Polyamory films

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.
Paint Your Wagon
Vicky Christina Barcelona, Summer Lovers
Hello RobertK,
Here are the poly films that I know of:
  • "December Bride" (1990).
  • "A Small Circle of Friends" (1980).
  • "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" (2008).
  • "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women" (2017).
  • "Savages" (2012).
  • "Her" (2013).
  • "Bandits" (2001).
  • "Paint Your Wagon" (1969).
  • "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (1969).
  • "Summer Lovers" (1982).
  • "Threesome" (1994).
  • "Three" (2010).
I hope that helps.
Kevin T.
Keep them coming! (I'm more interested in books than movies - we had a list around here before with a lot of this included.)
Here's the list of the poly books that I have:
  • "Opening Up: a guide to creating and sustaining open relationships," by Tristan Taormino.
  • "More than Two: a practical guide to ethical polyamory," by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert.
  • "Eight Things I Wish I'd Known about Polyamory (before I tried it and frakked it up)," by Cunning Minx.
  • "The Polyamory Toolkit," by Dan and Dawn Williams.
  • "Stepping Off the Relationship Escalator: uncommon love and life," by Amy Gahran.
  • "The Ethical Slut: a practical guide to polyamory, open relationships and other adventures," by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy.
  • "Sex at Dawn: how we mate, why we stray, and what it means for modern relationships," by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá.
  • "Polysecure: attachment, trauma and consensual nonmonogamy," by Jessica Fern.
  • "The Polysecure Workbook: healing your attachment and creating security in loving relationships," by Jessica Fern.
  • "Polyamory: the new love without limits," by Deborah Anapol.
  • "Love in Abundance: a counselor's guide to open relationships," by Kathy Labriola.
  • "A Therapist's Guide to Consensual Nonmonogamy: polyamory, swinging, and open marriage," by Rhea Orion.
  • "Polyamory: roadmaps for the clueless and hopeful," by Anthony Ravenscroft.
  • "The Monogamy Myth: a personal handbook for recovering from affairs," by Peggy Vaughan.
  • "Open: love, sex, and life in an open marriage," by Jenny Block.
  • "Designer Relationships," by Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson.
  • "The Smart Girl's Guide to Polyamory: everything you need to know about open relationships, nonmonogamy, and alternative love," by Dedeker Winston.
  • "Power Circuits: polyamory in a power dynamic," by Raven Kaldera.
  • "The Polyamorists Next Door: inside multiple-partner relationships and families," by Elisabeth Sheff.
Some of the above are geared more toward open/ENM in general.
Technically the1995 buddy-cop movie, Money Train counts, but I wouldn't make my worst enemy watch it.
I accumulated that list of films a little at time. I watched some of the films; others I just heard about them. If you are looking for where to acquire the films, I suppose Amazon would be as good a place as any to start.
Keep them coming! (I'm more interested in books than movies - we had a list around here before with a lot of this included.)

“The Polyamory Breakup Book: Causes, Prevention, and Survival” by Kathy Labriola was a good read. I honestly found it just as helpful for platonic relationships as for the romantic ones it was written for.

Ironically, "Crash" (1996 James Spader, Holly Hunter) was my first real introduction to the idea of polyamory. To be sure, it's exploring this obscure car accident kink as the major throughline. But the subculture portrayed are all regularly having sex with others in a clearly ENM fashion I hadn't ever seen portrayed before in any film.
I've just binge watched a British series called Trigonometry. Accidental closed triad. Really, really well written with pitfalls and positive outcomes along the way. Nuances on couple's privilege, including exploring the privilege of not allowing the gf to invest in their finances. Impressions of "coming out" and how different people react to that. Highly recommend.
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Cool! They must be pretty old by now! I love that movie so much. It has everything.
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