LSB Weight Loss Daily Goals and Accomplishments

I feel/look best when my bmi is right around 21/21.5. Any lower, I look gaunt, any higher, I look thick :/ p

Same here! My BMI right now is 22, which I *should* be fine with, but those 4 lbs between 21.5 and 22 make all the difference.

Today was a mixed bag for me, too. I ate well so far today - only fruit and a Cliff bar for snacks. A shitty day all around, mood wise, though, so Andy is making pizza and fresh strawberry margaritas tonight. My half of the pizza is only 400 calories, not the end of the world, but it's not the most nutritious choice.

And I'm saving my one margarita for a treat after my run. Which may actually include some sprints, to get me home to my margarita faster :p
Lol on this. Same here only I always have a waist, it's my hips, thighs, and stomach that get huge. I stay small from mid-waist up...typical pear shape. I feel/look best when my bmi is right around 21/21.5. Any lower, I look gaunt, any higher, I look thick :/ It's all the lumps and dimpling that I don't like....

Same here! My BMI right now is 22, which I *should* be fine with, but those 4 lbs between 21.5 and 22 make all the difference.

Yeah, I'm currently at 23, but feel best between 20.5–21.5...and it is totally the lumps and ripples for me. Begone, 15 lbs.! BEGONE! :rolleyes:
Welp. Did not meet tonight's goals. Rider's celebration of his recently discovered Irish heritage won out. Also, leftoverstravaganza was extravagant. Tomorrow I will do better.
I am tall and curvy, and people never believe me when I tell them how much I weigh. My bodyshape definitely helps to distribute the fat better! That said, I like my big boobs and butt, but I don't like my flabby tummy so much.

This is about where I'm at with it. I want to get more efficient in my life so that I don't always feel like I'm scrambling for time, and I know that, for me, efficiency is tied to energy and to the quality of the fuel I put into my body. So I'm trying not to think of it as depriving myself of things that I want, but rather putting quality fuel in so that I can accomplish things that I want.

For me what really works is
a) to always make sure I have a fridge full of different vegetables and fresh herbs
b) lean proteins in the fridge / freezer.
I have a large pantry / store cupboard so if I have anough fresh items I can make healthy and delicious meals quickly. Also, I try to set aside a couple of hours a week to do food prep... cook big batches of things like quinoa, spelt barley, brown rice, beans etc., make hummus (my current favorite is mung bean hummus), blanch some broccoli, wash lettuce, slow roast tomates etc. When there is good stuff ready to grab, I am less likely to grab the cheese and crackers :)

Had a very healthy dinner last night, lean meatballs in tomato sauce with a salad that consisted mostly of stirfried bell peppers and kale, with a little buckwheat macaroni, and lots of fresh mint and parsley. Went to a concert afterwards which ended around midnight, and by then I was VERY hungry. Had I been drinking I definitely would have made myself some unhealthy snacks at home. But, instead I went to bed with a slightly rumbling stomach, and breakfast this morning tasted awesome :)
Woke up this morning with a wicked sore throat so did not run. Grump grump grump. Will still eat better today than yesterday, at least.
This weekend was tough - going out both nights meant booze and temptation. But, other than the beer ;) I made really good food choices!

I'm working hard to stick to healthy eating when I'm out socializing and drinking. In the past, I've said screw it, I'll eat grease because the booze is wrecking my food plan anyway. This weekend I did awesome! Friday night I actually stopped on my way to meet Dag and bought stuff at whole foods - fruit, cheese, crackers, and hummus - and that was our dinner. Last night, cookout with friends, I skipped the steak and baked potatoes and just ate a big plate of grilled veggies and black beans. And I had seconds of veggies late night instead of cake.

I also dragged out my old 21 Day Fix DVDs. Only 30 minutes, so no excuses to skip a workout because I'm running short on time.

This week, I'm focusing on adding ten minutes of ab work every day (pretty easy) and eating less carbs and more protein (not so easy). I'm not vegetarian but I only eat meat a few times a week usually. Most of my protein is soy. When I'm cutting back on food, I have a tendency to drop the protein and keep the carbs, because they are quicker and yummier :p

I'm trying to think of easy, quick protein snacks - all I can come up so far is hard boiled eggs and soy cheese. Hmmmm. There's a reason I end up eating granola bars all day :cool:
There's nothing wrong with liking yourself at a curvy weight! The weight is just numbers. At around 160 I really like the way I look, so that's my goal, even if it's still "overweight" since I'm 5'5.

