Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

3:51 p.m., Saturday the 25th

Snowbunny had a massage appointment yesterday, so on her way home from that, she got Chinese takeout for us for dinner. It was pretty good. She got me shrimp chop suey. Something different, I liked it. Later today, the plan is for her and me to go grocery shopping. I don't know whether that will be before or after dinner. Also I don't know whether Brother-Husband and I will watch anything on TV.
3:24 p.m., Sunday the 26th

The plan for today is that SB will do steaks on our outdoor grill. I am a well-done type of guy, so she got thin cuts for me. BH and I didn't watch anything yesterday because a hockey game was on. We had hot dogs and salad for dinner. I don't know if BH and SB will both be off tomorrow, as it will be Memorial Day. That's all I have to tell you for now.
12:38 p.m., Monday the 27th

BH and SB are both off today, they are gone right now with the dogs, maybe they are taking the dogs on a walk somewhere. Last night, we watched Ghostbusters Afterlife on TV. I'm assuming we won't watch anything tonight as BH and SB both work tomorrow.
4:00 p.m., Tuesday the 28th

For dinner yesterday SB made chicken tamales and steak quesadillas, plus there was watermelon for dessert. On the downside, our stove top developed a couple of cracks, and we will have to get a new stove/oven. The warranty on the old one has expired.
1:25 p.m., Wednesday the 29th

I guess the new oven/stove will get here in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, SB is using her camping stove (and the existing oven which is not damaged). The new stove/oven is a Whirlpool, SB says she'll never get a GE anything anymore at this point.

The dogs have Barn Hunt practice tonight, SB will take them to that, and then it is hopeful that she will bring home takeout for dinner. Dinner will be quite late, the Barn Hunt practice doesn't end until 9:00 p.m. tonight.
4:21 p.m., Thursday the 30th

BH picked up our takeout on his way home from work, I guess SB ate hers after she got home from Barn Hunt. Eddie didn't go to Barn Hunt this time, SB said he doesn't need to practice every time (he has a lot of Barn Hunt experience), but Ginger does (she is still a newbie at Barn Hunt). Takeout was from Red Rock Deli, it is a Polish place. I had a New York style dog and some of their cold borscht which is super good. I don't know what the plan for dinner is tonight.
2:15 p.m., Friday the 31st

SB is gone to a doctor appointment right now. BH is at work. Last night's dinner was salad, corn, and chicken nuggets. No idea what it will be tonight. Not much to tell you today, Rainee and the dogs are all asleep.
3:11 p.m., Saturday the 1st

BH and SB are on a road trip with our friend Sam. He probably won't hang around today after the trip, but he might come over to have dinner with us tomorrow. For dinner yesterday we had shrimps, broccoli, and squash. After dinner, SB and I went shopping. Then she made kong treats for the dogs. A kong is a toy with holes in it. You fill the kong with wet dog food, and freeze it overnight. This way when you give it to the dogs the next day, they have to work at it to get the food out. Gives them something to do. I gave them their kong treats a few hours ago. In the meantime, Eddie has been barking a lot today, I'm not sure why.
3:33 p.m., Sunday the 2nd

Sam's definitely coming over today, he might be coming over soon. I guess there is a TV show he wants us all to watch, so we will do that. I think we are having salmon for dinner.
3:12 p.m., Monday the 3rd

So Sam came over, and the four of us watched an episode of Kolchak: the night stalker. I knew that series was a large part of the inspiration for the X-Files, so I was interested to see it. Then for dinner SB prepared salmon and veggies for the four of us. Also we had some drinky-drink, which made me happy (and BH was in Heaven).
6:00 p.m., Tuesday the 4th

I got caught up on all my internet and book-reading stuff yesterday. Shocking. I won't get caught up today. For dinner we had hot dogs and veggies with hummus. Not much else to tell you today, I'm feeling more anxious than usual but there's not a lot I can do about that.
12:49 p.m., Wednesday the 5th

I got an early start today, and it looks hopeful that I will catch up on all of my reading and internet stuff. Dinner last night was nothing exciting, just microwave burritos. Tonight I guess we're having veggie burgers. Not sure about tomorrow. Our new stove/oven is supposed to get here on Friday.
2:46 p.m., Thursday the 6th

Besides the veggie burger/s (I'm not sure if BH's and SB's were veggie), we had steak fries and boiled sugar snap peas. The dogs had some peas too, and they actually ate 'em. It looks like we might have some kind of Mexican soup tonight. The new stove is supposed to be delivered (and installed I assume) tomorrow.
5:08 p.m., Friday the 7th

I don't think I'll get caught up on all of my basic stuff today, but we'll see. Our new range was delivered (and installed) a bit before 11:00 a.m. today. It seems to be working well. I don't know what we'll have for dinner tonight.
12:13 p.m., Monday the 10th

I don't remember what we had for dinner on Friday. Chicken nuggets I think. Possibly with veggies and hummus. Saturday was a really good day for me, SB and I went out running errands and grocery shopping, then BH, SB, and I went out with Sam, shopping at thrift stores, then the four of us ate out at Papa Felipe's. BH and I didn't watch anything, because there was a hockey game on.

SB had to stay up all night, working on a huge server upgrade at her work. So that wasn't great for her, however it worked out great for me because the three of us had takeout for dinner -- Greek, I think the place was called Jasmine's. I had a gyro, and we had baklava for dessert. After dinner, BH and I watched a movie, "Session 9" I believe it was called. Then we watched the first episode in a new series, I think it's called "Your Honor." Pretty good so far.
4:17 p.m., Tuesday the 11th

We had hot dogs for dinner yesterday (chili dogs), plus cucumber slices. SB had a really bad day at work, things kept breaking in the software and she kept having to fix it. She had to work late to get it all done. Today, I'm pretty sure she took the day off.
12:11 p.m., Wednesday the 12th

Things seem to be getting back to normal with SB's work. Fingers crossed. We had croissant-and-chicken-salad sandwiches for dinner yesterday, plus potato salad, beet-and-onion salad, and strawberries. The dogs have Barn Hunt practice tonight so in conjunction with that, it is hopeful that SB will bring us takeout for dinner. In the meantime, it looks like I'll get caught up on all of my book/internet stuff today.
1:34 p.m., Thursday the 13th

No takeout. BH made sandwiches for him and me with the leftover croissants and chicken salad, also we finished off the potato salad. I don't know what and when SB had for dinner. It was after 9:00 p.m. when she got home with the dogs, and she gave the dogs a bath first thing.
2:17 p.m., Friday the 14th

For dinner yesterday SB prepared chicken nuggets, broccoli, and baked beans. Today is BH's and SB's anniversary, so BH is taking SB out for dinner. SB says they'll bring me back Mexican takeout from Los Cuates (huevos rancheros). I am good with this, I like Mexican. Tomorrow we will get together with Eponine and John.
1:31 p.m., Saturday the 15th

BH and SB are out doing errands or shopping or something. It's probably good that I have this time to catch up on my book/internet stuff, but I still have some FOMO. Ahem, I guess that's all I have to tell you for the moment.