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5:14 p.m., Thursday the 17th

Dinner yesterday was turkeyburgers, sweet potato fries, and beets with onions. Okay but nothing to write home about. Today, Snowbunny has put a roast (with small potatoes and other vegetables) in the slow cooker. Now I like the sound of that.

Not much else going on today. This concludes my riport.
8:12 p.m., Friday the 18th

The roast was really good, the veggies were good too. But we weren't able to have seconds, as Snowbunny wanted to save that for today. She is at a Barn Hunt practice with the dogs, she should be home soon and then we will have dinner. She might have wanted Brother-Husband and me to eat while she was away, I'm not sure whether he's eaten or what exactly the current plan is. He does have to work tomorrow, but he seems to be watching a movie at the moment.
7:10 p.m., Saturday the 19th

BH went to bed shortly after SB got home last night, around 9:30 p.m., I'm pretty sure he ate earlier, so SB and I had (most of) the leftover roast and that worked out fine. I guess we're having bake-at-home pizza tonight.

Today, SB took me to go shopping, which made me really happy; that lasted from about 3:00 p.m. until about 5:30 p.m.; I was able to pick out a bottle of drinky-drink: Carolans Irish Cream.
11:30 a.m., Sunday the 20th

The pizza was Detroit-style thick crust. Honestly it was not like something you would bake at home, I thought it was takeout.

Today, SB volunteered to clean the rat cages for Barn Hunt, not sure when she'll get home from that but should be soon. We also have three rats here, and she is going to clean their cage after she gets back.

I've gone through most of a cup of Carolans Irish Cream. So tasty!
7:11 p.m., Tuesday the 22nd

We had dinner early today, it was quiche which is not one of my favorites, but I guess it was okay. BH and SB are gone with the dogs, the dogs had a couple of classes tonight. They'll probably be back in an hour or two.

Yesterday we had subs from Subway, BH got those for us. Our friend Sam came over and looked at the wiring for our kitchen light, which had stopped working. It's aluminum wiring, so fixing the problem is going to take some time.

I don't remember what we had for dinner on Sunday. I did polish off the rest of that Irish Cream.
6:26 p.m., Wednesday the 23rd

We had dinner rather early today, it was just your basic pasta/meatballs dish. I liked it better than I did the quiche. SB is gone with the dogs for Barn Hunt, she'll probably be back in an hour or two.
4:55 p.m., Thursday the 24th

The cleaning lady has been here today, she is always nice and does a good job. Don't know if I should give her a nickname. "Jill" might work.

Tomorrow, SB will take the dogs to Las Cruces, for a Barn Hunt trial on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I might walk to our local Kelly Liquors, and try my luck there. Either Rumple Minze or Fireball would be acceptable.

No idea what we'll have for dinner tonight. Sausage, green peppers, and noodles perhaps. That's a dish SB is famous for, and she was going to make some for BH and me to have over the weekend.
3:16 p.m., Sunday the 27th

The nearby Kelly's got some Rumple Minze, and I bought some yesterday. I had about a half a cup of it today. It's mighty strong. I'm pleased.

SB said she might get home today (with the dogs) a little bit before dinner. Could be a little later if Ginger advances to the next level.

BH and I watched "Rampage" last night after dinner (which was leftover sausage and pasta). Pretty fun show, not the ultimate but fun.
7:52 p.m., Monday the 28th

Feeling extra stressed-out today and as is usually the case, I don't know why. There is some confusion about when I was supposed to eat and I worry that SB will get angry with me when she finds out I waited for her to get home (from Barn Hunt), but is that the cause of the stress, or an effect of it? also Rainee's food ran out early today, and I was not able to give her more. That's pretty stressful for me, I can't explain to Rainee why I had to turn her down.
4:46 p.m., Wednesday the 30th

Things worked out fine, SB wasn't at all angry with me, and as for Rainee, SB actually took pity on her and gave her a small amount of extra kibble. And Rainee seemed to be okay with that outcome.
3:41 p.m., Thursday the 31st

Not much to tell you today. Last night, SB had a Barn Hunt practice (with both dogs I think), I don't know when she ate dinner. For BH and me, he brought pizza from Little Caesars. And starting a little after 7:00 p.m., he and I watched "the Lost City." It was actually pretty good. No idea how tonight will play out -- there's nothing on the calendar.
4:11 p.m., Sunday the 3rd

The forum's been very busy lately, I haven't gotten around to posting on this blog thread. We are planning to go out tonight (restaurant and mini golf) with Eponine and John. (I decided I liked the nickname "John" better than "Jeff." No special reason, it just feels to me like a better fit.)

We ate leftovers and whatnot on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, BH had dinner at a work function, while SB and I ate out -- at a New Mexican place, I forgot what it was called. It was pretty good. I always like to eat out.
5:47 p.m., Monday the 4th

We (the five of us) ate at Naka Sushi -- and we didn't eat sushi per se, instead we ate at their grill, where they have a cook/entertainer prepare the food right at your table. It was really good, and the cook gave us lots of free saké. By the time we got done eating, it was a bit late for mini golf, so instead we went to a place called Billiard Palace and played pool. I barely managed to even hit a ball, I think I got one or two balls to go in. But I would have been just as bad at mini golf.

Don't know what the plan is for dinner tonight. SB has Barn Hunt practice, with one or both of the dogs. I would like it if she brought home takeout, but we'll see. It looks like the kitchen light is fixed, only I don't know if the electrical part is done. The new light is installed anyway. BH and SB are both off for Labor Day, but we're not doing anything exciting.
It was a good time last night! Our hibachi cook was really funny, and the food was good. It was my first time playing pool, so I was pretty bad too, only getting one ball in. But it was fun.
4:51 p.m., Tuesday the 5th

Yeah, I had a good time with you guys. I liked our hibachi cook a lot. I've played maybe a few pool games over my entire life, and it had been many years since the last time I played. BH played the best, but even he hit a few bum shots. Anyway, I liked our evening a lot.

Last night, BH and SB (I think they both went to Barn Hunt) brought home takeout from Taco Cabana -- one of my very favorites. Not sure what the plan is tonight, the dogs have a class, and SB has a pending sleep study that appears to overlap that class. I should add that the kitchen light is completely fixed. The new light is very bright, which I like.
3:25 p.m., Wednesday the 6th

Last night for dinner we had beer-battered fish sticks (plus some sides), it was really good. Tomorrow is the big date for our being at the Ghost concert in Isleta Casino amphitheater. I don't know how dinner will be worked out within those plans, maybe we'll eat before the concert, maybe after.
The Swedish heavy metal goth band Ghost?
1:47 p.m., Thursday the 7th

I'm pretty sure they're Swedish. And they're definitely goth.
2:23 p.m., Friday the 8th

Whew! That was a mind-blowing concert.

SB is at Barn Hunt in Farmington (Four Corners area), so I don't know whether dinner will be takeout or TV dinners. Takeout I hope, obviously.
2:33 p.m., Saturday the 9th

Alas, not takeout. Microwave burritos instead. Meh. As for tonight, who knows. Maybe at least Little Caesars? or we could eat out (at Twin Peaks). Last night, BH watched a recorded football game (Lions against the Chiefs, I think); tonight he and I may watch something together.

I'm enjoying half a cup of Rumple Minze at this time, I picked it up yesterday at Kelly's. This concludes my riport.