Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

This week has just not been great as far as completing household projects goes. Today I managed to complete one dining room chair, but then once I went to put it away, I saw that a cat had puked on TWO of the game room chairs. So I had to stop and start laundry - thank god the covers are removable and washable - and then clean the floors.

I then had to take my mom and my son to get their renter’s insurance, and my mom was very upset because my brother was calling and asking for money. Apparently he missed paying child support and his baby mama is taking him to court. Because yeah, that’s what happens. My mom is like, oh I miss him so much! He can’t be homeless! He can’t afford rent and child support without help! I’m like, neither can you! STOP. He’s a grown ass man in his 30s. He can get a second job or at least a full time one!

I’m not sure how to get him to stop getting her like this. Definitely he can’t steal anything with her down here now, but he gets her crying and anxious and upset. I can refuse to drive her to Walmart (where she sends him moneygrams) but it’s stress on me.

That said, this afternoon I need to follow up with getting a replacement Medicare card for my son (he’s considered fully disabled) and schedule him a doctor’s appointment since he hasn’t been there in a few years! I will hopefully be able to schedule my mom in at the same time so she can establish service.

Right now I am waiting for it to be after 12 pm so MisterMoonbeam can go to lunch with me. I think we are going to go to the Dutch Market for some white pizza. Yum!
Our backyard is so amazing. We are in a subdivision, but we have more land than other homes here, and we back up to a right-of-way that the city owns that is all wild. Deer bed down there and we have a large colony of bunnies. Lots of squirrels and a billion birds. MisterMoonbeam just took all of these pictures in the last couple of minutes.

View attachment AB20E30C-AAA2-4675-ADEB-A9C4B70697DC.jpeg
I’ve had two dates with the same guy now, and we are hoping to get together this weekend. He leaves for Iceland on the 16th, so he will be out of the country for a bit, but he will be coming to our housewarming with his nesting partner, so I will meet her then. I’m cautiously optimistic? hopeful? excited? Lol All of these!

Our second date was to see Guardians of the Galaxy 3, followed by dinner at a diner and then talking in my car for a couple of hours. We made out a bit, but he didn’t even get to second base! I actually liked that he was a gentleman and somewhat hesitant! I deliberately didn’t push or act more into it to see how things would progress.

I like him, but he’s coming from an ENM background and that makes me cautious. He says he is open to polyamory, but it’s not been something he and his partner have explored in the past. He says he feels good about it, and that he thinks we can find a balance in what works for us. I definitely am not looking to duplicate anything that I have going on now, and I am glad he has a primary partner already! She is bi, and just started dating a woman, and a different guy. Like, the first few dates as well.

He says they don’t have a veto, and though not opposed to threesomes, they’re not hunting a unicorn and do things independently. I guess we will see how things progress. I am planning to go get tested today, actually since it’s been a while - like last summer. There’s been no need.

In other news, SirGawain has stepped up his game and is making me more of a priority as far as his time goes. He’s been coming over after work at least once a week and spending time with me on the weekends. We have a date night tonight where we will see Guardians of the Galaxy 3. (This is my third time seeing it. 😂)

Honestly, all of my partners have been amazing lately! DarkKnight had a choral concert this past weekend, and both SirGawain and MisterMoonbeam attended with me, followed by a meal out with my mom and son, and then a board game night where we played Isle of Cats for the first time.

It’s like everyone is currently embracing the idea of a greater polycule and we’re supporting each other and sharing time. I like it a lot. That said, as much as I absolutely love group events, I absolutely wanna make sure I don’t get too bogged down in those without nurturing the individual relationships.

As I type that, I am laughing because after the choral concert, I arrived home after dropping my family off and DarkKnight was the only one there, as SirGawain and MisterMoonbeam had driven together and stopped to get snacks. DarkKnight and I seized the opportunity and he fucked me quickly and well, with happiness and much humor. When we finished, the other guys were waiting patiently in the game room. I’m like, uh, did you hear that? And they both laughed.

Saying that, individually all of us are still struggling to some extent. I don’t think it has much to do with our poly; it’s mental health and the same old struggles. MisterMoonbeam had a therapy appointment and then spent an entire day just sitting in the dark, depressed. He told me he was feeling overwhelmed and needed space. That was kind of scary but the next day he was better and now seems to be on an upswing again. SirGawain continues to have a horrific work environment. All of yesterday, I pretty much stayed in bed and slept. My bestie came over and I sent her home because I was just incapable of actually doing anything - she was going to help me unpack my craft room but I had zero energy.

