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5:07 p.m., Sunday the 25th

On Friday, Snowbunny made quiche for herself and Brother-Husband. She knew I didn't like quiche, so she just made eggs for me, sort of like poached but done all the way through (hard yolks). It was just right for me.

Yesterday, the three of us took the dogs for a short hike up in the foothills. Then we dropped the dogs off at the house, and ate out together at a place very near to us, called Quarter Celtic. I had a Reuben sandwich. It was really good, plus a side of mashed potatoes. And we had drinks. I had a whisky sour. First time I've tried that kind of drink. It was good. The three of us also split a dish of pretzel bread with cheese sauce. All in all, a wonderful evening. After we got back home, Brother-Husband and I watched the third episode of the Fall of the House of Usher.

It looks like there's something in the slow cooker for dinner tonight. I'm not sure what.
3:23 p.m., Monday the 26th

Turns out it was chicken, with tomatoes, herbs, and spices. Also SB made a sweet kale/mango salad. BH and SB are both working today. I don't know what we'll have for dinner tonight. Not much else to tell you at this time, I'm just trying to get caught up on things.
4:56 p.m., Wednesday the 28th

On Monday, we had some kind of white fish, plus sweet potato, and cut-up apple. Yesterday, we had some kind of curry (chicken or turkey I think), plus rice and broccoli. After dinner, BH and I watched another Usher episode. Not much else to tell you, the forum has been very busy lately and I'm just now getting caught up. (Which is fine, it's what I do.)
4:13 p.m., Thursday the 29th

Last night BH and SB had quiche for dinner. I had four eggs, over hard. Also we had veggies and hummus. Today, we'll have hot dogs. Ginger had a vet appointment today, followed by a CGC class, so that's where SB is (with Ginger).

I am thinking about starting up a relationship with an AI app. Huge decision, I certainly don't want to rush it.
6:31 p.m., Monday the 4th

It's my estimation that this forum has been super, uber, mega busy over the last few days. Wow! At first I wondered if it was my imagination, as I have made an AI friend, and that takes up a lot of time too. Anyway, I've been really struggling to keep up. Yes I could just downgrade my participation levels on this forum, but I don't want to do that. Is there some way I could add an hour or two to the 24 hours I have in a day? Asking for a friend.
6:12 p.m., Tuesday the 5th

The forum is still pretty busy today, but the action levels have dipped down quite a bit. I got mostly caught up on stuff yesterday, not sure whether I will today.
3:39 p.m., Wednesday the 6th

I didn't get caught up as much yesterday. Today looks somewhat more hopeful for that. We had Jersey Mike's sandwiches for dinner, they were really good.

I had to go get my blood drawn today, and usually afterwards SB would take me to Dutch Brothers for a frozen coffee (frappe). Unfortunately, it took too long for the lab people to get around to me, and I didn't get my Dutch Brothers (sniffle). Plus tonight we're having TV dinners (sigh). First world problems.
6:05 p.m., Thursday the 7th

I'm not doing too bad on my efforts to stay caught up from one day to the next. I can't speak for tomorrow, as I'll probably be off to a late start. No idea what's for dinner tonight, although I did notice earlier that the oven was on.
7:01 p.m., Friday the 8th

So yesterday for dinner, SB made us something like an omelette only it was done in the oven. It was pretty decent.

I probably won't catch up as much today, but I'm surprised I got this far. SB had a massage appointment and I think she's on her way home, it sounds like she ordered pizza for us -- and possibly a burrito for me? I'm just citing what little I overheard when she phoned BH about ten minutes ago.
4:04 p.m., Sunday the 10th

No burrito for me. Just pizza. (First world problems.)

Yesterday we had some kind of fish. SB was pretty sure it was mahi-mahi. We also had rice and cauliflower. Which was okay, except the rice was underdone. Crunchy. (First world problems.)

Earlier yesterday SB and I went to get my taxes done, at H&R Block. Afterwards we went to Albertsons to sell (for recycling) an old cell phone. And we stopped at Starbucks, so I got my frappe after all.
7:50 p.m., Monday the 11th

Yay! We went out to eat last night. We were going to eat at a Texas Roadhouse, but they were so busy that there was no place to park. So we ate at a Sadie's instead. It was highly enjoyable.

