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4:51 p.m., Tuesday the 26th

So Snowbunny (and Eddie) got home yesterday, all safe and sound. Sadly though, things didn't go too well at the Texas Barn Hunt. Eddie didn't hunt very well, and Snowbunny got "suspended" -- for reasons that won't be clear until at least a month from now. She and I went grocery shopping yesterday. She was starting to feel run down, and today, she woke up with a cold. Fortunately she has today off from work, but I don't know what it'll be like tomorrow.

Last night, the three of us (Brother-Husband, Snowbunny, and I) watched another Cold War episode. This was after dinner, which was takeout from Hanmi (a Chinese/Korean fusion place very close to our house). That's all I have to tell you today.
2:47 p.m., Wednesday the 27th

SB seems to be feeling better, but I haven't asked her if she is. For dinner yesterday we had chicken fingers, sweet potato fries, and broccoli. After dinner (and the tail end of a hockey game), the three of us watched another Cold War episode. Episode Six, I think. There are nine episodes altogether.
5:14 p.m., Thursday the 28th

We had hot dogs and veggies (red pepper slices, carrots, and sugar snap peas) for dinner last night. After dinner, the three of us watched another Cold War episode. I think there's only two more to go.

Today, I had a bit of repair done on one of my teeth. I am hopeful that I won't need that kind of help in the future, as I am doing much better about wearing my night guard (it protects me from grinding my teeth).

On Saturday, the three of us are going to join up with Eponine and John and do an escape room. And I assume, eat at a restaurant afterwards, although don't quote me on that. (I'd be disappointed if we didn't all eat out together.)
4:12 p.m., Friday the 29th

For dinner last night we had some kind of fish, I don't remember what kind. It was pretty good, whatever it was. Also we had fried rice and veggies. SB has put chicken in the slow cooker, so assume we're having that for dinner tonight. Last night after dinner, we watched another Cold War episode, there's only one more episode left for us to watch.

Not much else to tell you, it's our typical, boring, blissful life.
2:47 p.m., Saturday the 30th

So the chicken in the slow cooker went into a curry dish with veggies, and that's what we had for dinner. After dinner, we watched the final episode of the Cold War docuseries. This episode mostly dealt with Russia's aggression against Ukraine. It was pretty discouraging, because Putin dropped a menacing hint that he was going to launch nukes at whomever helped Ukraine. So the Cold War is not over, and life on Earth could still be decimated.
3:14 p.m., Sunday the 31st

So we met up with Eponine and John yesterday, and did an escape room. Unfortunately we did not succeed, but we got quite a ways and I guess it was their second-hardest room. After that, we all ate out together at, I think the name of the place was Tasty Pot, it was Taiwanese. There was a robot there, who served drinks. At one point I think someone bumped into the robot, spilling water all over the floor and all over the robot. I felt sorry for the robot, she was just trying to do her job.
2:29 p.m., Monday the 1st

We had salmon for dinner last night, plus sweet potato slices and salad. Otherwise it was a pretty boring Easter, which is fine by me, I'm not a holiday type of guy. I don't have much to report today, the forum is pretty busy and I don't know if I'll get caught up on all of my daily stuff. Not that it matters all that much, I'll get caught up eventually.
1:50 p.m., Wednesday the 3rd

Yesterday for dinner SB made me some fried eggs, over hard, one of my favorite dishes. Also there was sausage and toast with blueberry jam, and slices of peach. Pretty pleasing overall. Tonight SB has Barn Hunt practice with the dogs, and she said she'd get us takeout on the way home, so I'm super pleased about that, I love takeout (almost as much as eating out).
3:48 p.m., Thursday the 4th

I'm feeling more anxiety than usual today, although I would also say I am feeling annoyed, about all kinds of little things. I've heard that dinner tonight will be chicken on a salad with thinly-sliced lettuce, and that's one of those little things. I'm just not feeling very tolerant today.
5:01 p.m., Friday the 5th

SB said we would eat out tonight. If that proves to be true, it will just about make up for the crappy day I had yesterday. Eating out is pretty much at the top of my list, of things that make life worth living. Getting takeout is like only one notch down from there.