I can’t do that anymore - our housewarming party is on the 27th and we are running out of time on having our place ready! Actually, this weekend is our last full weekend to focus. The next one - the 20th - MisterMoonbeam and I are headed to Virginia to stay with our triad friends and go to the Ren Faire there, with my bestie in tow as well. And then the following weekend IS the housewarming. Ahhhh! There is still a lot to do. Part of my plans today is making a list of what we need to accomplish as absolute priorities!
Got my period yesterday.
Well, I went and got tested last Wednesday and I think all of the tests are in now. I’m negative on everything, including HSV 1 & 2. Not a surprise, but it’s still good to have confirmation. I didn’t think it had been so long, but my previous results are all from 2019! Which makes sense, because Covid was a thing. I’m glad to be up to date.

I’m in a mixed mood lately. I had a third date with YellaBelly (that’s what I will call him for now) and it again went okay. He’s interesting and has good stories. We went on a hiking date (3 miles) and it was fun to do an activity like that as a date.

After the hike, he asked if I wanted to hang out longer, and we went to a coffee shop back in Frederick, and we were there for about an hour before it closed. Near the end, SirGawain messaged me to see how things were, and I offered that he should come down and meet YellaBelly. He replied very quickly in the affirmative, but the place closed and we ended up meeting in a local park.

It was very awkward. Whereas the meeting with MisterMoonbeam and DarkKnight was fluid and easy, SirGawain literally sat next to me on a bench and played on his phone in silence. I made several attempts to bring him into conversation, but he gave no response or just grunting or hmmm answers. It was so very awkward for me and honestly, it felt incredibly rude. Like, why come over to meet someone if you don’t really want to? It would have been easy to say, oh, not today, I’m busy doing X. This was only a third date for me so it wasn’t like it was meeting someone I am established with already.

Thankfully YellaBelly is extroverted and just rolled with what was happening. Eventually, I was able to hit on a topic (childhood cartoons) that SirGawain actually had opinions on, and they sustained some back-and-forth conversation briefly.

So awkward.

YellaBelly and I had some kisses before he dropped me off at my car (we said goodbye to SirGawain before this, as my vehicle was over at YellaBelly’s house) and I can say honestly that I will miss him when he leaves for Iceland on Tuesday. I still feel like I am hanging back to see how things play out. A week and a bit without seeing him might cool things down some for me, emotionally.

I am also kind of happy to have some time to think a bit about his current situation, and if I want to really move forward. He and his nesting partner have been together for like 5 years, and they opened up their relationship recently. She is now seeing two new people at the same time, and her plan (as shared with me by YellaBelly) is to be intimate with both. He is currently seeing me and another woman, who he wants me to meet, even though they’ve just had one drive-in movie date.

This seems like an awful lot of partners for one couple, all at once. I get the feeling that they are both giddy and excited to expand their network but I’m not sure if I feel safe? Like, I just got tested, but if both of them are adding people and being intimate with new partners - idk. They’re not new to ENM but they are new to polyamory.

Also, I generally add one new partner at a time. I like the NRE to build and be centered on one person. I absolutely get that not everyone is like that, but that doesn’t mean I have to be okay with it. That’s a significant thing for me but again, I’m not sure if it’s a deal breaker. So far I don’t feel like it has impacted our connection. We will see. He is certainly allowed to do whatever he’d like with dating. I just have to take some time to think about how it makes me feel.

Anyway, I have a little bit of hesitancy and I am glad that there will be a short break so I can think about things.
It’s less than two weeks until our housewarming party and I am excited! I’m also tired and a teensy bit overwhelmed by the amount of work we still need to complete in time for that! I started writing a list here but I realized no one is interested in my list of stuff to do but me. How about just for today?

It’s supposed to rain later so my plan for this morning is to move all of the plants outside. Oh, I don’t think I shared, but a friend gave me 43 plants. And like 50 or so empty pots. 😂 So last night I bought $350 worth of fertilizer, soil, and stuff to repot them. I’m excited because I’ve never done anything with indoor plants before. There are some succulents and cacti, orchids and money trees! I also have a bunch of snake plants and rubber plants and philodendrons, which are toxic to cats, so those I will have to put way up high or regift. My bestie might come help me do the repotting tonight.

