Why do you use the online name that you use?


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Where I'm from and a nickname that friends have called me for years.


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It describes me. An American woman living in England. Someone at work referred to me as "That Yank bird" when I was new on the job, and didn't know how else to describe me.


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Mine was given to me in college mart (short for my last name) 0308 was random but since then my first born was on August.3. Coincidence :)


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There is a story in the Bible about a guy who was possessed by devils (as described in my signature by-line). I know it's got a negative connotation to be possessed by devils but I like the idea of "strength of many in one" and also to me it has a poly connotation because I have the love of many and also there are many poly people out there and also each aspect of my love has the potential to be a full powered 100% love which is as close to being super-human as I can imagine! (It's actually short for "a legion of love").

There is great symbolism to me in the name of having the strength given to me by the love in my heart to "cast off the shackles" of the limitations culture, society and other people attempt to constrain me with. This applies to religions, language, judgement and opinions.

In addition to meaning "many" or "a large multitude", a legion was a group of soldiers in Roman armies. (something like 5k-6k?)

I also like that there are a "legion" of different aspects to the name.


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I'm Scalemated, It's a reference to a plushie in a comic called a Scalemate.( Which is a small armless dragon plush.) Scalemated simply means to be turned into one of these toys, I suppose I have used it for a few years now.


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I'm Scalemated, It's a reference to a plushie in a comic called a Scalemate.( Which is a small armless dragon plush.) Scalemated simply means to be turned into one of these toys, I suppose I have used it for a few years now.

What's it like, being turned into a Scalemate?

My name is borrowed from the promo version of a German rap song. I chose it, because I really like the song (who would've thought) and because I like my native language a lot. It's fun to play around with languages and the hip-hop crew who made that song are masters at wordplay.

Also, the name contains a reference to a German folk tale "König Drosselbart" ( = King Thrushbeard), but that didn't have anything to do with me choosing this as my online name here :D


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I'm a huge Rocky Horror fan. I always thought I was a Colombia or Magenta but the more I figure out about myself the more I know I'm a Janet, kinda lost in everything but curious to figure out who I truly am deep down and hungry for me.
When it came to this site, I chose something to represent my poly lifestyle and living in the northeast, I came up with this name, which I thought would be taken, but to my surprise it wasn't.

On music forums, I'll use names that reflect the instrument I play, a name of one of my band's songs, a band I like or a song I like. Sometimes I'll combine them to make a unique name. On Twitter, which I rarely use, I combine my pseudonym I use in my band with my first name.


My username came from a shortend version of my confirmation name.I first used it as my stage name when I was an exotic dancer. My decision to use it stemmed from I am no longer a practicing Catholic. And it was an unusual spelling of Valynntina. :p
I was then, and maybe again.


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Why my name is Narball

So... this is but one of my online monikers, but let's get into this story...

When I was 18, I had two best friends and we liked to partake in the inhalation of the smoke of a particular herb occasionally.

On one particular night, we were enjoying ourselves. Friend A had a mask that was a hooded grim reaper with mesh over the mouth and eyeballs... This will be important later.

We had recently invented a new language that we used amongst ourselves that we called Demi-Pirate... (don't ask, I still don't really understand.) The way it worked was we would put "ARRR" on the end of a lot of words, and replace vowel sounds with "ARRR" whenever we could. So... my name is Nate.

Friend A puts the grim reaper mask on, puts his mouth behind the eyeball and speaks through the mesh and refers to himself as being able to "Tark with me arrrball."

I've been wearing glasses most of my life because my one eye has issues... it looks half-closed when I'm awake and stays half-open when I'm asleep, so my friends often would tease me for my eye. So... Eyeball = Arrball, Nate = Nart, Nart + Arrball = Narball. Done.


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why do you use the online name that you use?

Mine's from some lyrics in a Sex Pistols song (God Save the Queen)
'If there's no future/ How can there be sin?/ We're the flowers in the dustbin/ We're the poison in the Human machine/ We're the future, your future'

It has kind of resonated since I was 14, and I have used it as a user name on and off for years.


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Mine is a shortening of a handle I've used in a number of places for a while:
Sonic Spork.

Which is part Dr. Who reference, part simple absurdity.

Sporks are fantastically ridiculous. And useful for sensation play. And for when you kinda wanna spoon, but you really wanna fork. :cool:


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I live beside one of the most majestic rivers in B.C... (in my opinion, one of the most beautiful in the world).

I am pagan and resonate with the divine feminine, archetypes, and goddesses inside and out.

Whenever I sit beside the river, or get in the water, I feel awakened. It is healing, strengthening, grounding, and brings me back to myself and spirit. It flows through me, and I often find myself singing or humming water songs when nearby. There is something about rushing river water that connects me to my past and future lives, and brings insight to present situations.

Being beside or in a river flowing - that is my magical, sacred place :)


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because conscious compassion is the antiseptic of fear.