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12:36 p.m., Sunday the 5th

Thanks for the support, guys. To answer your question, site moderators have the power to edit other people's posts directly. Magdlyn has that power and has been abusing it.

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference."
-- the Serenity Prayer​

It has occurred to me that I might want to make peace with the steps I've already taken to try to fix the problem. I can't fix everything. I guess I could stop participating on, but I am reluctant to be chased away that easily. I've been similarly harassed in churches that I've been to, so I already know how to take punches.

I slept a little better last night.
2:34 p.m., Monday the 6th

I could use a little more of yesterday's serenity. Today's stress is brought to me by a mix of the obvious reasons, and the usual unknown reasons. Overall the situation has improved, but in contrast to that, I am more disillusioned about certain things than I was before all of this, and I guess I am mad at myself for not realizing certain things long before now. Sometimes we trust people more than we should, does that make sense? I assumed someone could at least be trusted to tell the truth, and now I realize that that isn't the case. Just when I thought I couldn't be more disappointed ...
12:49 p.m., Wednesday the 8th

I would say my stress levels are back to their usual intensity today. They're like a dull ache, which is what I'm used to and I know how to live with it. I've certainly had some rough days this past week, but I have a healthy apathy about that now.
2:30 p.m., Thursday the 9th

There isn't much to tell you today. Dinner last night was good, it was salmon, seasoned potato slices from the oven, guacamole salad, and a dessert made from cinnamon rolls. After dinner, Snowbunny and I took the dogs for a walk. On Saturday (two days from now), Brother-Husband and I will go to a theater to see Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.
2:59 p.m., Friday the 10th

BH and SB had TV dinners last night. SB took pity on me, and made me a can of chili with a microwaved potato. That's actually one of my favorite dishes. Also she made the three of us small salads. After dinner, BH and I watched an episode of Homicide: New York.
3:21 p.m., Saturday the 11th

BH changed his mind about going out to watch the new Planet of the Apes movie, because he figured the theaters would be packed today. So, we'll still do it, but a week from today instead of today. As for today, word on the street is that we will eat out for dinner. I am sorely hoping that this will prove to be the case. We did have takeout last night and that was good, but I like eating out even better.

Last night BH and I watched the final (fifth or sixth) episode of Homicide. It's a good series, I would recommend it.
3:56 p.m., Sunday the 12th

We did eat out, at a sushi place no less so I was pretty happy about that. Today SB and I went out grocery shopping which is another bonus, I like to get out of the house. Not much else to tell you today, I'm just trying to ride the wave of the anxiety that I experience every day.
5:16 p.m., Monday the 13th

We just had pasta for dinner last night (cheese tortellini which was a plus), so nothing too exciting there, but SB and I shared a bottle of sweet mulberry wine with dinner; I was pretty happy about that. BH wasn't interested and instead had (I think) some whisky and root beer. I think we're having tacos for dinner tonight, but I might have that mixed up, it might be chicken noodle soup tonight and tacos tomorrow.
6:22 p.m., Tuesday the 14th

Yeah, last night was taco night, today I'm pretty sure we're having chicken noodle soup, and the next two days I think we're rotating those dishes as leftovers. There's not much else to tell you. I have been more stressed-out than usual today.
1:53 p.m., Wednesday the 15th

The chicken soup was really good, as it always is, it is like SB's most famous dish. I'm assuming we're having tacos tonight from the taco leftovers. I am still extra stressed-out today, but maybe I'm getting used to it. That's all I really have to tell you for today.
5:10 p.m., Friday the 17th

SB had a bad day at work yesterday and had to work late, so BH was in charge of dinner. He brought us takeout from Flying Star, I got my favorite thing from there, an egg salad sandwich. SB had the same, and we both had sweet potato fries. BH had some other kind of sandwich (he liked it a lot), and coleslaw.

Tomorrow, as far as I know, BH and I will go to the theater to see the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. The plan is to do that while SB (with the dogs) is at a Barn Hunt practice. The movie did get postponed for a week, so we'll see if it sticks this time.
5:32 p.m., Sunday the 19th

BH and I did go and see the movie. I thought it was the best Planet of the Apes movie I've ever seen. Also BH, SB, and I went to a couple of thrift stores, and ate out at a local Thai place (Krung Thai). We won't eat out tonight but we'll probably get takeout.

BH and SB were out for much of the day, doing a road trip. It's been a rough day for me, I'm not sure why. It's like I feel like I'm being attacked from all sides, even while I know no one is attacking me. Sometimes these kinds of things just happen to me.
3:38 p.m., Monday the 20th

We had pizza last night (from Straight Up Pizza), plus a cannoli each and SB also broke out a bottle of sweet wine. After dinner we watched a movie (Dumb and Dumber To). Not much else to tell you, today is an easier day than yesterday so far.
6:11 p.m., Tuesday the 21st

SB made us salad for dinner yesterday. She put boiled eggs in it, which made me really happy. Also she opened a bottle of sweet plum wine for us, which also made me happy. For tonight, I think she's making dinner now, but I don't know what she's making.
Hard-boiled eggs in a salad is my favorite thing!
1:24 p.m., Wednesday the 22nd

Yeah, that's what I'll be having tonight as well. Yesterday we had veggie burgers with beans and cucumber with onion in vinegar.
3:38 p.m., Thursday the 23rd

SB is making quiche for her and BH tonight. I don't like quiche, so SB says she'll make me some fried eggs. I'm a lucky guy.
6:32 p.m., Friday the 24th

In addition to the quiche/eggs, we had sausage and tater tots. Awesome dinner. I don't know what we'll have for dinner tonight, I've been trying to fast, although I did earlier have a bottle of (lite) beer, and a can of Sanpellegrino.