The "How Are You Doing" Thread (redux)

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I had a great night with my girlfriend(kid free night!)! Had a few drinks played a few games of pool. Got home hung out and had a great time. My relationships are going good now I just need to focus on business! Getting my act together is the hard part ayer a bad year. But I'm positive things are getting better. ....... Now if I could sleep, that would be great.
Things are going pretty well, all in all. There's still awkwardness between Chops and the kids, but that's to be expected, and it just takes time to find a comfortable place, even when I feel conflicted between them at times.

Oh, and hamstring tendonitis. Not fun. Can't go for a run (plod) until this goes away, so it'll be walking for me! (This is what I get for getting completely out of shape and trying to start with a run again... sigh...).
What is a B/Gfriend? The "B/G" stands for... ????

Sorry i just don't really know how to put him sometimes. Nate is our girlfriend but he's slowly attempting to become cis. Some days he's my boyfriend and some days he feels feminine and is my girlfriend. He doesn't prefer either pronoun so i just say b/g friend ( boy/girl) when I have to type it out. It does sound off though.
Quiting smoking is kicking my emotional butt. Arrggg
I had an amazing weekend. Hung out with my parents, went to a play party and ran a fun scene, played with my pets, went to a delightfully odd water ballet show, and had ridiculous fun on a geocaching birthday tour. So much goodness! :D
Damn these August temps. :mad:

Living in Maine I make it a point to never complain about the summer heat since winter feels like it last 9 months out of the year here, lol.
Yeah -- bet you guys get a lot of snow there too. I spent many a Winter in Michigan so I know what that part's like. Luckily this part of Washington State only occasionally gets down to freezing so mostly it's just rain in the Winter.

I think we'll start getting more cooler days in a few weeks but we'll see.
I'm doing OK, I think. The day was interesting for sure. Sweet Lady had an accident on her way to work this morning. Bud sent me a text about it while I was working so that made me a bit anxious to get home to check on her. All is fine, thank goodness.

We bought a PS4 today along with a few games. One of them is Just Dance 4 so Sweet Lady and I are going to try playing that tonight. Be more of a comedy act than a dance with me playing.

I work as a crisis counselor for a local agency that serves people with developmental disabilities and/or mental health issues. I love my job but lately it seems there is something in the water setting people off. I had a stretch not long ago that went on for 3 days. In those 3 days I was home less than 12 hours.
Feeling so so, we've had guests at the house for two weeks now and I am thoroughly peopled out. N, A, roomie and the two guests are off to have a cosplay photo shoot at some gardens and have a picnic. If it weren't for the fact that I have kids to watch today I would SO go. I might be peopled out but i always enjoy stuff like with friends and I can always wander off on my own if it got too much. But I am kind of bummed out i can't go.

On a good note N got a job and just went to take the piss test today! He SO needed this, even if it IS the death trap known as Wal-Mart, it's better than nothing and gets him out of house cleaning.

A is starting to get VERY hard headed lately. She and N got out of sorts last night about chargers disappearing and it turned from A wanting her charger from the bedside where N needed it to N demanding that she take one from a bag of spares we have and A just outright refusing and being a hard head. I think it's more the stress of constant guests than anything.

Hoping everything calms down in about a week. Everyone will be gone and we can relax and start preparing for the next anime convention in Georgia. From a house full of guests to a hotel room full of people....yay.
A bit annoyed with old clumsy self. I have stubbed my pinky toe twice in two days. OUCH. It hurts to even walk on it let alone try and put a shoe or sandal on.
... we've had guests at the house for two weeks now and I am thoroughly peopled out.

Feeling you there. House full of people for a week, they left on Friday and it took me a day and a half to recover. Everything went smoothly and people had a good time, the boys were GREAT with everything I asked them to do! But I am SOOOO glad it's over:p
Tendonitis is really driving me cuckoo, to the point where I'm finally giving in and calling the doctor, just to see what I should be doing about it. Obviously, what I'm doing isn't helping. :p

Spent time with Chops, Xena, *and* Noa this weekend, and had a great time. Trying to plan a Cards Against Humanity night with everyone, since I'm dying to play the expansion packs I bought. :)
Things are good. In just sitting here with Daddy listening to muse. It's been a good week I'm getting my business up and running again. So excited about it!
Feeling pretty decent today. N got the job at Wal-Mart and i'm very happy about that. Now he can save up to fix his car and contribute more to the house like he wanted. He's not happy about being a greeter though but apparently they are changing what they do. Now instead of standing at the door (unless they're elderly or handicapped) they cover for breaks and usher customers to quicker or shorter lines ect. So he's running around a lot. A is just happy for the finncial relief though it might come later than needed what with Con coming up. But things are starting to look up. N is also working for Atrox(a haunted house thing) this year so he's very excited.

All in all I can't complain. :)
Feeling contented and lazy this AM. Three day weekend with minimal plans. The boys are still sleeping so the house is quiet and me and the pets just chillin'. Have a lot of work paperwork to catch up on so will go into the office at some point...several projects at home that have been on the back burner - but they can just stay there. Friend stopping by this evening for a few hours but no stress there.

Next week it will be a year since we all met Lotus and her husband and she started dating Dude (and me ... and MrS). A few minor upsets along the way but no drawn out drama as we all settled into the new config.

Life just keeps rolling along.:rolleyes:
I am excited about an upcoming lunch date with a new guy I mentioned here. It's been about five weeks since we've seen each other, just due to schedules, vacations, work, etc. I plan on bringing him back to my apartment after lunch, and hopefully keeping him here for hours and hours! Yeah!
Doing pretty good today.

Azorkane is sleeping (he's on nightshift)
Amber is at work (she's on dayshift)
My son, his lady and my grandson are here visiting.
Today we're all heading down to see my sisters for a family dinner.
My job ends in 3 1/2 weeks and I'm SO freaking excited about that!!
And I have one extra night without the step-kids - I love them, but they're a LOT of energy.

Today is a good day :)
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