Kitty's journey into all things poly

I was really tired out and not really feeling up to sex or anything so we mostly just hung out with Josie for the night and then with Ash when she got in from work. We were up until like 3am just chatting about dnd and stuff and eventually Ash was like so we gonna fuck or what so we did some stuff but I wasn't really into it. The next morning we had some really stupid stressful stuff with the estate agents for the old flat being huge dicks and telling us the flat wasn't clean enoughnso we had to clean it again (we'd gotten professional cleaners in, but since then the landlord had been in and people had been in to view the place so there was dirt on the carpets which wasn't our fault. I had to be up early to get that done and get the keys back to the etstae agents later so just a combination of all of that meant I was so tired and not in the mood to be around people at all.

Abi was trying to stay longer and saying she didn't need to be home until like 8 so she could stay until then, but I was firm and was like I'm not in a good place you can stay until 4 but then you're going because I need a nap. So I was nice and took the bus back with her to the bus station and then like as I was gettong on y bus home again she called me to say the bus she ws gettign was too full and she didn't want to stabd and asked if I could wait for her another hour until the next one. I was so done guys, I was just so ready to go home I was like nope already on the bus just get that one it can't be too busy. I went home, and Josie is surprised to see me and was like oh it's Friday I thought you had gone to Alex's so I ordered myself food and have plans to do this all evening. I didn't even have the capacity to be upset I just went for a well deserved sleep.

When I woke up from that I found that Abi had waited an entire hour to get another bus and it was still so busy she had to stand but I was still so out of it and still not feeling great that I just did not that the mental capacity to care. Since then I've done a lot of thinking and I've basically said to her that I'll see her again once she gets her shit together like gets a job and gets out of being in debt because like I don't date Messy people and that is messy af and that isn't even touching on the drama she had with her polycule which like I don't even want to talk about it because it's so toxic and stupid.

Onto happier things, It was Alex's birthday last week and I threw her a party! Messy and her partner came over to see the new house as well as the party and we had a really fun time. I got lots of cat decorations and made a bunch of party food for everyone to snack on. We played uno with some crazy house rules Sqeak likes and it was soooo much fun. Some pics to show the awesome cat decorations and birthday cakes (I got a vegan one for Sqeak and Messy, because I'm too nice apparently) and the badge that everyone must wear in my house if its your birthday! haha (I have so many badges but most of them are unicorns and pink, I thought this was more Alex's thing)


I'm sure I've missed stuff but I've bene writing this for over an hour already so that'll do for now!