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    Hello, I read one of your post and have great respect for you. I live in Canada as well, the Okanagan, I wish there were groups here we could meet and connect with. The only ones we seem to find are the ones with spouses who are cheating on sposuses... Hubby and I will hopefully find our poly mates one day. Good Luck and Wonderful wishes of happiness sent your way.
    I don't know who moderates the polyfidelity group, but the latest posting there is for an escorts agency! I think the moderator of the group may want to remove the commercial site!
    Hi redpepper, did you say your own relationship story is on here somewhere? I'm curious to read how it came about and what obstacles you and yours had to overcome to get to your current comfortable place. You have written all these great helpful comments for others (have you considered a career in relationship counseling?) so I'd guess your path is a positive example to read about. Thanks! (For everything...)
    Hello there - I'm asking you because you seem to know a lot here - is there a thread for UK folk? I'm sure I saw one last night - but cannot for the life of me find it now!

    Thank you
    Hi Redpepper- I'd like to be FB friends. If that's not too forward of me, having just joined the forum today. Thanks,

    Hey, you! I'm offering you virtual friendship on FB. You can find me as Alexander Dial in San Diego, CA. My circus page, Otherwise Entertainment, may be easier to find, as some folks have claimed I've been difficult to locate. . .
    would you like to be facebook friends? Hi im Dianne. im totally new to this and could use some insight on alot.
    I want to be your friend on facebook but we haven't formally e-met yet :( soooo...i'm Gabriel, hi :) haha
    I think any thoughts are welcome and helpful. As long as it relates to poly its all a go. You could be the pope and write your opinions, suggestions, ideas etc. on here, as long as it is poly related and fits the policies and procedures put in place, you're good to go :) take a chance, we all did
    Oh, no, I understand completely, and I don't blame you. ;0)

    I am just kind of amazed at this forum, and I don't really want to seem like I am lurking, so I joined to try and be as visible and up front as possible. The only exposure I've had to something like this was a co-worker who had an open marriage. Turns out it didn't work too well, the husband was having relationships without her agreement (she is bi). I suppose if you aren't agreeing on who is in the relationship, that's not too cool. She's with another woman at present. If they are open with the relationship, I don't know..

    I may not post much, simply because I have never been in a relationship like this at all, so I may not have much to offer, however, generally, perhaps I could be able to offer a viewpoint from a traditional relationship? You think?
    I have been married twice, first husband died, the second, we are still married, but separated, he lives in another state with his GF.
    Thanks for the offer to be friends on facebook... to anyone who asks on my vistors message board and in PM. I just want you to know though that I don't take friends if I don't know them a bit first. No offense, I just like to actually have talked with you on here first and gotten to know who you are... hope you understand. Thanks :) RP
    hey...just joined this forum out of curiosity, and saw your note about fb...
    if you want-
    my name is emily baron;)
    i would love to be your friend, drop bi facebook to jack roberts dolinsky and say hello.
    LOL: Sapphosloverboy- a lover of womynlovingwomyn and the womyn2womyn:projects
    someday i would love to visit canada, and maybe move there if i find my new Sapphoslovergirl to share my dreams and aspirations with as my muse womyn project partner. You can also contact me at: [email protected]
    Hey Lady,
    How is one of my favorite ladys tonite? We are gettign ready to head to the airport to pick up Nalena
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