Why do you use the online name that you use?


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I have bright red hair, my nickname at work is Red, so it was a play on that.
Red Sonja is a comic book character that I liked the look of so I went with it :)
Was going to use the screen name I had on another forum but it was already taken (Sleeping Beauty), which was because of the A Perfect Circle song by the same name and because when I first joined the other forum I used the initials of my dogs at the time (S and B, plus my birthday). Changed it when I decided to stick around but wanted to use the SB because everyone already knew me by those initials.
Didn't want to use my usual forum name (which is a Walking Dead reference) as I wanted to keep some things separate :)
I've been reading a book called Journey of Souls and I feel like I'm awakening to a lot of things all at once. And because I want to stay anonymous for now


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My riding name is Little Mama and my boyfriends first nickname for me was Foxy ala a Knights Tale. So, LittleMamaFox just seemed to work.


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Two reasons. When I was a kid in the UK we used to live in ZigZag Road (it really exists) and then I read a book about a WW2 Spy called Agent ZigZag.


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That's life!

Sayla AKA Sayla_Vee- i love to "punnish" friends, so I chose a punny name. What can I say? I have a warped sense of humor.

C'est la vie!


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Mostly it's a (incorrect) song name. But as a parent, I think one would be supremely useful in certain situations. And if I managed to invent it, I would not be working anymore :cool:.
Starlight was the name I chose online in 1998, because I have an obvious obsession for the stars and star gazing. I was a teen at the time and liked the quote, when you reach for the moon you'll land among the stars.
So it became an online handle in other forums for and places around the net, when others started using it too I added a 1. Also I started lurking here and starlight had other personal reasons, my daughters middle name has reference to the stars, and in my marriage a pet name was mi Stella cadente.


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I use polymath257 because I am poly, I am a mathematician, and I try to learn about a wide variety of things. A nice juxtaposition of meanings. The number at the end (257) is a Fermat prime. Look it up!


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Bunnielight originally derived from a spin off of the Jim Benton character as I was obsessed with it as a teenager. My SN was originally happiebunnie.

After many years of posting on a forum, I eventually dropped the "happie" and was just bunnie for a time.

The "light" was added after several months of self discovery and enlightenment seeking. I kept the rabbit because I felt it was my spirit animal at the time. I don't necessarily know that it still applies as much now, but Bunnie has stuck with me, as Zed sometimes even calls me by that affectionately in RL.


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I've been going by Carson Zi both online and in person since 1997. Carson is my real first name and Zi was adopted after 2 friends and I took it upon ourselves to write a spiritual manifesto (aka a religious doctrine) titled "The Book of Zi." The word "Zi" was created as a linguistic interpretation of a specific sacred geometric symbol that kept showing up in all three of our psychedelic experiences.



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I've always loved the name Elizabeth, wanted to change my name to Elizabeth when I was a kid... picked variants of it for online gaming and random things online since then. Elizabeta is another variant... There are hundreds of variations of Elizabeth...


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Admittedly Evie isn't my usual online nick, but I chose it here because it's the diminutive of Eve (yes, that Eve) and it does have spiritual connotations.


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I'm a runner. 10km is my favourite distance. :)


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The elk is my totem, plus for the past few years I've been fixated on pondering and studying solar symbolism in religion and mystery teachings. So, ElkSun.