, worked, had lunch (gluten free chocolate chip cookies anyway) with Runic Wolf and Wendigo, worked some more. Chatted up Runic Wolf and Wendigo on the way home from work, got a birthday hug from Wendigo (presumably we'll do something for my birthday on our next date night) and was take out to Toby Keith's Bar and Grill by my parents. Free applewood bacon wrapped steak with freedom fries and cinnamon apple slices for the win. The "Whiskey Girl" was a little weak, but an extra shot of Jack brought it up to my standards. :) All in all, a great birthday thus far. Looking forward to more cuddles with Runic Wolf before bed.
Lots of painful emotions I'm working on processing.

Also really anxious for finding a home. It's a prerogative right now (need a pre-approval to make and offer is the spot currently in).
Thanks! Had a date with the boyfriend last night. :) The last of my birthday week celebration. Today Runic Wolf has his 3rd date with a new interest. They've progressed from coffee to dinner.
I'm giddy :)
going on third date (within one week) with New Guy tomorrow, and he's cute and funny and a little shy and playful and creative and smart and the way he smiles at me makes me weak in the knees...
had a shitty summer and am enjoying every single second of this great feeling :)
Feeling social! Had a lively meet up for drinks and dinner with friends, went to a play party over the weekend and going to a munch tonight. Excited about my upcoming events.
This has been a week of ups and downs, and today is definitely one of the downs. On Sunday, Runic Wolf and I renewed our vows in front of many of our friends. Wendigo was unable to attend b/c his MIL threw a birthday party for his wife, Pretty Lady, the same day. It was a beautiful day. Monday, Runic Wolf had another date with his new lady friend. She's a good fit for him and it's going well. (I will let him name here). While they were out watching a movie, I began to have bad stomach pains, similar to mentrual cramps (which I don't get), but I figured it had to do with my wheat and corn allergies and ignored it. Bad idea, I woke up yesterday with intestinal issues that landed me in Urgent Care for 5 hours. Today I am trying to get into see a gasteroenterologist to determine if I have Crohn's or possibly Ulcerative Colitis. Neither are appealing to me. I'm getting pretty damn tired of my body attacking itself. :(
Really good. Looking for a house, looking for work. Having a movie party tonight for Halloween. Have a job interview Monday. Selling Avon. Still doing my crafts.

No longer longing for Seven.
Things are good!

Things are good in my world and I want to share that since I know how important it is to hear about successful polyamory situations.

I am spending the day at Richard's house today. He is working in the winter garden. His 18 year old son lives here (he is a senior in High School) and Richard's ex wife lives here- I'll call her Meg.

Meg is cooking a nice Southern style dinner (we call a home cooked lunch dinner in the South) and we are waiting to watch the Saints game.

Richard has a secondary partner (I will call her Marla) at his other house on the bayou where he spends the weekdays because he works in that area. He comes home to this area on the weekends and splits his time when he is here between his house and my house. When we want privacy, we go to my house and when we want the family atmosphere, we come here!

Now we have the Beach Condo that I just purchased, so we are planning Thanksgiving there! Looks like his son will join us and possibly Meg too since we may need her to drive the son down- so she might as well stay and (I hate to say it- don't judge) but it would be nice to have her there since she is such a good cook!

It is possible that Lee (and maybe his wife Judy) will be joining me at the beach before Thanksgiving week which will give us private time together. Lee and I have been getting closer and more emotionally involved now that Judy is feeling comfortable with our relationship.

Something interesting happened last night and it was a first since I've been poly. I was invited to a really awesome lifestyle party last night and I decided not to go! I am very social and normally I would have gone because I like meeting new people.

Apparently I am (finally) at a place where I am content with the relationships I have and I am not feeling like I need more relationships. This is a new place for me to be and I'm excited about it.

I have the foundations of people (right now) in my life that I am content with and my desire is to develop relationships with these people. I feel like I have reached an important place in my poly journey which began 3 1/2 years ago.

I also have a few long distance mono friendships that are important to me and I will be spending time with them in November also!

Business is slow and I have some concerns about the economy, but when it comes to relationships, things are good!
Life finally came to a head. I had to schedule out a couple of jobs. I cancelled a consulting gig, finally, and had to cancel a seminar in dallas next week. Couldn't put together enough time and still have a life.

