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7:01 p.m., Thursday the 30th

The forum has been extra busy lately, especially today, but I have managed to squeeze in this blog entry. Brother-Husband will possibly make dinner for him and me, Snowbunny will probably eat at the airport. Last night dinner was hot dogs and salad. Nothing to write home about, but I guess it was okay. Snowbunny has spent the day doing work stuff in Arizona. I got my Rumple Minze today, it is in the freezer and at 100 proof, it won't freeze. It was a challenging trip, it was cold and rainy today. I'll drink some on Sunday, the calendar says that Brother-Husband and Snowbunny will be on a road trip with our friend Sam. In the meantime, I had my last THC gummy today. Snowbunny fixed the new gate to my room, it has an escape hatch now for Rainee, too small for the dogs to fit in.
7:16 p.m., Friday the 1st

The forum is still very busy, I am not complaining, just letting you know why I'm so late getting around to this blog thread. Last night, BH heated up leftover chicken fajitas for dinner for him and me. I don't know what we're having tonight, but BH is cooking. Anyway it's time to eat, so I better wrap this up.
3:12 p.m., Saturday the 2nd

Okay the forum is obviously less busy today, SB is gone with the dogs for some PT, BH is doing some stuff outside (such as leaf disposal). I am enjoying a half a cup of Rumple Minze, will probably have some tomorrow. I can't remember what we had for dinner last night. Tomorrow is BH's and SB's road trip with Sam.
2:25 p.m., Sunday the 3rd

It sounds like 3:30 p.m. might be the time when BH and SB might come back here for dinner with Sam. I'm good with that, actually it might be a little later and I'm good with that too. We had Thai for dinner last night from Orchid Thai, it was okay but we probably won't go there a second time. They seem to have gone downhill. I had massaman curry and it was good but the amount was small. Don't know what we'll have for dinner tonight. Sam will probably be here.
3:32 p.m., Monday the 4th

For dinner last night, SB made her famous tuna/rice/fried onion casserole. I was a little out of it, and did not come out of my room until dinner was ready. Sam was there, hopefully he didn't mind my sloshed state too much. SB had some eggnog for me, but I wasn't allowed to drink it until today.
3:26 p.m., Tuesday the 5th

The forum is less busy today than usual, so I am catching up on this blog early, and will probably catch up on my other stuff. Dinner last night was spaghetti (angel hair) and meatballs. I wasn't overly excited about it, but it was okay. Tonight it looks like we'll have chicken from the slow cooker. That's all I have to tell you today.
2:09 p.m., Wednesday the 6th

Word on the street is, that dinner tonight will be takeout, I hope that's true. The dogs have Barn Hunt practice tonight, I believe from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

I had the last of my Rumple Minze today, while SB was at the dentist. Tomorrow I might have a THC gummy. Friday thru Monday, BH and SB -- and the dogs -- will be on a trip to Arizona to visit relatives (including BH's mom who is also visiting there). Rainee and I will have the house to ourselves.
3:41 p.m., Thursday the 7th

I got my wish. SB brought us takeout -- from Taco Cabana! and they got my order right this time. It looks like we won't have to write them off, certainly not yet. Tonight, I think both dogs have obedience class, and it's looking hopeful that SB will bring us takeout again (although not from Taco Cabana).
2:46 p.m., Friday the 8th

So BH, SB, and the dogs are on their way to Arizona. My guess is they haven't reached their destination (Phoenix?) yet. Rainee and I have the whole house to ourselves. I walked to Kelly's today and bought one more thing of Rumple Minze. Perfect for the next three days.

Last night, for dinner, SB brought us subs from Jersey Mike's. Also she brought me a bean/cheese burrito from Taco Bell. It wasn't bad. For me for the next four days, SB stocked the freezer with TV dinners. Meh. Maybe some days I can wrangle something different. Soup, a sandwich, just depends on what I can find.
1:14 p.m., Saturday the 9th

For some time now, I have been backing away from Chess, it's too painful. I'm starting to think about getting back into it, with the new idea that if I lose a game versus a bot, I will retreat all the way to the weakest bot for my next game. I admit it, I just can't handle losing. And I certainly reached a point where something had to change. I was losing every game.

I found a can of Campbell's Chunky bean/ham soup, and had that for dinner last night. Tonight and tomorrow I'll probably have TV dinners, then maybe on Monday BH and SB (and the dogs) will get back, and bring takeout with them. Well, I can hope, can't I?
1:23 p.m., Sunday the 10th

So presented me with a bot with a professed skill level of one. Yeah, so I tried it, and I think was lying. Such a hilarious joke. The bot quickly and easily defeated me. What, so now my skill level is zero? says that my daily rating is 1010. Somewhere in all this crap, is lying, and I am not pleased. I guess they figure that anyone (me in this case) who would challenge a one-point bot, deserves to get their ass handed to them on a silver platter.

