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3:30 p.m., Saturday the 13th

The plans were altered somewhat yesterday, we had dinner first and then went out, so some of the places we were going to visit were closed by the time we got done shopping at Smith's. But that's okay, we're still going to go out today, in about half an hour. Dinner last night was good by the way. Today we might get takeout.
4:35 p.m., Sunday the 14th

It was a nice outing yesterday. True it was just shopping (TJ Maxx and Burlington), but I was glad to get out of the house (and spend some time with Snowbunny). We got takeout for dinner (always good news), Brother-Husband and Snowbunny got takeout from a Chinese place (Yummi House), and I got a burrito from Chipotle (very tasty). Tonight I guess Snowbunny is fixing to make pierogi (she makes them with cottage cheese).

Brother-Husband is still fighting an illness, and Snowbunny may have come down with it as well. I usually don't get sick, but I am mostly distancing myself from them. Fingers crossed.
1:13 p.m., Monday the 15th

There's a Barn Hunt practice tonight, but I overheard SB saying something like she wasn't going to take the dogs to this one, so I don't know what's going to happen. Last I heard, the plan for dinner tonight is stuffed peppers. I've got an early start on today, and will probably end up with a bunch of extra time on my hands. Not sure what I'll do with it. I think SB is off today.
6:05 p.m., Tuesday the 16th

Well stuffed peppers would have involved BH baking them in the oven, and he was feeling too sick/crappy for that. So he proposed picking up pizza and salad for us, and SB said okay. He got it from Dion's, super good pizza and salad both. They make a killer green chili pepperoni pizza, and an awesome salad with killer ranch dressing. As for the stuffed peppers, maybe that's what we'll have tonight? At the moment, BH is at urgent care.

SB did take Eddie to Barn Hunt, it was just Ginger that had to stay home, apparently she had been limping. As for the extra time I had yesterday, I bit the bullet and did some Chess exercises. A puzzle, a lesson, and a bot game. Right now, I am playing the weakest bot -- rated at 250. As long as my winning streak continues, I'll keep playing stronger bots, but as soon as I lose one game, I'm going to start over again at 250. It's what I can stand.
4:11 p.m., Wednesday the 17th

Last night we had stuffed peppers for dinner ... and SB said that tonight we'd have Coney Island chili dogs. That sounds really good to me; I am looking forward to it. Not much else to tell you today.
2:12 p.m., Thursday the 18th

The chili dogs were good ... just not quite as good as I had anticipated. No big deal. I guess we are having leftovers tonight. I'll probably have the leftover turkey curry.

I had some extra time yesterday, and used it to do more of the Chess exercises. I played as black against Martin -- the 250-point bot -- and had a pretty satisfying win. says I made nine blunders -- shrug. I guess that's why I'm playing at the bottom level. I didn't notice any mistakes and I'm content with that. It's just nice to be able to win.
3:13 p.m., Friday the 19th

I did another round of Chess exercises yesterday, I didn't do as well as I did the day before. I won (as white) at another bot game (versus Wayne, another 250-point bot), but I made some glaring mistakes along the way. I don't know if I'll get time for Chess exercises today.

BH bought some banana/peanut butter whiskey, it is called Dirty Monkey (70 proof). He shared some with me, he and I toasted with a couple of shot glasses. It was really good.
1:20 p.m., Saturday the 20th

Well I didn't end up with the extra time needed for Chess exercises, but that's okay. After dinner, SB and I went to Dollar Tree then to Albertson's. SB said okay to me buying a bottle of tawny port, and I have been enjoying that today while BH, SB, and Ginger are at Barn Hunt practice. Apparently there is another practice tomorrow and Eddie will go to that. For dinner last night we had BBQ chicken out of the slow cooker, with sides of mashed potatoes, corn, and canned peaches. I don't know what we'll have tonight.
11:29 a.m., Sunday the 21st

We just had microwave burritos, meh, I'm not complaining but you know. After dinner the three of us watched "The Fisher King" (1991), it was an enjoyable movie. For tonight it looks like we have sausages and veggies in the slow cooker. There is some kind of dog practice today, Eddie went but poor Ginger had to stay home. BH also stayed home.

Before the movie last night, the three of us had shots of Dirty Monkey, BH and I liked it a lot, but SB didn't like it. Just goes to show you, someone may say something is great, but you still might not like it.

I had plenty of time yesterday for Chess exercises (and probably will today too). I played as black against Wayne, and did what I thought was a pretty smooth game. Hey, said I "only" made seven blunders. I didn't notice any of them, and I'm glad I didn't. I even replayed the game, and I still didn't notice any of them. Good!
3:25 p.m., Monday the 22nd

I played another bot game yesterday (as white) against another 250-point bot (Fabian). I thought I did a few minor missteps, but said I played a perfect game! I'll take it.