In updates, I actually didn't gain any weight over St Patricks. Didn't lose either really, but not gaining was really my goal. I only drank one day. And when I ate all the things, I tried to keep it to cheese and other proteins that I couldn't just eat and eat. I also ate much healthier at home, which seemed to help.

I'm 188 at the moment, which is still down from the 202 that I started at. And I can't drink next week for Reasons I Will Blog About so I'm optimistic about staying on target.
My sore throat that prevented me from running Friday is back again today. I actually took a sick day off of work. I was feeling much better over the weekend, so I actually got some hiking in at least.

I did not do so well with the drinking thing. I was good on Friday because I was sick, but Rider really wanted to go out to an event on Saturday and I did drink quite a bit of wine there.

But I have been pretty good about food, eating lots of kale salads, having hard-boiled eggs for protein, and when I do eat something "bad" I keep it to a small amount. I had a biscuit on Saturday morning and some ravioli for lunch yesterday but not a lot.

I haven't been on a scale since Moss's house, but I feel like I am slightly skinnier since then. Since I don't own a scale I mostly base things on how I think I look/feel. When my clothes fit looser, the just-under-the-surface ripples of fat go away, and I know I am on the right track. I'm not there yet but I do feel slightly better.

I think my office is moving in a week, and so I will try to get my new bike as close to that as possible, so that will be some extra exercise for me each weekday.
I'm going to karate tonight, first time back since I twisted my ankle two weeks ago.

I went cycling last Sunday, took a wrong turn and ended up with a 93 minute ride rather than a 45 minute one. I had a meeting on Monday night which made it an enforced rest day.

I need to get lights for the bike as it's now dark by just after 8pm... and daylight savings is about to end.

oh, any my bmi is 30.7 :-(
Late joining this thread but I want to join the others in thanking the OP!

I was "skinny" my whole I'm not:(

I've gained 40# over the last 7 years :mad: I blame the popularity and availability of craft beers :rolleyes:! (And, apparently, my own diminishing supply of HGH...Thanks, Mags!)

I DO appreciate the tits (went from a "nearly-A" to an "almost-C") and ass :p ... but the stomach is NOT-HAPPY-MAKING :eek:

So, my SLeW has got me out on the trail at lunch-time and packs me yummy healthy lunches...This has stopped the ongoing spread. Once my upcoming deadlines for projects are past, I hope to get back to yoga/pilates classes at the gym. (I hate exercise, but the perceived "competition" in a class-format gets me motivated.)
My weight loss strategy this year has been simple: no alcohol and less sugar. I was not actually having a huge motivation for weight loss, but joined my husband in his effort.

The no drinking part has been surprisingly easy to follow through: my total alcohol consumption this year has been one beer and one glass of wine, both while eating out. When staying at home nowadays, I don't really want to drink. And since I don't like clubbing or pubs (there are no nice ones close to our home!) then... it is easy.

The less sugar part has been much harder! I have a serious sweet tooth: chocolate, cakes, cookies... The first few days without sweet treats were difficult, especially given it was right after Christmas - the official time for eating way too much of everything. Now I am back to almost square one since I had a nasty virus infection and gave myself permission to eat sweets while I was sick. Now -- there are some hard days ahead as my body and mind needs to learn to live without that extra sugar boost.

The good news: During the first months of this year, I have lost 7 lb! Now I am at the BMI that feels the best for me: 26.
I've gained 40# over the last 7 years :mad: I blame the popularity and availability of craft beers :rolleyes:!

this, so much this.....
I lve in a city where a new brewery seems to open every month!.. so many lovely beers to try...
Since I was sick the past two days (sore throat and coughing), I did not exercise, and this morning I figured I needed one extra day to sleep it off, so I slept in instead. I am feeling much better so I will be back on my groove tomorrow.

I have been really well-behaved about food, though. Monday I stayed home from work and had mostly crackers and green smoothies since my throat hurt a lot. I didn't drink anything but water and coffee. Yesterday I did my veggies with peanut butter lunch and then made a zucchini lasagna (that replaces pasta noodles with zucchini slices) for dinner. I did have a small snack of cream cheese and crackers before I settled in to prepare the lasagna, but I kept it under 200 calories. And I stuck to two glasses of red wine.

It was the first time I'd made the lasagna, and it was delicious!