Anyway, right now they’re locked in my bedroom so the cats can’t get sick, so I need to move them outside so they get some light and water. Then I am putting on my paint clothes and spreading mulch along the back deck in two planting beds, and in front of the front door as well.

This afternoon I have plans to hit up a couple of vintage/thrift/consignment shops to try and find a coffee table. I also need nightstands for my bedroom and DarkKnight’s bedroom.

I am tired just writing this.
So yesterday morning, my mom calls me and says she has decided to move back to NY to live with my brother in his one-room motel room, where his kids come by on the weekends (and sleep on the floor). He convinced her that he is going to be homeless if she doesn’t come help him because he can’t afford child support, etc.

She is convinced he will pay his half the rent and she can pay the other, while saving for a down payment on a two bedroom apartment for them.

Never mind that he has never paid her a dollar back of what he’s borrowed and stolen from her (thousands). And that he has bad credit and can’t get an apartment. And won’t pass a background check due to felonies/misdemeanors/nonsense. And only works part time and won’t qualify for a 2 bedroom apartment.

Oh, and my mom is 70 and on social security and won’t qualify for one either.

BugGirl wants to buy my house that they are both living in right now, but can’t afford it yet as she is working on her credit and saving for a down payment. My mom living there was supposed to help my daughter with the bills. Now she suddenly has to cover my mom’s portion of the mortgage with no warning - because my mom plans to move with one suitcase and her cat next weekend.

And my mom wants to store everything else at my house - for free - until she can afford to move into the new apartment. Again, which will never happen, as my mom is on social security and gets like $1200 a month. There is no way she is saving up $2400 for a security deposit/first months rent for another place. Especially not with my brother taking her money. Because no way is he going to be paying any bills with my mom there.

So when I told my mom how crazy this is, and how this is going to hurt both of her grandchildren financially, she told me that she doesn’t care about my kids, and instead has to think of my brother.

Never mind that I straight up gave up my dream of buying a building downtown and instead bought this new house so I could let her live in my other one, so she’d have a stable & safe place to stay. And I just spent $1000 moving her down here. And then put $2000 on a credit card getting things fixed, paying for insurance for her, etc. so she’d have nothing to worry about.

It’s incredibly rude, selfish and disrespectful to me, my partners and everyone involved.

She dropped all this on me, and then when I told her this was an absolute terrible idea, she told me that she couldn’t live with her grandkids because BugGirl was always sleeping over at her boyfriend’s house and never home, and that BeanBoy was too fat and when he pooped, she had to clean the toilet after.

I’m like, what? I said, um, did you tell him to clean up after his own self? Of course she didn’t, because then she wouldn’t have anything to complain about! She also had complained previously that he NEVER washed his dishes, which BugGirl was quick to say on that single occurrence, that he had in fact left them rinsed in the sink overnight, and they were in the dishwasher the next morning. Once she called me to tell me he hadn’t washed his bedsheets in two weeks, and when I asked him about it, he was very confused and told me he had done that the day before. She literally is a nutter about this.

Anyway, when she started yelling about him being too fat, I told her the conversation was over, and hung up the phone.

BugGirl and I had a 45 minute conversation yesterday afternoon, and she was upset that her grandmother would just leave her in the lurch with the bills like that. She said she could probably pay part of my mom’s rent but not all of it (she gets paid next Thursday). I told her not to worry about it for June, but instead focus on finishing up the sunporch floor (she tore it up and now it needs the concrete leveled and sealed).

We talked about selling the house, but she was clear that she wanted to make it work somehow - she wants to buy it just as soon as she can. She said she can probably swing an extra couple hundred dollars each month, but not the entire amount. I told her I would help her with her credit just as soon as I get past the housewarming party, as I have zero time to focus on anything else other than readying my new house for that.

The call ended on an optimistic note, but that really didn’t help me a whole lot. I then called my mom and told her that this was an absolute terrible idea, and that she was a garbage grandparent for doing this to my children. I ended by telling her that I loved her, but I would not be talking to her for a few months, and would not be seeing her before she left.