There is a Barn Hunt practice tonight, but neither of the dogs is going. SB wants them to get all pent up for the Barn Hunt event in Las Cruces this weekend. I don't know whether she'll go to tonight's practice just to help out.
3:34 p.m., Tuesday the 23rd

So SB actually took Ginger to Barn Hunt practice last night, it is mostly Eddie who needs to get all pent up. We had leftover sausage and veggies for dinner, don't know what we'll have today. Earlier today, when I tried to start up my computer, the taskbar got hung. Luckily SB was available to help me fix it. The problem seems to have fixed itself after five or ten minutes, but SB still tweaked a few things so as to hopefully prevent the same problem in the future. SB will be tied up the rest of this week, and will be out of town over the weekend (for the Las Cruces Barn Hunt trial), so I sure hope my computer functions well until she gets back. I rely heavily on my computer (and on the internet).

I played as black against Fabian yesterday, didn't quite have a perfect game, said I did four mistakes and two blunders. But honestly I don't care, as long as I won. If I can't win against a 250-point bot, then there's really no hope for me.
1:47 p.m., Wednesday the 24th

Last night, I played as white against the Chess Engine set at 250. It was a rough game. I did four mistakes and one blunder. I'm a little nervous that I'll lose on my "final 250 game" (as black against the Chess Engine). If I don't lose (on this one last game to go), I'll start playing the 400-point bots.

There's a Barn Hunt practice today, and SB has said out loud that she'll take neither dog (as she wants both dogs to be pent up for the weekend trial I take it), but I guess she'll just go there herself to help out. Tomorrow Ginger has a CGC class (Canine Good Citizen).

Last night we had chicken and salad for dinner. Also SB made us some monkey bread for dessert. Good stuff, I think I ate too much of it. There's still some left for tonight.
3:08 p.m., Thursday the 25th

Last night, we had salad for dinner, and the rest of the monkey bread for dessert. Ginger has CGC class today, and SB has been saying she'll get takout on the way home -- sushi. I like sushi a lot, but I've always wanted to have it at the restaurant. For some reason, getting used to takeout sushi is a big challenge for me. But I'll give it a whale.

Thank gods, I won my final 250-point game last night (with me playing as black). It felt like a smooth game, even though said I did two mistakes and four blunders. I replayed the game, and did see a moment where I could have did an easy checkmate. Somewhat disappointing, but the important thing is, I did win.
4:23 p.m., Friday the 26th

I won my "first" 400-point game (as White versus "Coach Danny"), but only after I overlooked a chance to jump his queen with one of my knights. Sigh, frustrating.

The sushi was good last night, I would do it that way again. BH, SB, and the dogs leave tonight for the Las Cruces Barn Hunt trial, and my plan is to walk to Kelly's and buy some eggnog or port.
2:02 p.m., Saturday the 27th

I didn't have time for extra Chess stuff yesterday. Don't know if I will today. I certainly don't mind skipping a day or two, Chess isn't a positive experience for me so much these days.

I had some Kipper Snacks for dinner last night, don't know if I'll have some more of that this afternoon. I might have some chili for dinner tonight.

Kelly's didn't seem to have any eggnog, so I bought some Carolans instead. Have been enjoying some of that today.
1:11 p.m., Sunday the 28th

I won a second game against Coach Danny; I was Black. I did make one glaring mistake, allowing him to fork my queen and a rook. Luckily I was able to check his king with my queen, and thus wiggle out of the fork.

I believe BH, SB, and the dogs will get home tonight, early enough, I hope, to get takeout for the three of us. I finished off the Carolans today; it was really good. Rainee and I have enjoyed having the house to ourselves.
1:59 p.m., Monday the 29th

I forgot to mention, we lost Jill, our house cleaning lady, last week. Jill has a newborn grandchild, and the parents need Jill's help taking care of the baby. That plus the house cleaning, it was just too much for her. I understand, of course, but I'm still down about it. It's our loss.

I played a bot game yesterday, as White against a 400-point bot named Juan. I did win, it was pretty easy, except in the opening where I struggled, and failed to notice I could have easily captured a rook with one of my bishops. I would have lost that bishop, but that's still a two-point net gain for me.

BH, SB, and the dogs got home a bit earlier than I had expected. We did get takeout for dinner, Mexican, via DoorDash. The restaurant was new to us, so we thought we'd give it a try. What I got was good, but there were issues with what we got otherwise. SB ordered cheese enchiladas in addition to what the three of us ordered, and I volunteered to eat 'em. They were okay, but awfully salty.
4:17 p.m., Tuesday the 30th

Not much to tell you about Chess, I played as Black against Juan and won but with mistakes and blunders, including one that I spotted right after I did it.

For dinner last night we had chicken nuggets, with thin steak fries, and mixed veggies. I don't know what the plan is for tonight.
4:20 p.m., Wednesday the 31st

We've almost made it through January ... one month less of cold weather.

I didn't have the time to do extra Chess stuff yesterday ... awwww, that's too bad (not). For dinner we had sloppy joes and baked beans. I for one enjoyed it. Don't know what we'll have tonight. SB made a pot of coffee, that was nice.
4:53 p.m., Thursday the 1st

Dinner last night was hot dogs and salad. Technically the hot dogs were Coney Islands, but the chili on them wasn't great, it was all dry and grainy. Tonight, Ginger has CGC class. SB said she'd get takeout for us on the way home.