Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love


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I’m having a good time in Arizona with MisterMoonbeam.

Some highlights: we walked along Roosevelt Row in downtown Phoenix and enjoyed seeing a ton of gorgeous murals there;


I spent a morning all by myself at a ginormous rock shop with acreage out back with just about a million stones for sale. I bought a bunch, including this fossilized clam, which is as large as my fist;


We played a Jurassic Park shooter game together in an arcade and I won MisterMoonbeam a stuffed pink octopus from a claw machine! We also went and saw the movie Nope at an IMAX theater. It was amazing, considering I don’t watch horror movies or anything to do with aliens. I am looking forward to watching it with DarkKnight when I get back home;


I took about a million photos at the Desert Botanical Garden - I didn’t know that many cacti and succulents existed in the world. I would absolutely have a membership here if I lived nearby;


We did a dragon-themed escape room and kicked its ass.


I am going to the Heard Museum today, and maybe the Phoenix Art Museum tonight. MisterMoonbeam has had a lot of success with his job, so he’s happy the trip has paid off. Today is his last day of work, and then we are headed to Tucson for the next 4 days (our plane ride back home to Maryland is Monday night).

This weekend we have tentative plans to either go pan gold at a ghost town or visit the Lowell Observatory on Friday, and then spend quality time with his daughter-in-law and granddaughter Saturday and Sunday.

My period is due today but it hasn’t shown up yet. I’ve got massive cramping this morning and it sucks. I hope it shows up soon because I don’t want to be dealing with it when I head to the Outer Banks next weekend with SirGawain!


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Oh! I also wanted to mention that I surprised DarkKnight with THREE different live theater performances next year! Facebook sent me a targeted ad from the Kennedy Center, so I bought us tickets to see Les Miserables, The Lion King and Moulin Rouge. We have already started talking about him getting those days off of work (they’re all Friday night shows in DC) and getting a place overnight. This will be super cool to do together, and they’re spaced throughout the year - April, June and September. I am super excited to see these with him, and he says this sort of souvenir from Arizona is better than a keychain or fridge magnet. Lol


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We leave Arizona tomorrow, but things are still busy here now that MisterMoonbeam and I have moved our home base to Tucson. We spent Friday at a ghost town and gold mine, and we had an old timey picture taken! I had never done anything like this before and it was super fun. MisterMoonbeam paid for us to go on an open-air train ride into the desert too, so that was a good time too.


We spent yesterday with his daughter-in-law and his little granddaughter. Gosh I love them both so much! We took them to the Children’s Museum and then had street tacos for lunch, followed by a trip to the Screamery for ice cream. We are meeting up again with them today to go to Build A Bear. I think I am going to get a stuffie as well as the granddaughter. Lol



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Things were being wonky in my last post so I am continuing here. I made an appointment for this coming Friday afternoon to get my hair fixed up. I am soooo tired of the blonde. It’s only this way because I had to get the teal out of it for the wedding we went to in Texas. I’m going to get it toned back to my natural gray!

My week next week is booked up - DarkKnight is getting out of work early on Tuesday because he wants to see Nope with me. I already saw it with MisterMoonbeam but I really liked it so I am happy to watch it again! It will be a nice date night together.

Wednesday I am going axe throwing with the new dude, OldSchool. I got the tickets for that yesterday. He has looked at several rental properties and is hoping something comes through soon. He’s been texting me every day, which I appreciate.

Right now I am actually in my hotel room and I’m going to pack my bag. I think I may have to buy a second suitcase, to be honest. Hopefully I can cram everything in but it’s better to find out now than tomorrow morning right before we go to the airport!