Why do you use the online name that you use?


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Mines pretty simple and honestly I didn't give it a lot of thought, it just kinda came to me and I thought"yeah, that fits".
First, I have an unusual sense of smell, I smell EVERYTHING. I'm a great cook but I never taste my food while I'm preparing because my sense of smell is stronger than my sense of taste. Anyway, several years ago, I happened upon a movie called "Honeysuckle Rose" with Willie Nelson and I was immediately drawn to the name being a huge Willie Nelson fan.
Also, it just feels like the best parts of the country...and I'm for sure a country chick. Loved this thread!


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I have 3 different names I most often use for different accounts. There is one that I prefer to be known under on the Internet, I use it when I upload my creations. It replaced the previous one which I still use on OKC and sometimes for other accounts - Jill Richards. My very first nickname was Juliet, later it turned into Jill, and the surname was inspired by a video game where there was a character called so.
Since those two names were already taken (just how many people have signed up over the years? :D), I used the third one. I like the name Eliza, and when I came up with this one, I thought, why not? The number 16 stands for my birthday.

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Poly = polyamourous
Nym = nymphromaniac
A = anarchist

No interesting story.


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Hi why we pick our names

Well iam from Norway! And being such my roots matter! 👍😁.... thunderstrike well it's in the name! 😂😁..... Thor control the thunderstorms so I love them that's why I picked the name!☝😀


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Foxes are an easy representation of my playful, spirited, and sometimes wild nature. I'm small, flexible, and independent but social. I also think the word "vixen" is a sexy word, so I wanted to play off that.

What a cool thread.


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My screenname is a play on the word eclectic.

I use it because...I am and proud of it.:)

I also use another screenname Lyknothr which is a play on 'like no other'.

See same explanation above for usage. haha*


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My screenname is a play on the word eclectic.

I use it because...I am and proud of it.:)

I also use another screenname Lyknothr which is a play on 'like no other'.

See same explanation above for usage. haha*

I see you're in Denver! Hi!! *waves* I'm down in the Springs. :)


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I just needed a new email address, so I pulled a word out of my stream of thought at the moment. Now it's the basis for my seconary, usually more private, areas of my online life: pretty much anything I would prefer my family not know yet or in as much detail. I have variants and derivations all over the place.

I still keep my original username for my more public online face and it's still surprisingly available when I try to use it to sign up for things despite it being a relatively popular name :D


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My name is from a gamer-tag I made when I was 15-ish. I had recently gone to Ireland and learned some Gaelic. As well as being obsessed with both magic tricks and magick, I was learning Latin. The two words were the first part of a Gaelic word for beneficial, but like an altruistic goodness, the closest thing in pseudo-English would be, beneficiality. That of course isn't a real word. The closest English pronunciation is "Tyir" The Latin is unlimited and or indefinite. Thus Tyir-Indefinita

TLDR; It's a cross of 1 Gaelic and 1 Latin word that together mean unlimited goodness.


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Two reasons... I used to be known as Eve in a particularly capacity (because it was biblical, like my real name, so I figured I'd remember it LOL), but I preferred the diminutive once I acknowledged I'm submissive.

Second, I used to love watching The House of Elliot and had a childhood "I wanna be like her when I grow up" crush on Evangeline.


I gave myself this moniker, as one of my meta's told my husband that my head was in the sand regarding my husband's relationship with them. I'll own it.

I almost went with Ostrich the A***ole, but thought that might be too strong.

I have been told by another on this board that I'm not an ostrich, because of the agreement I have with my spouse regarding DADT (it's more of tell me a little, but that's it).

So maybe Emu?


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I guess I never posted in this thread! I don’t really remember why I picked my name, other than it had a color in it. I like two part names, and RedPepper already existed here. I was going to go with GreenPepper but wanted to not be so similar. So I then chose Blue, and Bird seemed to be a normal thing to follow.


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@BrokenArrow - Oh good, not:
Broken Arrow (plural Broken Arrows)

  1. (US, euphemistic, military) An accidental event that involves nuclear weapons or nuclear components but does not create the risk of nuclear war.[1][2] quotations ▼
  2. (US, military) a code phrase that a ground unit is facing imminent destruction from enemy attack and all available air forces within range are to provide air support immediately.
When I first saw your name I went to:

So, my name: I ask google for a bunch of random pictures, find something in a picture and see if it's taken. Totally random.
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