Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love


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Wow - amazing sex last night with DarkKnight. I hadn’t showered since I was being lazy on the couch all day, and for some reason, that always gets him excited. He likes making me a “dirty girl.” Or, at least talking about covering me in his spunk. It gets me going too, for sure! I probably shouldn’t write anymore about it, as I am getting all excited myself right now thinking about it again!


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Oooh! A 1-shot Call of Cthulhu game just listed at a local game store for the end of August! We used to do these all of the time pre-pandemic, and when we ran out of them, we arranged a campaign here at my house! I signed up and had my loves snag spaces as well. Can’t wait to play!

Today is a good day overall so far. DarkKnight came home for lunch because he wanted to see me ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and he brought the new spicy chicken sandwiches home from Burger King for us to try. They were not as good as Popeyes! Lol

I have a sleepover tonight with SirGawain. Can’t wait to cover him with kisses.
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Tired today. It’s my day off but I have lots on my schedule. I don’t really want to do it. Sigh.

I snagged McDonald’s breakfast for MisterMoonbeam and I, and the orange juice was not mixed well - it was watery. That has set the tone for everything. Lol I watched an episode of Community with him while we chomped our sausage egg and cheese biscuits, and then I went and tried to take a nap. I wasn’t successful.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I finished a book that ButterCup had recommended, masturbated once and then slept for about 30 minutes before the doorbell rang. MisterMoonbeam was on a phone call, so I had to stagger out only to find it was an elderly woman who wanted oranges. We don’t have any oranges.

Now I am laying back down and making a list. I gotta pick up my son in Waynesboro today, and that’s a 30 minute drive each way. I need his help lugging a small recliner downstairs from BugGirl’s apartment so I can take it to SirGawain’s tomorrow. BeanBoy needs to go grocery shopping and he’s picking up an air conditioner for the upstairs of his new place. So I am helping him out, and he is helping me out. I haven’t seen my son in about a week so I am glad about connecting with him. It’s just a bunch of stuff we gotta do.

Before all that, I need to go to Martinsburg for my weekly pick up. I have a trip to the bank and to the post office in my future. Oh, and someone just got out of jail and I have clothing and shoes to drop off at the house they are staying at. Plus a social worker just messaged me asking for assistance from DSS but I don’t wanna open it.

I suppose I should get up and put my bra and bracelets back on. One of my donors is stopping by in about an hour with bedding. I have a grandmother who asked me yesterday for a Minnie Mouse toddler bed for her granddaughter - the little girl has been sleeping in a porta crib and she’s outgrown it. I told grandma that I can’t guarantee how long it will take to get one, and definitely not that it would be themed like that! So of course last night I got a text while in bed from someone wanting to donate a Minnie Mouse toddler bed! Lol They are dropping it off directly to the grandmother today, and this other donor I contacted went out and bought matching bedding this morning for it. So awesome when things happen like that.

Honestly, it’s kinda crazy that I can connect and be a bridge between this network of people in my area. Like, I shouldn’t complain because this isn’t really that hard - it just all falls into place. Sometimes I have to bust my ass but this particular instance was low-energy on my end!

Here’s a pic of me that SirGawain took last night in Frederick:


The blue in my hair is fading - about what you’d expect in one week. I really like it still. It helps me feel fun.


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Too tired to move today. Ugh, still, gotta get up and get moving! I accomplished every single thing I wanted to yesterday, so I don’t wanna break the streak! :)

Tonight I get to spend with SirGawain, and then MisterMoonbeam and I are headed to Virginia tomorrow to stay with his old metamour. He says we are going to an escape room on Friday, and on Saturday we have a game day scheduled! Sunday we will be back home because we are hosting my son’s birthday party - he will be 32! It’ll be a regular birthday, in that we will be having cake and singing karaoke and playing the game Crappy Birthday. He’s requested all of these things!


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Well SirGawain got caught on an after hours work phone call, so our picnic in the park tonight became a basement blanket charcuterie feast. I made it pretty! This cost way more than I should have spent, but I don’t regret it because it was BOMB. Yum!



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Another new Stitch Fix box, another new outfit. I absolutely love this romper - I haven’t owned one in a long while.

Hahahaha I thought I had posted this yesterday, but I guess not.

MisterMoonbeam absolutely spoiled me yesterday! First, he took me to a steakhouse called Sweetwater for lunch, where he ordered a big ass ribeye, which I thought was a little crazy for a midday meal. I had a delicious bbq pulled pork sandwich. It was nice sitting outside on a patio together - it was overlooking a small pond, but we were up under an overhang and out of the sun.

After eating we went to Escape Room Herndon, where we beat their 8-Bit Room. I have to say I had never seen such unique puzzles! The entire room was set in the 80s, and the idea was that your mom had taken your Nintendo, and you had to find your console, controllers and games in under an hour, or your friends were going to leave and play at your friend’s house. Lol We did really well, and only needed to ask for a hint on the very last puzzle. I am definitely interested in going to that location again - we were told that the room we played is currently ranked in the top 25 in the nation.

We left victorious, and then had a milkshake (me) and a smoothie (MisterMoonbeam) from a nearby Cold Stone Creamery! He drove us to our friend’s house, where we have been since.

Today we are going to be playing board games all afternoon! Last night we did Puns of Anarchy and Lifeboat, so today will be something different.


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Having a weird depression day. This week is going to be hectic and I’m pretty broke. I have a long to do list and a lot of it is high stress. This is the last week I have to move everything out of my kids’ apartment and I feel like I am failing in a lot of areas of my life.

The weekend was a lot of fun though, and I enjoyed the one on one time with MisterMoonbeam.

Today has been busy already - I paid a bunch of bills (which is why I am broke), and I’ve had a bunch of good donations dropped off. ButterCup sent me a morning message, which made me feel happy, and I am showered and just ate lunch. Still, I have this pervasive low-level sadness that I can’t seem to shake.

This evening I have to be at the apartment to meet up with someone wanting the long dresser my daughter left behind, so that will be moved out. Afterward I am spending the evening with SirGawain. He didn’t come to my son’s birthday party last night (which was fine, I really didn’t expect him to) so I haven’t seen him since Thursday. I miss his face!

I feel like I need to make a list of all the ways I am failing at life but I can barely muster up the focus to type here, so I am just going to kind of ignore all of that. I think the best thing to do right now is try and keep my mind today on what is directly happening at the moment and let the rest slide for a while. Might be best for my mental health.