What is the weirdest thing you think is hot?

I agree

Good manors and being polite can be a real turn on
Don't know if this qualifies as weird but I realised I find therapists, or simply good sympathetic listeners with capacity for empathy & insight, attractive all of a sudden. I went to a talk by a psychologist recently and was blushing, shy and fumbling my words when interacting with her. She was lovely. It was blatantly obvious I felt like that and she seemed to appreciate it a lot.

I realise I've never been with someone who is a good listener or particularly sympathetic. Had a friend or two who qualified but nothing happened beyond mutual attraction that went nowhere. I think I appreciate what the empathizers do for others so much that I want to make them feel good. Give something back. At least, I can be really friendly towards them. Its a bit embarrassing to know that's happening in the back of my mind. :eek:

Been attending some beginner Buddhist groups of late. Think I'm likely to bump into a few such people.
That's so weird!

... kidding, :)
Ahhh. See, now I feel so dumb for posting that. LOL. What's not to like, no? :eek: Its just new to me for my mind to fixate on those qualities in particular.
Heh, I'd probably share your "fetish" if I trusted shrinks. :cool:
Good point. What if I talk to one and they...find something? Gonna have to rethink this. Therapists be scary.
While I don't mistrust the whole lot of them, I've always had an uneasy relationship with them.

There's an interesting "shrink love story" in the movie "12 Monkeys." See it if you haven't seen it! and if you have: see it again.

Ooh, and while not being a love story, the more recent movie "Side Effects" really bends your mind around the subject of psychotherapy. Cool stuff.
Seen Side Effects but not 12 Monkeys. I know, I know. I will!

Must admit, I feel the same about therapists in a professional context. Psychiatrists most of all. I suspect I'd be drowning in pain killers, sleeping pills, antidepressants and benzos if I'd turned to them in the past during rough patches.
Sapiosexual here. A large....vocabulary is a turn on for me. (Alternately, someone who gets a kick out of MINE!)