This was pretty devastating for me, as I never in my life have ever said anything like this to anyone before. I spent the entire evening crying.

My sister called at some point, telling me that our mom called her everyday to complain about something (not real news because this is how she always is). However, she didn’t know that my mom was moving to help my brother with rent and child support - she said mom just shared that she couldn’t stand being so far away from her and my brother and their kids. She went nuclear on the phone, screaming that our mom can’t move back, as our brother would bleed our mom dry and they’d be homeless in two months, tops, and that they’d then look to her for help.

She doesn’t want to help. She hung up with me, saying that she was telling her son not to drive our mom to NY and that she’d tell our mom she would not be moving. She was angry and loud and reiterated pretty much all of my own issues with the plan. I have no idea what happened after she hung up. She was loud and obnoxious and feeding on the drama.

MisterMoonbeam took me on a walk around the neighborhood, and redirected my focus about building a fire pit in the yard. We talked about putting in a landscape berm on the one side of the house, to give our side yard more privacy from the street. That side of the yard is along a dead end section of road with two houses on it, one of which is far down and around a corner we can’t even see, so it’s not a priority.

Anyway, it calmed me down. We then spent some time refilling the water feature - he had mucked it out earlier - and scooping leaves out of it. When we sat together on the back deck, SirGawain called and started going on about how he had to call his younger sister and figure out how to get my mom under a conservatorship. I’m like, uh, no. My mom is making a dumb ass decision, but she’s not got dementia or anything like that. She can choose to live where she wants, and if she wants to go live in a one room motel with an under-employed drug user, she can make that choice.

He upset me a great deal, and after I hung up, I spent the rest of the evening crying with both DarkKnight and MisterMoonbeam alternating on rubbing my back and hugging me. I mostly just was laying down and trying to play games on my phone, but they’d come in and check on me or lay beside me while being on their own phone.

I finally fell asleep around midnight, and I woke up like an hour ago. I’ve decided to just move forward and focus on all of the work I didn’t get done yesterday around here, as I am now a day behind with my plans and our housewarming is a week away! My bestie is coming over later and we are heading to Virginia tonight with MisterMoonbeam to stay with our polycule friends there, and attend the Virginia Ren Faire on Saturday.


I’m planning today to finish mulching around the sunroom outside, and around the pond. The area gets full sun all afternoon, starting around 11 am, so I need to get to doing that fairly early on. I also need to clear out all remaining boxes in the living room, and take stock of our supplies, as we have hired painters to come in on Sunday to sand and paint the fireplace wall, as well as the inside of our front doors, and to do baseboards and ceiling touch ups in my partners’ bedrooms.

I know I need to buy carpet tape and a small extension cord. I am still putting the couch cushions outside, as it smells musty from being in the basement here for 40 years! DarkKnight has washed it down with bleach, with vinegar, and sprayed it liberally with Lysol. I have set the cushions outside in full sun like on 5 different days. We threw away the mattress (it’s a pull out couch) and bought a new one, though I haven’t unboxed it yet because I don’t want to transfer the smell.

I am out of ideas. I can’t afford a new couch right now so hopefully things get better with it! It has been greatly improved so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the slight odor clears out completely soon!



I like it a lot because it’s original to the house and I can fit my whole dang polycule on it! (It’s 102 inches long).
It was HOT yesterday at the Virginia Ren Faire, so not many of my photos came out crystal clear - my boob sweat was on the lens. 😂


This is the most clear photo - though it was taken before I bought a new skull necklace. This is me with my bestie.


Strange though, we ended up spending a lot of time with MisterMoonbeam’s old metamour, and he was more flirty than normal with me. He told me my hair made me look hot (he likes long hair apparently) and at one point he hugged me and told me he liked me a lot.

I’m not sure if that last bit was a declaration or just the alcohol talking. (He had two drinks but was not inebriated - just happy). When I told MisterMoonbeam later, he said that he thought that the buzz just brought out what this guy had been feeling all along - liquid courage perhaps?

