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That Nevada divorce thing was the entire plot of the movie The Women from 1939! As far as I know, that was the easiest way to get a divorce back then. Maybe one of the only ways. Certainly all the women in the movie seemed to think so. All the women seeking divorce went to a ranch designed just for potential divorcees to live out those 6 weeks.

It's funny it's still a good last resort for us 80 years later.

My ex and I had an amicable divorce. We tried a mediator, and we had no problems with splitting our assets, but my ex was/is so dopey around communication in general, we went on to get separate lawyers.

The whole process took a year once we really focused on doing it. But we'd already separated. He'd moved out and gotten an apartment. I stayed in the house with the kids a while, but then we decided for financial reasons, we needed to sell the house. Only one of our 3 kids was still a minor, but he was 17, so we didn't have to deal with legal custody wrangles.


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No problem, thanks for confirming that.


I filed my divorce in the uk. I didn't have an attorney at the time so did an online form, and then sent it to the courts. Mine took longer because my ex didnt wsnt to sign but there shouldn't be a need for so many loopholes when its a similar process of fill in paperwork abd hand in to get married in most places anyway?


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If you're not planning on dividing assets and there isn't anyone else that you want to get married to, and divocing is so complicated where you are... why not just stop saying you're married? Stay legally married on paper, still file your taxes as married and take that benefit from the same government that is making it a pain in the ass to get a divorce, but in every other aspect of your life, don't consider yourself married. If you wanna ditch the rings, ditch them. If you want to tell people that you're no longer married and are just partners, say that. Make it so in terms of your actions and believes, and what is on paper will just be what it is on paper.