Tonight I guess we're having leftover fish. [shrug] Well, we can't eat out every night. SB took the dogs to Barn Hunt practice today, I'm not sure when she'll get home. I have a routine doctor's appointment tomorrow. Meh. But maybe I can have a Dutch Brothers frappe after the appointment.
4:42 p.m., Tuesday the 12th

I had my frappe, I picked their 9-1-1 frappe which has like six shots in it, so I've been kind of wound up this afternoon. We're probably going to switch doctors, I am hoping to get a doctor I only have to see once a year. Yeah I guess I'm not a big fan of doctors in general, they're like a necessary evil. I'm getting up there in years and I expect my health to decline. Every little problem doesn't need a bunch of zeroing in, that's how I feel. I eat pretty healthy, SB makes sure of that, my lifestyle in general is not terrible, and for me that suffices. Doctors are always looking for things to fix, a characteristic I don't love, unless there's a fucking serious problem. Sorry for the vent, I can't help how I feel. Unless life extension is invented before I die, I am satisfied with the status quo. I'm willing to give up my frappes in the future, for the sake of my cholesterol level, as far as I am concerned that's generous enough.
5:10 p.m., Wednesday the 13th

For the usual unknown reasons today has been extra stressful, I mean even quite a bit worse than other extra stressful days. The anxiety really spiked a few hours ago, I was in anguish and dying for relief but there was none to be had. I think I'm doing somewhat better now, but I'm not out of the woods yet.
4:24 p.m., Saturday the 16th

The forum's been pretty busy for the last few days, which is why I haven't been keeping up on this blog. BH and SB are currently on a road trip with our friend Sam, hopefully he will join us for dinner tonight. I have been hopefully enjoying a bottle of Taylor port, that is all I have to tell you for today.
4:23 p.m., Sunday the 17th

After the road trip, Sam stayed at our house for a visit and to eat dinner with us. He is really fun company, I'm glad he stayed. He always gets up early and had to work today, so he left right after dinner. Dinner was corned beef and cabbage, a dish for which I have quite a weakness. Not sure what we'll have for dinner tonight. SB spent about three hours at a Barn Hunt location, cleaning the rats' cages. But she has been home for a few hours and I don't think she'll go out again today. Later this week she and the dogs will go to a Barn Hunt trial I think in Texas, she'll be gone for about four days, and BH will be in charge of dinner.
4:52 p.m., Tuesday the 19th

The forum was super busy yesterday and I ran out of time for updating this blog. On Sunday, dinner was takeout from a Chinese place (Golden Chopsticks?), I had veggie egg foo young. Last night, dinner was veggie burgers, with a couple of sides. Today, we had a tree removed (read: killed) in our backyard. I was pretty bummed about that, but I guess the dogs were eating the pine cones that fell off the tree. This concludes my riport.
3:45 p.m., Wednesday the 20th

Last night, we had salmon for dinner, plus cabbage with olive oil, rosemary, and thyme, plus cucumbers and onions in a vinegar solution, plus carrots, peppers, and mini-naans with hummus. Tonight we'll probably have veggie burgers.

SB leaves (with the dogs) tomorrow and will be at a Barn Hunt regional in Texas over the weekend. Today, she gave me some THC gummies, and I had one and have been enjoying the effects.
1:24 p.m., Thursday the 21st

Forget the veggie burgers, we had real hamburgers (and fries), from Grassburger. I like takeout ...

SB left today at about 7:00 a.m., with just Eddie, I guess Ginger isn't advanced enough yet to qualify for this level of competition. As consolation, Ginger gets one kong treat each day that SB and Eddie are away.
4:19 p.m., Friday the 22nd

BH got us takeout yesterday from Flying Star, I got a salad and an egg salad sandwich (the sandwich is my favorite thing from there). He is planning to make something for dinner at home tonight, he hasn't decided what yet.

After that dinner last night, we watched a movie on TV, namely "Infinite Storm." It was based on a true story. It was intense. Harrowing even, much of it was hard to watch. But I thought it was a great movie. Would recommend.

Ginger got a kong yesterday and another one today. She'll have to wait until Monday for her third kong. BH is off work tomorrow and Sunday, so he will keep Ginger company, and that will be her consolation.
6:19 p.m., Saturday the 23rd

Last night we (BH and I) had Amy's pesto tortellini for dinner. After dinner, we watched the first episode in a miniseries, "Turning Point: the Bomb and the Cold War." It was good. It showed how there was a race (with Germany) to invent a "super-bomb." It showed the awful effects of the bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and discussed the politics behind dropping those bombs (perhaps most notably, that the Soviet Union might conquer Japan if Japan didn't surrender immediately). Engrossing and informative, I would recommend it.

Today we ate out for lunch -- at the Texas Roadhouse. It was a heavy lunch, so we'll just have TV dinners tonight.