What polyamory skills are great relationship skills in general?

Processing is an important skill, both in and out of poly.
Although some polyamory theory, rules, skills and experiences exclusively apply to non-monagamous relationships, a lot is good advice for monogamous relationships as well.

What are things you learned from polyamory that would help monagamous relationships as well?

Here are some examples I find inspiring:
- Disentangle yourself from co-dependence (The most skipped step before opening a relationship).
- You are responsible for your own wellbeing.
- Clearly ask for what you need.
- Avoid controlling your partner - your partner is not a possession!
- Know your boundaries, but focus on what you need instead of what the other is forbidden to do.
- Don't make things personal; the feelings your partner has for other people (intimate, romantic, friendly) does not reflect your relationship. At the same time, those relationships might have an impact on you which you're allowed to share and discuss.
- It's not a competition.

I could go on, but what rules, skills and experiences do you have?
Being 100% okay with being alone. Recognizing jealousy as YOUR emotion, nothing more - and handling your emotion in a healthy way. Sharing tactfully - knowing that more sharing and honesty are good things AND navigating these in sensitive, empathetic, and peaceful ways.
Hello Emmerik,

The #1 polyamory skill that is a great relationship skill in general, is, communication. Honest, kind, respectful, transparent, thorough communication. One can hardly survive polyamory without it, but one also needs it in a monogamous relationship.

Kevin T.
Agree totally. Effective, honest communication is the number one skill. Nothing happens without that.