The temperature has climbed up to 75° today (Fahrenheit), so I have opened my window and enjoyed the fresh air, and the sound of birds singing. I did likewise yesterday but didn't feel like it was that much of a consolation.
2:33 p.m., Saturday the 6th

We did eat out last night, at Los Cuates, a Mexican/New Mexican restaurant. It was really good, I had huevos rancheros which is kind of my go-to at most Mexican/New Mexican places. Also I had a peach margarita, which was their special for that day. Today, SB said she'd make me a sandwich (and a small salad), while she and BH would have something I didn't like so much.

After dinner last night, SB and I went grocery shopping, one of my favorite things to do strange as that may sound. I was able to pick out a Taylor tawny port (not too expensive), and have had some of that today. Yesterday and today are good days.

The high today is 51° in the forecast, so obviously I have kept my window closed. Temperatures will go up and down this next week, but on one day at least it's supposed to get up to 77°. I am more of a fan nowadays of higher temperatures, so I am glad that it is spring and moving into summer.
2:47 p.m., Monday the 8th

Yesterday our friend Sam came over, and visited us and had dinner with us (meatloaf and veggies). We had a good time with him, he is fun and pleasant company. On Saturday, we watched the movie "Weird" (about Weird Al Yankovic). SB thinks it's about 75% factual, I think it's about 10% factual if that. It's fun to watch once you know the whole thing is a gag. In that light, I recommend it.
5:10 p.m., Tuesday the 9th

Nothing exciting to report today. Last night for dinner SB made pasta and veggie meatballs (with sauce and parmesan cheese). It was okay, just nothing exciting. Perhaps we'll have something exciting tonight. I don't mean to complain, SB makes dinner for us every night and I appreciate that.
5:36 p.m., Wednesday the 10th

I've been trying really hard to fast until dinner today. I do have snacks handy for when I feel compelled to break that fast -- nuts, dates, and prunes for the moment. But I am trying to refrain from taking advantage of those snacks. As far as I know, we are having hot dogs for dinner tonight, plus (baked?) beans. Last night we had chicken with some kind of egg/cream sauce, it wasn't bad, something different at least. Plus rice, broccoli, and some pickled veggies. Anyway, I'll be glad when dinner tonight arrives.
3:36 p.m., Thursday the 11th

I'm trying to fast again, we'll see if I can hang in there until dinner. It looks like we're going to have clam chowder for dinner, some kind of new Campbell's Chunky Clam Chowder, Old Bay I think it's called. It'll be interesting to see how it is. Also we're having some German bread with it, and maybe we'll have some mini saltines to put in it.
3:51 p.m., Friday the 12th

Alas, the mini saltines turned up missing. But still, the clam chowder was pretty good. Had just a little bit of burn to it.

Luckily we're having takeout for dinner tonight, from, a place called Thai Tip. I ordered Mus Sa Maan Curry (no meat, no tofu, just veggies), and Mini Egg Rolls as an appetizer (there's twelve pieces so the three of us can share). I've been trying to fast again until dinner, so far I have been successful. Well I had a diet ginger beer, but I don't count that.
2:43 p.m., Saturday the 13th

As it turns out, there was a ninety-minute wait for our food at Thai Tip, so we canceled that order, and went out to eat at a nearby New Mexican place called El Mariachi. No complaints from me, I like eating out even better than takeout, and that's really saying something. And New Mexican food is one of my favorites. The food there was quite good, and inexpensive. We'll probably go back there sometimes.

The plan for tonight is to get pizza, and SB will make small salads for us. BH and I will probably watch another Six Feet Under episode, we watched one last night.
4:01 p.m., Sunday the 14th

Well we just had pizza -- no salad. Awww shucks, right? After dinner we watched the new Indiana Jones movie (Dial of Destiny), it was good. Although I'll always like Raiders of the Lost Ark better than any of the other Indiana Jones movies.

Today, BH and SB went on a road trip with our friend Sam. I don't know what we'll have for dinner, and I don't know whether Sam will stay over for dinner. I'm trying to fast until then. It's really, really difficult.
3:11 p.m., Monday the 15th

So BH, SB, and Sam had a late lunch, I guess they were out in the middle of nowhere and there were no restaurants nearby. Anyway, they decided to skip dinner, but after their trip, SB took me to Chipotle to get dinner for me. I like Chipotle a lot, so I was pretty happy about that.
3:32 p.m., Wednesday the 17th

Last night SB made us fish sticks for dinner. Also she made some sides, potatoes, cucumbers with yogurt/garlic, and spaghetti squash. Pretty good overall. For tonight I think she's doing ribs in the slow cooker.