LSB Weight Loss Daily Goals and Accomplishments


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Well, the weather thwarted my plans to go to the gym for Barre on Saturday (freezing rain here, a number a fatal accidents in the city, no reason to risk it unless absolutely necessary). I did stay home and have some fairly "cardio" sex with Dude however :p!

A few more medical articles came out blasting "keto" as a healthy diet choice - I should at least get my cholesterol checked again (I know my BP is coming down as I lose weight). If my cholesterol is going up instead of down I may need to shift to my backup plan - intermittent fasting + Paleo.


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Cardio sex, yay :)

I know, right!??!:rolleyes:

I did make it to the gym today for a "Total Body Sculpting" class - a lot of it was similar to Barre but with nothing to hold onto (I went and used the window frame - I have horrible balance and am afraid of my kneecaps popping out!)

I was afraid that I had been gone for long enough over the holidays that it would be like starting all over again. From a post of mine earlier in this thread:
... I was certainly the slowest and fattest person there (but not the oldest by any stretch). But I sweated through the hour, I modified where I could, but basically just did my sweaty sloppy best, rested when I had to and chugged water. I used to be embarrassed in a situation like that, but now I am pretty good at telling myself that I am probably getting more out of my workout than the people who make it look easy. I know from personal experience that in a few weeks I will notice a significant improvement in my strength and endurance (and, even though I will still be sweaty and clumsy, I may be slightly less fat).

I was pleased to find that while I am still the slowest (I can't move that fast, so I concentrate on form - not so sloppy now) that the strength that I gained is still under there. More motivation to press on!


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Per doctors orders: reduce sugar and carbs. My fasting blood sugar level is officially pre-diabetic. It has been borderline for a few years, so this is not a huge surprise but I have worked at being sugar conscious.

I would love to say the lbs are melting off but they are reducing slowly. I am seriously only 4lbs away from being on the lean side so WTF? Too many of my calories have been lovely sugar. Now I am adding "good fat" and cutting my lovely carbs. Fare-thee-well potatoes and bread. :(

The stomach cramps are not good. I googled "keto" because I am doing what is similar to keto and stomach cramps are apparently a thing. More salt and water. I drink bucket loads of water. I am not impressed. I work out, walk, have been mostly the same weight for years and now my middle-age body has decided to become insulin resistant. Argh.

I am back under the decade and actually working to eat enough fat!


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I am very happy to read forums like this and to see that so many people have managed to lose weight using different methods. However, everything depends on each body because a certain diet may not be good for everyone. For this reason, it is good to consult a doctor before starting a diet because otherwise negative effects may occur along the way and stress the body. I personally lost weight using the keto diet and an application from helped me a lot, which offered me a lot of comforts and made my weight loss process easier, which could have been much harder.