2 weeks or so I head to pittsburgh and then its some down time. Getting ready for my newborn.. looking forward to some relaxing time at home...

ironically.. I know I will be bored in no time flat.. but I will deal with that when the time comes. haha..

Man this year has flown by.. craziest year ever
Life finally came to a head. I had to schedule out a couple of jobs. I cancelled a consulting gig, finally, and had to cancel a seminar in dallas next week. Couldn't put together enough time and still have a life.

2 weeks or so I head to pittsburgh and then its some down time. Getting ready for my newborn.. looking forward to some relaxing time at home...

ironically.. I know I will be bored in no time flat.. but I will deal with that when the time comes. haha..

Man this year has flown by.. craziest year ever
Tired, really tired.

My life is still in the middle of what appears to be a very long transition period but things are on the upswing. I finally have some funds and have sent out near a dozen emails about room rentals, I have a long term plan and hopefully, I will be able to get some temporary holiday/seasonal work which will increase my funds. And I found a school that might be perfect for my masters!

I was hoping to do something fun tomorrow but in reality, I think I'm going to catch up on sleep and schoolwork.
I am also Really tired. But later I have to do some Advanced Professional Dress-up (trying on and putting together outfits for work so when I get up at the crack of dawn, I don't have to think). Other than that: movies? and exploring this place more.
I am doing really well. I am returning home tomorrow. I have not physically seen my children since 24th October, and I have missed them. I managed to get a lot accomplished and took some time off to process what had happened, so this time was not wasted. I will be home Monday, and I am in luck because Monday and Tuesday are public holidays due to the spring racing season. I plan on spending both days with my DH and children getting in some much needed family time. I will be ready for work on Wednesday. :)
I read a thread today

And how I was doing after reading could be described as sorrowful to the point of tears, regretful and ashamed. The topic and situation did not resemble ours, other than that love thing. But what it did manage to do was to put myself in my wife's shoes and not focus on myself (for a change).

As I've mentioned, I have tried to be supportive of my wife's relationship, despite my unenlightened perspective towards a poly ls. But reading it illustrated the ways in which I've clung to my insecurities, and nipped and dragged at her, not allowing her to fully enjoy the amazing feelings that have blossomed in her heart. When I told her, she dismissed it saying I've great been all along, but that's just her sweet and caring nature.

But I could have been so much better.

For the evening, we had a family outing planned to see Ender's Game, a book my 15 year old sons have read and wanted to see. She had mentioned this to K during their time spent together that afternoon, and he expressed interest in seeing it, he's a big sci fi fan, also having read it. Initially I was not crazy about him being included in our dedicated family time, but rather than object, I suggested she mention it to the boys and gauge their reaction. "We like K, sure we should bring him".

There he was, waiting at the cinema doors for us, and a loving lovely warm hug from Dahlia he received. I felt instantly better knowing we'd chosen to include him with our family.

And the movie was pretty good too. :)
I am downed today. Bad mental health day. As I am doing a lot of the time, I am recovering to go to work. Blah. Oh well, part of the cyclical nature of mental health management and poly management has taught me that you have to accept many things as they are and try to make the best of them. A hot shower will be great. I'm watching a fun show about aquariums with my son. My husband is bringing home some late lunch. And I'm getting some long distance emotional support from my not-my-girlfriend. Not a wasted day even if I am trapped on the couch.
Thought I was over being afraid... apparently I'm not.
I'm feeling, I don't know, teary, hormonal, shorted, like I have very little control or input into nearly every area of my life right now.
I have sent out emails for apartments, job applications, dealt with various insurance problems, and various school issues and I have made absolutely no progress in any of these areas. None
On top of that, last weekend's plans went totally wrong and this weekends plans got cancelled. I also need more together time then is happening in my current relationship. Time/face to face, and affection are crucial love languages for me and I am having trouble feeling like I even have a right to ask for what I need.
Getting packed for my trip to pittsburgh. Going to miss the family, and this will be a long one at almost 3 weeks. :) probably the last trip before the birth...
Mom's chemo seems to have shrunk the tumor down to where it isn't detectable to the touch (YAY!), and her surgery is going to be scheduled in a couple weeks. :) Preparing for an early Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (slash birthday party) and it smells damned good in here already. I want to start eating early.

And the Sam Adams Cherry Chocolate Bock? Omnomnomnomnom...