Homesteading Triad, Dynamics, and the Family Calendar

It's monsoon season. Normally very low humidity 8-12% but it's in the 40% humidity right now. At night we have clouds and thunder roll through, sometimes if we are lucky we get rain. Or, at an extreme, we get flash floods. This photo was taken last night from the property.


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Hot hot week here in the desert. On July 4th it was 113 degrees as the high, still 105 degrees at 8PM, finally at 10PM went to 99. No fireworks for us! Instead we were grateful for the a/c. I have my tiny home pretty much solidly covered with Reflexix and it's making a huge difference to keep it inside. Sir and Meow's house has a swamp cooler, which is working great but once the serious rains come (last week was only a precursor) it won't work anymore.

There are still communication issues, but we are working hard to solve them. There is lots of love and a commitment to stay together and work things out. Meow has my back. Last night we were trying to talk something out. It was my turn to talk, and Sir kept interrupting me. Meow got on him to be quiet and let me talk. He apologized and we continued to talk it out until we we solved the problem. I think the heat is making us all grouchy, to be honest.

We do chores in the morning, then Sir and I go to work and Meow stays home to mind things. Then Sir and I come home from work, we eat dinner and then do evening chores just as the sun is setting, which makes it a bit more bearable. Then inside, showers, and bedtime. On weekends like this week, we do indoor work during the day. There are some home projects that need attention. And we nap. I love where we live---- most of the time. But just as people in other areas of the country and world have long winters, we have long summers that keep us indoors and suffering. At least we don't have to shovel snow! Fall, Winter, and Spring are gorgeous.

Hoping to have Handfasting next Winter.
After the sun went down we burned some old papers, roasted some marshmallows, and enjoyed our little slice of Heaven.


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First of all, heat and fires are the theme of the week. It was a record breaking week of heat with the highs 114-115 all week, one day my car registered 124 outside. We had thunderstorms on Thursday night that started two separate brush fires 25 miles from our homestead, and those merged into one fire that burned 28,000 acres by morning. I woke up to the strong smell of smoke coming in through my tiny home a/c unit. I opened the door to find haze but no visible fires. I went to Sir and Meow's house, where he had been up for the past 2 hours (he gets fire alerts on his phone). Together we climbed to the roof and could not see any fires. Turns out it was on the other side of the mountains, but we surely saw the smoke. As it was still 430 in the morning, he brought me back to their bed and we snuggled and slept for another hour until it was time to get up for work. Meow was coming with me on Friday with the weekly laundry, which she does at my city home while I work. It saves on water usage (as mentioned previously we have to truck in our homestead water), and power usage (it's about 3x the cost of power on the homestead--- someday we hope to get solar . . .). As we drove in we saw the smoke and haze follow us to the city, which was an hour away. When I got home off work I brought dinner and we ate together and drove back with the laundry and my kiddo (who I have for the weekend). We arrived home and my child immediately asked if she could hang out in their home, as it was "more fun." Meow is like a grandma to my child, and there is so much love all around. So kiddo went to their big house, and I put away my lovingly folded laundry that Meow had done for me. I found a few of her things in with mine and smiled to myself. I realize how strange and how beautiful our lives are, how it's all working out great for everyone, and how truly happy I am, and how we all are.

By the way the fire has not grown any bigger thanks to the 250+ fire workers fighting it. We are not in any danger, it is still on the other side of the mountain and 25 miles away. This morning the air was better, the wind shifted, and hopefully it will be out soon. I am thankful for the firefighters and support crew that were out there in the 115 degree heat protecting us and keeping us safe.


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I see it was a typo in your second sentence where you said it was as hot as 155! 115 is bad enough! Stay safe.
I see it was a typo in your second sentence where you said it was as hot as 155! 115 is bad enough! Stay safe.
haha good catch! I fixed it, but yes it certainly feels like 155+
Fires are being controlled and have not grown, but are not getting smaller yet either. Again, thankful for the brave and hardworking firefighters. The smoke is now blowing a different direction. I am loving my new goat Taco so much! He follows me like a dog, even when I jog, he will jog with me! He allows me to put his halter on because he loves going for walks. I carry a stick in case we encounter a coyote. This morning Sir had to shoot one. It was aggressive and not running away when he tried to shoo it, and was stalking our dog. Part of homestead life. We have great respect for the wildlife and try to live peacefully with them, but we also know when it's time to dispatch.

As far as our family goes, Meow and I continue to get closer to each other. Sir used to be a BDSM photographer at those conventions, before his cancer and then the pandemic ended that for him. But he still has props. Yesterday Meow pulled out a pair of custom made high heel ballet shoes that he used for his models. She gave them to me and said it would be fun if I put them in on bed and surprised him by hiding them them under the covers until he got into bed and then show him! She herself sadly has physical limitations, and she's vanilla, but she understands we each have a role with him that the other cannot fill. So together we make each other happy.

Another sweet moment yesterday-- Sir has recently given me a silver collar to wear as I wish. It is something that makes him happy that I agreed to wear it. Yesterday we surprised him at work. I wore my collar and Meow saw it and smiled and went and got out a leather studded cat collar. She used to wear them before she got sick. She has also recently dyed her hair again and she is getting stronger and better. So we showed up in our collars as a surprise. His face lit up and he said, "I am a very blessed man indeed."


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How quickly the weather changes out here! Fire is now 65% contained, but this evening we got a severe weather alert. Then less than 30 minutes later a dust storm approached. I hurried to get my goat and the chickens fed, and Sir fed the horse, and then we rushed into our homes (me the tiny home, he to the big home). The dust storm rolled over us, followed by a few drops of rain, just enough to tease us. The smell of rain in the desert is heavenly even if it's only a few drops.

Meow has not felt well all weekend. She has some ongoing health issues. We were planning to go into town today to the mall and have fun, and have Sir finish a repair at my city home. But instead we just hung out at home. Anyway, there is always plenty of work to do. I love my life here vs. the city. It keeps me alive and my life has purpose. If I didn't have this little family and the homestead, I would have spent the weekend cleaning my city home, shopping, take the kiddo out somewhere (which is limited in the heat), and probably binge watching Netflix or something. And, being very lonely. I have been burned by people in the past, I don't trust easily. I have a few friends but they are busy with their lives and families.

But, away from the city on the homestead I have a thousand small chores to keep me alive and busy, and in shape. I have two people who love me dearly. Other than my adult children and my one young child, I have no other family anymore. I am so grateful for these two lovely people who embraced me, all my trauma, my small child, and set about to fold me into their family. And I in turn am giving them new life, being a helpmate and friend, a partner and lover.

Here are some photos from today, including the dust storm rolling in, and the beautiful sunset it created. Our water tank is visible in the second photo.

And, showing off my new collar and day collar. I will wear the day collar all the time, and the real one as I am able when not at work or sleeping. I am so honored and feel blessed by this vow of love that is, in many ways, deeper than marriage.


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How fun it must be to take a walk with a cute goat! <3