I woke up this morning feeling like I'd made some progress. Some of the ripples are gone and I looked noticeably less chubby in the mirror. If I were to guess, I'd say I've lost about five or six pounds since I got on the scale at Moss's house at the end of February. I feel like my body feels the way it does when I'm at about 22.1. I'm still not happy there, but it's an improvement.

I had figured that was the point at which I'd be able to tell that I'm making progress, because that is a point I'd regularly gone up to before. 23 I'd only ever seen once before and it was over 10 years ago.

I have decided that since I don't own a scale and don't particularly want one, I'm going to use measurements here instead until I run into a scale in the wild. Plus, measurements will tell me if I'm losing in my "problem area": my waist.

Right now, my measurements are 37-29-37. Usually, when I feel best about myself, they are about 35-26/27-35. During "skinny phases" of my life, I'm usually 34-25-34. So, as you can see, I never really get curvy. I gain less in the chest and hips than I do in the waist, always, and I'm always "straighter" than "Brick House"'s "36-24-36"—my waist never gets that small even when I am super skinny.

I pull off "boyish" and "waif" way better than I do any other kind of look. If I'm not skinny, I start to just look sort of thick all over...stout, if you will. :p

I'm happy I seem to have made progress, though! Maybe the road trip fat is gone! I just need to keep going in this vein.
Still did not exercise (still felt like I needed the extra sleep instead) but I have high hopes for tomorrow. I was still good about food though: veggies and peanut butter for lunch, leftover zucchini lasagna for dinner, and sunflower seeds and a small (210 calorie) packet of Sun Chips for snacks.

I just put on a pair of pants that were definitely getting snug on me in late January and they are loose today, so I am making progress. :)
I just right now remembered that my dream last night involved all-you-can-eat pastries, frozen yogurt, and flavored margaritas. Someone is chafing at her diet. :rolleyes:
The trails are flooded, the roads by my house are under construction, so I am stuck running on the treadmill. Ugh. I really can't do more than 30 minutes of treadmill before I get bored out of my mind.

I feel sooo much better body-wise than I did a few weeks ago, but the number on the scale hasn't budged. Hmmm. At least I'm toning up, even if I'm not losing much fat.

My new nemesis is the iced chai latte at the coffee shop by work. So much sugar. So much deliciousness.

I just right now remembered that my dream last night involved all-you-can-eat pastries, frozen yogurt, and flavored margaritas. Someone is chafing at her diet. :rolleyes:

I'm laughing so hard... Whenever I try to diet, I dream of cheeseburgers every night!
I was naughty this weekend and ate and drank a great many things. But...I did at least have a kale salad for a snack yesterday afternoon instead of something terribly fattening. And mostly ate in-shell sunflower seeds instead of chips or whatever when I wanted something salty. And limited myself to two tacos in one sitting each meal. And turned down Rider's offer to purchase all the discount Easter chocolate after midnight. Small wins...
I am joining in on the food and fitness front. :)

How are you all fellow bloggers?

For me I have a serious sweet tooth too. I love cookies and cakes and icecream and all that stuff makes me soooo sick but I still love it. Totally addicted to sugar.

I am trying to watch it and cut back on it on MyFitnessPal, so also happy to get PM if you want to add me :)

I have been pretty good on my protein and fruit/veg intake recently. And tonight and tomorrow I am doing a fast, I tried for today but couldn't make it for the full 24 hr so doing it over for tomorrow.

Um..other than that I have a lot of fitness goals this year. I want to achieve 10.5 stone by June 1st 2016. And 9.2 stone by September 2016. I am upping my activity level from 3 times a week pilates, to 5 times a week with cardio and weight training of some sort, be that pilates or weights. I have a weight regimen I follow as well. So I feel generally pretty active and fit already, but there's always room for improvement, and I want to stabilize at 10.5 at the very least and keep there long term, then shoot for 9.2 after that. I have never been 10.5 nonetheless 9.2. LOL except maybe when I was 9 or 10 years old..and even then I think I jumped from 100lbs to 140 in the space of a summer during puberty. New territory for me :)
Thought I posted here over lunch, but apparently I just post previewed =(

I've been eating very well since the low-grade nausea from my antibiotics makes me not want to eat at all. If nothing sounds good, I might as well eat chicken and veggies. I'm down 3.3 lbs in the last week, which is too much. It will probably go back up slightly as my digestive system starts working as normal again.

At least I didn't overeat at my parents' house this weekend, right?