This dude and I have always been flirty and he’s currently got a beard, but he’s super thin and that’s not really my type! We have a 96% match on OKC though, and I like that he’s intelligent and a gamer. However, him living 2 and a half hours away - I’m not sure how that would even work if he wants a relationship…

I’m going to send him a message this morning to see what’s up. Asking a clarifying question will have me feeling less confused, for sure.
Okay, so the friend responded and I am a lot relieved. He says as much as he is into me, he’s rubbish at long distance relationships (as am I - which is why I am relieved). I am also a tad disappointed because I was excited(?) to have someone I admire and enjoy spending time with, be into me like that. There was a rush of positive emotion, for sure. Overall though - I am happy to not have the complication, and I can still maintain the vibe I got with no issues! Yay! I’m going to keep the flattery in my head and continue to feel fabulous.

That said, I felt mad horny all day, for MisterMoonbeam. He ran some errands with me at one point and he was super hard in the car and we finally were able to be intimate at like midnight. I am not sure if I had ever experienced this before - but he had a dry orgasm. He honestly thought he had made a mess all over me, and he gave me something to clean up with. I’m like, uh, what is this for? 😂

He was shocked and spent some time touching me all over, looking for his spunk. But yeah, uh, didn’t happen. He left to go pee and when he came back he said he absolutely felt like that he had cum and he was at a loss as to what had just happened. We hadn’t been having a particularly long session or anything, so both of us are confused about this! He said it had never happened before to him.

Oh well, bedtime!
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MisterMoonbeam and I had a looooong discussion last night about safe sex, polyamory vs ENM, and personal boundaries. I still have no idea where either of us stand on the subject of casual sex. I feel like I am afraid of it, but I also want to maintain autonomy to hook up with someone if I feel like it. However, with three serious partners, I feel selfish and I feel like that would be unsafe over all.

I’m a mess today because I’m tired physically, but also emotionally.

Saturday is our housewarming party and there are like 80 people scheduled to come. Not one room in this house is complete. My dryer is still waiting on a part to be repaired.

My nephew called today and said he’s not going to move my mom (his grandma) back to NY. We had a long talk and then he messaged me to tell me he told her and she was very upset. I don’t want to be in this conversation. My niece and nephew and my niece’s girlfriend are coming down for the housewarming and are staying here. I am not sure where yet.

I have zero energy. Today I am supposed to finish unpacking my master suite, as three people will be sleeping in there Saturday night. I straightened my shoes, hung up four pieces of clothing and then went and repotted two plants. Now they are leaking water all over the floor and the rug is wet. I’m sweating and I’m gross. I have no sheets on the bed because the dryer is broken (read above) and I still haven’t ordered nightstands for the space.

I was hungry so I just ate some leftover ribeye from Outback, and I am laying in MisterMoonbeam’s bed in the dark. He has a rapid charger so that’s why I am in here. The fan is on and it’s cooling me down.

DarkKnight will be out of work at 4 pm, and the dryer part will hopefully arrive soon because he has a read-through tonight on a play he’s in, so he has a brief window of time to fix it. MisterMoonbeam is in Dulles - he has to be in the office the next two days.

I don’t like being home alone, and my cat Lenny keeps vomiting.

The heat in the dryer is now working, but the dryer is making a terrible noise because the rollers aren’t aligned right. DarkKnight told me not to use it, as he was running out the door to his appointment.

I talked to SirGawain tonight and I feel SO MUCH BETTER. He told me straight up that as long as I use condoms with all new partners, he has zero safety issues with me having any sort of sex with anyone. I don’t know why, but a huge part of my stress was being worried about not having tests. I spoke to MisterMoonbeam on the phone and he said he is fine with that being a polycule-wide “rule” - condoms with all new partners, and then to go condom free when/if they are tested and trustworthy. I don’t know why I was so anxious about this. It seems like a no brainer, but maybe it was just late last night.

I managed to unpack and organize my bracelets, but ai know I still have some scattered across boxes all over the house. I worked on organizing my dresser as well. I have less space in this new closet than in my old house!


Still, it’s my own space, and I love it so.

I am waiting for MisterMoonbeam to be home now - we have to go to my bestie’s house and follow her to get her car dropped off. She is having brake trouble. This puts a real wrench into my plans but I guess it doesn’t matter. We will do what needs to be done, I guess!
I don’t remember if I posted, but a friend handmade us a stained glass piece with a blackbird on it.


MisterMoonbeam hung it in one of the front windows, and it’s very visible from the street. I love this photo because you can see the metal blackbird I bought from a UK metal worker stuck into our Dogwood tree.
Just a few days til Housewarming! The house is not ready, OMG.

