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    Struggling with my relationship of 12 years

    Hi kvb, Welcome to the forums. I'm relatively new here myself but have found that the experienced polyamorists here often offer some really great insight. I'm not a polyamorist myself, so I'll leave the poly advice to them. However, something in your post reminds me of myself and of the...
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    Monogamous couple transitioning to poly (part II)

    Found another. I find Hyperskeptic to be extraordinarily intelligent and to have entered polyamory with his wife in the best of circumstances - no cheating, no entering it for a third person already in mind, spending many months to research it first. Hyperskeptic has multiple blogs, but you see...
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    Mono People but In Some Sort of Poly-ish Beginning Situation?

    Hi there, welcome to the forums. I agree with people who say slow down. From your wife's perspective, polyamory gives you and N something, but gives her very little. Jealousy will pull your wife's emotions and logic one way whilst NRE will pull you the other. Here are some other examples of...
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    Looking for guidance. having some issues in an open relationship (newbie)

    Hi there, Sounds like you're going through a rough time. I don't think anything in what you're feeling is wrong. Kindda normal. But a lot of it also sounds self-inflicted, if you know what I mean. Kevin has some links to jealousy that you might find useful. I'd also stop the social media...
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    Coming out to 5year spouse HELP PLZ

    Hi, CTF's suggestions make sense to me. There is a thread titled "Is it irresponsible to tell someone in a poly/mono relationship "it can work"?" that explores this issue. The thread was created as a spin off from this thread where the author poses the question of whether poly-bombing his wife...
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    I Need Advice and Help

    Hi again! :) It's great to hear an update from you. I'm glad things in your relationship are repairing. The hole in Hero's heart can be mended. Affair recovery says it can take 2-3 years to do so, but what you had wasn't quite an affair? So maybe less? Then again, he did allow you multiple...
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    Coming out to 5year spouse HELP PLZ

    There are many different types of non monogamy. Polyamory may not be exactly what you want. Have a look at some other options before discussion with your wife. It would also be interesting to know what she wanted. Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but here are some links to other...
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    Fitting Issues

    We spend the first 2 weeks of our 40 week pregnancy, not actually being pregnant at all. Think about it. They count the 40 weeks starting from the first day of the last period. You don't fall pregnant till about 2 weeks after that so a baby born at 40 weeks pregnancy is only about 38 weeks old...
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    Husband is poly and Iam not

    Hey Lizzie, Sorry you find yourself struggling. What you're describing sounds tough. How did this come about? Was it a planned or unplanned pregnancy? Is he showing signs of wanting to leave you to pursue monogamy with her? Does she support him having an ongoing relationship with you or is he...
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    Completely New

    Hi Dante, It's a complex question you ask. Feeling secure in a poly relationship depends on how well your partner can juggle multiple partners or continue to show you love whilst she's off pursuing others. Feeling secure in a poly relationship also depends on your own personality factors. What...
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    Looking for clarity

    Best Wishes Ayla. Times may be hard now, but 10 years down the line, I'm sure you'll look on this moment and think, "thank goodness I left." I don't think that makes it any easier right now. The urge to get back together with him may be strong, and he may come crawling or apologising. I'd...
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    When can you trust that it is love and not NRE?

    When we "fall in love", I believe we are head over heels and will go out of our way to do things for the other person, but a lot of what we envisage that person to be can be a fantasy. We often feel like we know them really well, like a "soul mate", even after only meeting them a few times. The...
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    Hi.* I'm Inaneil

    Welcome to the forums, Inaniel, I hope you stay. I like your humour.
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    The Accidental Homewrecker

    Hi there, welcome to the forums. Can I ask why you called your thread the accidental homewrecker? I can't see anything in what you've said that indicates you wrecked anything.
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    New to Poly, Already Fucked It Up

    I think coincidence and unluckiness. The opening poster is 19. Highly fertile. These things happen. DripDropDiggsManuel, if there are people who are posting comments that you don't find welcome (including myself), feel free to click the exclamation mark in the top right corner of their posts to...