Hello from Texas.


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Hello there!

I'm Acreo, your friendly neighborhood aspiring rockstar Cheetah. I just discovered this forum yesterday and decided, "Why not give it a shot?" There is a saying: "You miss all the shots you don't take," so I'm putting that into practice.

Where to begin, without going on a ramble?

I'm a Texan, looking for friends in-state to connect with. I'm afraid if I say, "I'm looking for our fourth," it might scare people off. I'm not gonna say "Hard no" to long-distance connections, but I'm not actively looking for that. If that's where the Universe leads us, then okay, I'll be openminded.

I'm sometimes an open book, sometimes closed. It really depends on the day and mood. Also, I live with social anxiety.
I love going for walks every day, as exercise has kept me alive, and helps with more than just physical health.
I love rock and metal music.
I'm a non-competitive gamer, who enjoys RPG experiences instead of things like Call of Duty, etc., although I do enjoy a shooter game now and then. Resident Evil and SoulCalibur are among my all time favorite series.
I like anime, when I get around to watching it.
I enjoy watching shows and movies, etc. I must have popcorn with movies. It's kind of an addiction lol.
Coffee runs through my veins on a daily basis.
I love food in general, but burgers, breakfast and Chinese food are among my favorites.
I love creating characters and writing stories for them. I've basically been a writer my whole life, but haven't written a single chapter. I'm working on creating a routine for that.
I'm also a singer/songwriter who hasn't made any music officially.

All in all, I'm a creative type who wants to somehow make a living doing what I love. But that's another ramble, not for this intro.

I am happily divorced from a marriage that wasn't healthy for me or her. We're still friends like siblings and we talk weekly. We kinda have joint custody of the doggo, haha. But she kept the cats.

I now have two wonderful mates in my life, and we semi-live together IRL. They are more antisocial, with me being the one who is outgoing and searching for potential new people to connect with. But I'm a house-mouse introvert, so I'm something of an ambivert, depending on the day.

That's all for now. I hope y'all are having a great day and hope to speak with some of you soon!
Greetings Acreo,

Welcome to our forum. Please feel free to lurk, browse, etc.

I'm in New Mexico, so not too far from you. I consider myself to be pretty introverted, at least in real life. On the forum I guess I am a little more outgoing.

I used to be into games a lot, but not so much in recent years; same goes for music. But I do greatly enjoy watching movies and other shows.

Anyway, it sounds like you already have a good bit of poly experience and you might be able to answer some other people's questions. But if you have any questions yourself, ask away!

Glad to have you with us.

Kevin T., "official greeter" :)

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Thanks for the welcome Kevin! Thats awesome how close you are! NM is a place I seem to gravitate towards again and again in my travels.
Welcome! I'm in NM too. And it seems you're also on the asexual spectrum (I assume "demi" in your signature means demisexual). There are quite a lot of us in the poly community.
Hey Eponine!

I've never thought of myself as asexual. I love sex too much to identify as that lol. I say I'm demi because I must have some kind of deep connection in order to have sex with anyone. And if someone doesn't want it, I dont want it either. Conversely, if someone shows me they want it, that usually gets me fired up, in a good way. It's really about the connection or lack thereof.
Yeah, demisexuality is considered to be part of the asexual spectrum, because it's not the norm to only desire sex after forming a deep connection (which can takes months or years for some people).
Oh? I can form connections like that within a day or two.🤷🏻‍♂️
Well, sounds like you may not be actually demi (but only you can decide for yourself), or maybe on the closer end to sexual. A lot of sexual people don't like casual sex and only want sex with an emotional connection, but that alone doesn't make them demi. Demi is far enough from the sexual norm to warrant its own label. My understanding is they don't have a "baseline" desire for sex unless there's someone specific they have a deep connection with, and even in that case there's no guarantee for sexual desire, for some demisexuals.
Thats exactly what it is for me.