Today I’m working mainly outside. I finished digging out and mulching the pond surround but MisterMoonbeam hasn’t had time to check and see if he can get the fountain working. I looked at pricing on new pumps this weekend and if things don’t start up, I think it’d be close to $200 for a new bubbler and pump. Our electrician checked the lights and said everything was good. That said, MisterMoonbeam pointed out that one of our light switches indoors was hot when the outside lights were on last night. Like, uh, what?! I messaged our guy and to see what he says. It might be something DarkKnight can fix though.

I tore out a raggedy bush right near the front door this afternoon, and mulched the left side of my stoop. I also trimmed back our light pole. I am resting inside out of the sun now, but I am determined to finish the right side tonight and the last remaining bed along the deck.





I gave a bunch of the plants I had away, as most were toxic to cats. I kept some, and was able to move them to new pots today. I’m sweaty and gross and they’re not all done! At the moment I am laying in front of a fan and trying to cool down. I’m not sure why I keep pushing myself. Stay out of the sun, dumbass!

I am very happy with the dining room. The box needs to be moved to my bedroom and I still have no idea what to put on the two empty shelves. My cats climb on them, but ignore every other shelf. I don’t want to put beds as that would encourage them, but ultimately I think that will be what ends up there.

Loving my entryway! I took a risk with the round rugs - they arrived today from Amazon, but I LOVE this space so much now. I returned the compass rug that was here previously. I think the room has more personality!


Making progress on the home gym. This is half of the room. The rainbow tiles are for yoga. All 3 of my partners worked together to put down the gray flooring for me last night.


This evening we were all in the backyard - DarkKnight, MisterMoonbeam and my bestie!


We bought a fire pit today! So cool. We figured we might as well, since we were at the store buying a new washer and dryer. The belt on our dryer melted today and made the entire house stink. Lovely thing to happen the day before our housewarming party!

My niece and her girlfriend, and my nephew are here! They arrived tonight from New York. They came down to come to the party. It’s amazing to me that they are old enough to do this and I saw them be born. 😂


Our Housewarming Party was a blast! We had around 45 people come through to see our house, and around 15 stayed for the after party! MisterMoonbeam’s comet partner brought 3 other fire spinners with her, and they performed after dark in our backyard, and the show was incredible!



I felt a bit let down today because the last two months have been a full press to get to this event, and now it’s over. I have to say overall that it is nice to have that pressure gone, and it’s also such a wonderful feeling to sit and see how much has been accomplished in the time frame. However, it was a drop, that’s for sure.

Also, it was also the first time that MisterMoonbeam has been able to have a sleepover guest since we started dating. In retrospect, I really, really wish it had been possible sooner, because this event was something I felt was special for us who are nesting here, and it added to my drop, to not be able to be joyful together in a sexual way, if that makes sense.

I do very much like his comet though, and I honestly didn’t feel any jealousy about him sharing space or time or sex with her. I had met her previously, in Philadelphia, last December during Pax Unplugged. My bestie hooked up with one of the other fire spinners, which I found hilarious, because that dude isn’t her type at all.

I did feel upset in the morning, after everyone was gone, and I asked MisterMoonbeam to please change his sheets before I was back in there. He was a little snappish with me, and then proceeded to light a candle and fall asleep in his room. I fell asleep in the sunroom, and then moved to DarkKnight’s room that afternoon. (We had all been up til 2 am for the housewarming.) When everyone was awake again, MisterMoonbeam still had not changed his sheets, and at that point I noticed that there was a used condom on a shoe on the floor beside the bed - gross.

I left to go grocery shopping for dinner, and I sent him an abrupt text, telling him that I didn’t appreciate him not changing the sheets, leaving stuff like that there where I could step on it, and could he shower before I got back. (His comet smokes and there absolutely was an odor.)

He texted back immediately that he was doing all 3. When I got back, it was all taken care of. I told him I felt like those three things were Poly 101 and him just ignoring those were disrespectful. He agreed and apologized again. I was fairly upset but it was taken care of, and we were able to pop past it and enjoy the rest of the day.

My 3 partners were at the house for an impromptu bbq for dinner - along with my bestie - and as we ate on the back deck together overlooking our pond and the new fire pit, it was just casual, comfortable bliss.


