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I'm a 32 year old female, single, no kids and would like to try a poly relationship with two men. This is my first time trying anything with more than one person. I'm not sure how it works 😅 but I'm wanting to see where it goes.
Greetings ThinkingThings,
Welcome to our forum. Please feel free to lurk, browse, etc.

I am in an MFM V myself, so I can testify that it can be a good thing. I hope you find the right guys for you, let us know if you have any questions.

Kevin T., "official greeter" :)


There's a *lot* of good info in Golden Nuggets. Have a look!

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Welcome aboard!
Hi! Fellow newbie here. Just began my adventure into the Poly world with my wife. We both learned A LOT from Jessica Fern’s book “Polysecure” and I’m excited and scared to actually start experiencing this new lifestyle firsthand. But for me, it’s the ONLY way I can know if it’s truly for me and so, that’s where I am. It’s comforting to come here for the first time today and actually see a lot of other people who are beginning this adventure.