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  • Hi Sage,

    My bipolar is usually under good control and I work as a psychiatrist. However, I think people in my business use far too many meds piled on meds, instead of trying med holidays, especially since it is not clear to me that any of the dopamine blockers we use today for longer periods than we should are that much better than old style sedatives (also to be used only for brief periods). I am really back to a state at which I could go to work if my husband would stop claiming all kinds of crap to my psychiatrist about me.
    -that's no problem. I did enjoy your blog. I wish you all the best with it. I'm pretty sure I have it bookmarked...
    Hi MG

    Yes I've been remiss on the forum in the last few weeks too. Very busy at work, trying to finish up some study and my ebook.
    Things going very well :-) I think you'll be surprised!! Check out my latest post on my blog for details

    What about you are things back to normal now? I'm a bit sad that cat tails isn't posting anymore. I feel like I was becoming one of the few resident monos left!
    Hi! Checking in to see how you are? I have been MIA for a couple of weeks. How are things south of the Equator?
    Hi Frank,

    Yeah Mike said something about that this morning. I just have to get around to putting up our profile so that i can view it.
    Hi... There's quite a bit to report on how our respective families took the news (though generally speaking, they took it quite well). I might post on the NZ Poly website, as there is a Thread on the issue, I believe...

    Thanks Sage! I am very lucky in that both P and 2Rings are calming to my "passionate" behaviors. In very different ways. P is slow and steady, maybe a little too withdrawn but stable. 2Rings is my confessor. I can tell him anything and everything. We may not agree (often quite the vocal debate) but he has been integral in my growth. I admire him a great deal and am so happy all of this has come into my life. KT has been a big part of this personal development too. I am very blessed.
    You're very naughty aren't you. Looking at your photos, naughty and rather gorgeous to boot.;)
    Love the pics, cool dog, have to put some of mine up.

    One of the first things I asked on this forum was "What's in this for me?" Mono replied "You get to hang out with cool, interesting and exciting people" (to paraphrase)
    I guess he was right.

    I'm a bit of a "tempest in a teapot" as well". Or I was, battled 15 years of bi-polar disorder, but Z has been a very calming influence. I think the darkness makes us appreciate the light.

    I've got a week off work and am working on a little ebook so better get cracking.

    Have a light-filled and smiley day.:)
    Yeah well who wants to talk to them?! (Rugby players that is) Lol! Sage, I am so happy to hear you are exploring what makes you happy- whether it is a poly or mono relationship, friendship or a new pasttime- finding the positive is always best for your health...survivors are generally positive. Not that it isn't a struggle or that at any given moment a crying stint or screamfest might ensue, but in general I try to find the one thing that is good in a situation and hang onto it with white knuckles until the bad passes. I am a tempest in a teapot so don't think I walk thru life on a cloud of ignorant bliss. Nope, I can get pretty dark and mean. But I know I have felt better about me when I reach down and find the lesson in losing (so to speak).
    Did you know that it only takes seventeen face muscles to smile and, in contrast, a whopping forty-three muscles for your mouth to go the other way?
    Other positive thoughts:
    Tis easy enough to be pleasant, When life flows along like a song; But the man’s worth while is the one who is smiling when everything goes dead wrong. — Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    Smile and others will smile back. Smile to show how transparent, how candid you are. Smile if you have nothing to say. Most of all, do not hide the fact you have nothing to say nor your total indifference to others. Let this emptiness, this profound indifference shine out spontaneously in your smile. — Jean Baudrillard

    The world is like a mirror, you see? Smile, and your friends smile back. –Japanese Zen saying
    Haka...that's it, couldn't remember the name! Ok so it is a very manly warrior ceremony not a dance! LOL! But they sure do look cute with those big shoulders and thighs! ;-) Who cares about the rules of the game...wish I could be in the scrum!
    You are so sweet. There are no sides really. There are these two really great women who are polar opposites coming from different sides of the poly/mono debate who are in love with the same man and struggling to find more common ground than him. I truly appreciate your kindness and I hope you realize that anything I say to you is because I want you to find happiness, and find the strength to work thru embracing your poly love. It is just as innate to be poly as it is to be mono and the struggles with being accepted are on both sides daily. Thank you Sage. Hey do you follow rugby or soccer? New Zealand has the best pregame dance...I prefer the All-Blacks!
    I understand about you wanting friend as well.I tell my Hubby you should have some one as well.He gets upset with me when I say that.Cause he feels deep that he doesn't want that for him self.I did feel jealous once.My Hubby plays guitar One night we were out at open mik there was a lady there she played her guitar she sang It was obvious he like her.I viewed for the 1st time my Hubby shinning & a sparkle in his eye.I stood back & watched all night long I didn't dare go up.He talked to her after wards.He even gave her a kiss on the cheek.He looked her up on line.She had recorded her own music so he listened to her music all wk long.He was in aww of her.I thought wow this is how it feels.I must say I was happy for him.As much as I luv him & would "NEVER" want to loose him.I could understand why he feels jealous of me & my poly relationship.My Hubby says if he didn't like JJ it would be different but the 2 of them get along real well.
    I understand about you wanting a poly friend as well.I tell my Hubby If I'm doing it then you should have some one as well.He gets upset with me when I say that.Cause he feels deep that he doesn't want th
    My hubby has said he felt left out at times.It's normally if I do some thing without passing it by him.So now if I plan some thing with JJ I say hey this is whats going on.My Hubby doesn't feel left out then.My Hubby doesn't want to know details about our sex I don't blame him there.So I don't tell him.But for some reason ML wants JJ to tell her details of JJ & I our sex which I think is different.Like I said ML is Bi & I think she is attracted to me.So its a turn on to hear it from her hubby JJ.My Hubby thinks ML is has envy of JJ cause she would like to be him & have that time with me.But I do spend time with her.It's just not sexual.It's all confusing I know.I will have to figure out if this is public or if this message is between the both of us.Thanks for sharing your story.If I can help or my Hubby for that matter just let me know I'm here for you Sage.U & I will get through this just think we will be stronger when we do .Hope u have a good day : )
    I felt a wall ML had built I think she was in love with a women in her past & she was hurt so deep she couldn't open her heart to another women.I know in my heart ML loves me.I think your probably right I think there was some level of envy she had towards JJ I think she wished she had that time with me.But I must say I kept a close relationship with ML we had our time alone 2 to 3 times a wk.not sexual .Then the 4 of us would do things together.JJ & I only had a day together.Not even a full day cause ML controlled the time JJ & I had.Like I said this story has a lot more behind it.I'm sure I will share with you more as time goes on.

    So how long has your Hubby been in a poly relationship? And how did it come up or start??
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