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Thank you Pink Pig.
Oddly, taking the odd random day off work helped. It was a mental health day but I put it in as sick.
Such a weird time from March 13th onward.
My friends and work people all seem to be at the end of their resiliency.
I have very little left in my tank for the unexpected.

I had a big issue happen last week and I was all "meh".
It was not a meh" situation. I should have become quite upset and pushed hard for a resolution, but I made a low-key effort and it got resolved. 10 months of intensive effort and I ended up with "meh".
I think all my previous effort paid off, but at the last moment of this will not work", I mostly had given up. But I had laid 9.5 months of effort so it went through.

Putting one step in front of the other. Going through the motions.

This technique actually seems to work.

The rent cheque, food buying, shoes purchasing, medical paying stuff gets covered.

if you cover the physical, then you get to crash down into the emotional for a bit.

Baby Yoda is my current expressive emotional investment.

Shout at the tv. Dark sabre? Boba/Jango? Razor Crest.
Save the baby.

I can't watch "Picard" yet. I kind of think I should, and start to move on... but I am not even close.
Mr Green watched all but the last episode with me.
If you ever watch the last episode of season 1 you would get it.
In that moment/s I kind of sort of did, but really didn't.

Covid makes the world so terribly small. There is no place to go. Not really.