After supper we watched the first half of The Fellowship of the Ring, the extended edition. Everyone at that point was sleepy AF, so we agreed to meet up tomorrow to finish it and have another BBQ for Memorial Day. I already bought corn on the cob and ribs, and it should be delicious!

Tomorrow SirGawain and I are going to go hiking to finally get some time together for our anniversary, and then we will go back to Blackbird Manor for the group dinner & movie. I really enjoyed having him at the Housewarming, and his dad and his youngest sister (& her partner) attended as well.

What else to share? My first ever poly partner came, and he gave me a weighed dinosaur stuffie as a gift. This was odd to all of us, as he brought an actual housewarming present as well - a stack of wood for our fire pit to “warm our house.” Lol So it was strange that he gave me a personal present too! It was also notable because it’s almost the twin of the one that MisterMoonbeam bought me for my birthday last September!

My dating partner -YellaBelly - attended with his partner. I really liked her a lot! He seemed very at ease at the party, and everyone told me they liked talking to him. So that was good. We are going to try and see each other again alone this week.

My brother came to Maryland and took my mom back to NY. Neither of them reached out about coming over to say goodbye, but I didn’t expect that.
My hike with SirGawain was nice yesterday, and we saw a snake that freaked him out! This was our “anniversary date” as we hadn’t had an opportunity to go out alone together on the actual day.



After I dropped him back off at his home, YellaBelly messaged and invited me to a quick meet up at Dunkin Donuts next to his work - he was on his 15 minute break. So we talked a bit, and then I got home in time to shower.

Soon after that, SirGawain arrived (after his own shower!) and then my bestie came over. We had another fun BBQ - this time ribs and corn on the cob - and finished up the Fellowship of the Ring.

We had some talk about upcoming schedules - DarkKnight, MisterMoonbeam and I are going to see Across the Spiderverse on Thursday. It was actually going to be a date with YellaBelly, but we decided to all go together because everyone wants to see it!

I’m going to try and hang out with SirGawain’s long-time FWB soon. She wasn’t able to make it to our housewarming because of the holiday. She’s been living in our state for a bit now and I know we will have fun hanging out. Maybe we can invite her over and have a smaller get together. I hate calling her his FWB because she’s much more than that, but that’s how they’ve always referred to her as. I like her lots and would like to hang out more!

Part of our backyard & new fire pit. We are actually all really excited about the bird feeder too! We are hoping to start buying a bunch of different feeders and start a channel that streams our feathered visitors on a constant basis. I think that would be fun, but I personally am looking forward to getting to just see them myself!

Today should be pretty low key - I’m in a positive mind set and happy overall.

I need to do budgeting but that will require input from both of my nesting partners so I’ve not started it yet. Both mortgages are due and I need to run numbers on the rest of the month. We don’t have a lot of events planned for June, but that’s okay.

Wednesday is MisterMoonbeam’s birthday, but we aren’t having a large party or anything. Father’s Day isn’t on the schedule yet but in the past, MisterMoonbeam calls his dad or drives over to visit him. The last couple of years, SirGawain goes out to a ballgame with his dad & siblings - I went along last year. I guess there is no home game for the Orioles that weekend, so there is discussion about a Nationals game instead? I don’t know if I will go along for either of these, but I would be happy to, if invited. My dad passed several years ago, as did DarkKnight’s. Usually the kids spoil DarkKnight but I am not involved in that!

Hmmm DarkKnight & I are traveling to DC to see the Lion King live at the Kennedy Center later on this month, so I need to book a hotel for that weekend. He again took the Friday off so we can have time together away. I love traveling with him - his joy is infectious and I love seeing him smile!

We talked about using our gift card and going to do a group escape room together this month, so we need to schedule that for sure. We are honestly about to be fairly broke for June, as I am going to be prioritizing paying down credit cards, so I am glad we can do the escape room thing at zero cost!
Happy birthday to MisterMoonbeam! We went to an Irish pub for dinner - with him, me, YellaBelly, my bestie, SirGawain and DarkKnight. When we got home I realized that I haven’t updated anyone’s ages in my signature line all year, so now it should be up to date. Lol

I spent the morning setting up our new bird watching station, and now we have several hanging feeders and a box for corn and other yummies for our animal friends as well. MisterMoonbeam got some wonderful photos!