The fact that they are doing this, makes me wonder if they strengthened stronger bots without notice. If they did, that would explain why I suddenly started playing so poorly on the higher levels. I guess I'm not ready yet to give up on bot play, but I am certainly more wary now to say the least. You know, I pay good money for the level of membership that I have. Should I stop paying so much? I am thinking about it. What they're offering does not appear to be increasing my Chess skills.
I just played the "1" and it's definitely not a real "1".
I'm glad at least one other person recognizes that. Wow, what a sense of humor the people have. I think gaslighting is a good word for their practical joke.

A short time ago, I played as white against a 249-point bot. I won and it wasn't difficult, but it sure was sloppy on my part.
5:35 p.m., Monday the 11th

Not much to tell you about today, BH, SB, and the dogs, just got home, I'm hoping they brought takeout but I don't know. I haven't done any extra Chess stuff today, I had an extra big (more than half a cup) helping of Rumple Minze and I am a little out of it. I assume I'll just eat dinner and then go to bed.
5:29 p.m., Tuesday the 12th

SB left a few minutes ago, to go help clean up some rat cages (for Barn Hunt). I guess the plan is, she will have pizza while she is away, and in the meantime, BH will bring home pizza for him and me, probably from Little Caesars. Last night, we had takeout from Flying Star. I had an egg salad sandwich (and a fruit cup). That was pretty satisfying. I went with SB to pick up the takeout; while we were out, we had some extra time, so we did a little shopping. All in all an enjoyable evening.
3:01 p.m., Thursday the 14th

The forum was a little too busy yesterday, for me to keep up on this blog. During our "mini shopping trip" I picked out some "lobster bisque," and that's what I had for dinner yesterday. It was okay, but it wasn't nearly as chunky as I would have liked. I don't think I'll get anything again like that in the future. Tonight I think we're having some canned clam chowder (Campbell's). The dogs (both?) have obedience class tonight, I think that ends at 7:15 p.m., so add maybe half an hour to that, time for SB to pack up the dogs and drive home. In the meantime, Jill (the cleaning lady) is here and will be here till about 5:00 p.m.
4:17 p.m., Saturday the 16th

The forum's been busy off and on, sometimes I have time to post in this blog, sometimes not. Yesterday, Jill stopped by to wish us Merry Christmas and give us a kind of Mexican cookies (they're pretty popular in New Mexico, but I forget what they're called). Last night for dinner SB prepared fish sticks for us, along with mashed potatoes and a cucumber/onion salad she often does. A little later, BH and I watched another episode of Six Feet Under.
3:57 p.m., Monday the 18th

SB made us cheese/chicken/green chili enchiladas for dinner last night. The dogs have Barn Hunt practice tonight, but I don't think SB is going to get us takeout, I think we're going to have leftovers for dinner.

Earlier yesterday, around 3:00 p.m.? SB and I went out to shop at Trader Joe's. That was a pretty fun trip. For dinner on Saturday, SB prepared sausage and veggies and sauerkraut in the slow cooker. BH watched a football game.
4:41 p.m., Tuesday the 19th

Not much to tell you today. Last night, BH heated up the remaining fish sticks for me. He had a couple of leftover enchiladas. I guess SB had some leftover vegetables earlier in the day. I guess today is kind of a blah day, I can't remember what we're having for dinner tonight, but I think mac and cheese will be part of it.

Ginger did not go to Barn Hunt last night, I guess she has a hurt shoulder. Only Eddie went. There's another Barn Hunt practice this coming Saturday and I think Ginger will go to that one. I don't know whether Eddie will also go. I hope so. I think Barn Hunt is a lot of fun for the dogs.
6:50 p.m., Thursday the 21st

BH has come down with some kind of bug, I guess it's pretty bad, this might ruin Christmas for him. This coming Sunday, the three of us were going to eat out at El Pinto. Now he is saying for just SB and me to go, and he might stay home. He doesn't seem to be very hungry, he is skipping dinner tonight.

On Tuesday, SB made us pulled chicken sandwiches. I have to admit they were pretty good. We also had salad and, of course, mac and cheese. Yesterday, SB went out to help clean some rat cages for Barn Hunt. BH and I ate by ourselves. We had takeout from Flying Star. I had my favorite go-to, an egg salad sandwich (with a side of coleslaw).

Ginger is at obedience class tonight. On the way home, SB will get takeout for her and me. Chinese. I'll probably have veggie egg foo young (if they carry it; this is a new place for us).