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1:15 p.m., Sunday the 16th

Brother-Husband and Snowbunny got home right after I posted that last post, so I guess I didn't miss out on too much. Then, at about 5:30 p.m., the three of us went over to Eponine's and John's house for dinner. Eponine and John are wizards in the kitchen, John is a full-fledged chef in my eyes. We had fried rice and stir fry type things. After dinner we broke out a new game, it is similar to Cards against Humanity only with text messages. I don't remember what it's called.
Glad you guys enjoyed our dinner! The game is called "New phone, who dis?". It was hilarious. :ROFLMAO:
Ah yes, now I remember. Fun game. And dinner was delicious.
2:00 p.m., Monday the 17th

For dinner last night we had fish sticks, veggies, and pita bread. After that, BH and I watched Episode Two of Your Honor. It continues to grab one's attention and hold onto it, I would recommend it.
4:02 p.m., Tuesday the 18th

We had bean/veggie soup for dinner last night, it wasn't terrible but maybe a little bit bland. Tonight we are getting pizza from IL Vicino, I might have something different from there, lasagna perhaps. Tomorrow I think SB is planning to do chicken in the slow cooker.
2:56 p.m., Wednesday the 19th

I had (salad and) lasagna. It was good. But it couldn't hold a candle to the lasagna I had at Trombino's a few weeks ago. Tonight, SB has Barn Hunt practice (with the dogs). She will get home late, so she intends to eat dinner early, before she leaves. BH and I will probably eat dinner while she's away. I have some extra anxiety today, it has neither known cause nor solution.
1:59 p.m., Thursday the 20th

Well they canceled Barn Hunt practice due to some inclement weather. So the three of us ate together. We had chicken, squash, and mixed veggies. I don't know what we're having tonight. Tomorrow, Sam is planning to come over for dinner, then BH and SB are planning to go on a road trip with him the day after that. However, BH is having some trouble at work, I guess their system has shut down, so this could change the plans, like if he has to work on Saturday.
3:55 p.m., Friday the 21st

It seems likely that Sam will join us for dinner today. SB has a roast and veggies in the slow cooker. Last night we had pasta/sauce/turkey meatballs for dinner. It seems likely that BH, SB, and Sam will go on their road trip tomorrow. What we have for dinner will depend on what they do for lunch.
3:18 p.m., Saturday the 22nd

So the road trip has gone forward as planned. I don't know what will happen for dinner. The dogs have been barking their brains out, giving me and Rainee a headache. Not much else to tell you for the moment.
4:08 p.m., Sunday the 23rd

BH and SB got takeout for dinner for us yesterday at a nearby Mexican place (I keep forgetting the name of the place). It was pretty good. Today I guess we'll be having some kind of leftovery thing. SB has been at a baby shower for one of her Barn Hunt friends, she just got home from that maybe 15 or 20 minutes ago. BH has been watching a murder mystery documentary. I've just been working to catch up on my internet and reading stuff.
3:04 p.m., Monday the 24th

SB is making quiche for her and BH tonight. She knows I'm not a quiche fan, so for me she is making fried eggs (over hard). I am super appreciative of this, she is doing extra work so that I can have something I like.
5:40 p.m., Thursday the 27th

The forum has been really busy over the last few days, and I am just now getting caught up on my own forum activity. I think we are having hot dogs for dinner tonight, and I expect that to happen really soon.
5:36 p.m., Friday the 28th

Along with the hot dogs, we had potato salad, and veggies with hummus. Not sure what we're having tonight. Something with rice, I guess. SB said we'd probably have takeout tomorrow.

Not much else to tell you ... I'm still having a bit of a struggle trying to catch up with things.
2:49 p.m., Saturday the 29th

Dinner last night was some kind of stir-fry type thing. Chicken, rice, mixed veggies, some kind of gravy. SB spoke again of takeout tonight, "Not sure what kind. Not Chinese, and not Mexican." So I guess something in between.

I may have a better chance of getting caught up with things today. We'll see.
6:26 p.m., Sunday the 30th

We tried a new Asian place we hadn't tried before. It was pretty good. SB didn't quite get what she expected though, so a slight disappointment there. After dinner we watched the first episode of, "Under the Banner of Heaven." It was pretty good although I have to say, the depiction of Mormon behavior was a little over the top. I realize they were trying to dispense a lot of information to non-Mormon viewers in a short time. Anyway it sounds like we're going to watch Episode Two tonight. A few hours ago, SB and I did a little grocery shopping. That was enjoyable.
4:25 p.m., Monday the 1st

For dinner last night we had a thing with noodles, onions, cabbage, and hamburger. Not sure what we'll have tonight, although I guess it's been planned and there are some veggies involved. Chicken breasts maybe. We did watch Episode Two last night, and it's conceivable that we'll watch Episode Three tonight, but who knows.
4:57 p.m., Wednesday the 3rd

We watched Episode Three on Monday, we did not watch anything last night. For dinner last night we had a mix of takeout (Golden Pride) and leftovers. I think we're having leftovers tonight, but I'm not sure. Under the Banner is getting to be rather interesting, I don't know if we'll watch Episode Four tonight.
3:32 p.m., Thursday the 4th

We had leftovers, and I think we might have leftovers tonight (but not tomorrow). We watched Episode Four last night and I don't know whether we'll watch Episode Five tonight. Not much to tell you here, I'm just trying real hard to get caught up.
12:12 p.m., Sunday the 7th

We just have one more episode to go of Under the Banner. It will be a long episode (ninety minutes), so we'll have to get an early start on it. Last night SB made us scallops, asparagus, and a potato each. Not sure what we'll have tonight. The dogs had Barn Hunt practice today, SB just got home from that.
2:52 p.m., Monday the 8th

We had hot dogs and corn, not sure what we'll have tonight. We watched the last episode of Under the Banner. Overall I would recommend the series, but it does help if one of the viewers (me in this case) was raised in the church. I was able to answer some of BH's and SB's questions. It's a fairly complex story, one has to wrap one's mind about how loyal members can morph into an extreme (fundamental) spin-off group.