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I am a married 52 year old man. When my wife, C, and I first got together, I was in a long term relationship (7 years at that point) with L, and C was married to one man and in a long distance relationship with another, J. For a while, all people involved got along and life was very good. But over the course of a year, my C's marriage broke down and L got very jealous of C. Communication between me and L broke down (always a bad sign).

Thus ensued a year of poly-hell after which C and I ending up together and everyone else going their separate ways. C and I didn't get married for a few more years, but we agreed to a non-monogamous situation. Well, theory and practice don't always align so well and we have been de facto monogamous (but open to new possibilities) for several years until recently. I think both of us have been a bit gun-shy given the 'year of hell'. Nobody either of us has met seemed to be worth the emotional risks.

Recently, my wife re-established connection with J and, with my whole-hearted approval, they began seeing each other again. This is still LDR, but they seem to both be OK with that. All is well and good on that score. I am still open for new relationships, but am happy as things stand right now.

Anyway, I felt the need to communicate on poly matters and this forum seems like a good place to start. :)


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Personal Summary

Hi I'm Jill, 23 in college living with Renee and her family. I am a lesbian in love with a married or I guess I could say Renee is a married lady in love with me. I will let you pick. Renee is in her 30's and Mark is in his very early 40's they have 2 boys. When I am not in school I can be found helping around the house, or working part time at Marks family business. I also love to go for a run in the mornings and I play a fair amount of soccer.

I met Renee about a year and a half, and on June 1st of last year I moved in with her and her family. I am still trying to figure a lot of things out but the relationship is working for me.


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new, confused and just lost

Hello everyone. I am not good with introductions, so here we go.
I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years now. We've been in an open relationship since the very beginning. We've both had different partners, and currently his second partner is our new roommate. I found out yesterday that she is pregnant and I have to be honest, I'm not happy, and I'm freaking out.

We planned on spending our lives together. I don't want kids. It's just not something I have ever wanted in my life. Now we have one coming into our lives and there's nothing that can be done.
I'm mad, scared, confused and just plain tired of everything. she is not a problem. She's a great person, and is looking for a job currently since she moved in with us two months ago. that hasn't done anything to help with my anger management though. I just don't know what to do to stopfeeling this way. Not to mention how to explain the situation to my devoutly Christian family.
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Hi I don't know if I'm doing this right but I'm here to introduce myself! I'm a polyamorous homosexual 38 year old male from Delaware named Robb (hence my name Derobb). I'm currently in a relationship with two men in a triad (I'll call them C and W). They are both bisexual and in their late thirties.

Great to be on here I hope to make some new friends!


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Hi! I'm in the Seattle area, 24F. Currently in the middle of a lovely constellation. I started doing poly pretty much accidentally about 6 months or so ago, and it wasn't until a friend made an offhand comment about it that I decided we may as well call it what it was.

My current relationships:

Dating ND for just about 6 months. He's got 2 other partners, SB and NF. He lives with NF, her husband, and her sister. Being at their place is one of the best places to be, such a lovely family situation. NF (and to a lesser extent her husband) has a lot of partners of varying levels of seriousness that are in our lives to varying degrees.

Dating KFM for ohhh say 2 months or so? Somewhere in there? Met at a munch, hit it off, it's been good times. He's got a couple other partners that I hope to meet tomorrow evening. From what I've heard, they seem cool, but he's never done the whole 'all the partners meet' thing so he's nervous.

And then there's CM. We met through a chat room we both frequent, chatted and videochatted back and forth for ages, I bought a plane ticket, we met in person, it was better than we could have ever expected, and... Well now I'm in a long distance relationship.

I also have my PLP (platonic life partner) who is a lovely human and I spend a lot of time with. She's going back to school in the fall though so soon I won't have that as much, which sucks.

In addition to all this nonsense, I've got work, family stuff, dog and cat, an addiction to slam poetry, and attempting to get rid of as much of my stuff as I possibly can. Cutting back on booze, getting my emotional house in order, all that.

Oh, I suppose also I should throw out there that I'm attempting solopolyamory. After getting out of a pretty toxic monogamous long term (8 years, basically married) relationship and some other really terrible experiences both romantic and otherwise, I feel very strongly about being my own person, not belonging to anyone or having anyone belong to me. A few months ago, I was defending my independence with a scorched earth policy. Now I'm just living alone and have no plan to change that any time soon.


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Very new to all this


Just wanted to say hello. Very new to polyamory after leaving a loving but extremely closed marriage after 11 years.

I live in Mass.


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I'm Polykitten, though I can be referred to as "Icey" or "Kitten"! I'm 23 (March 16th, 1992), Agender (non-binary gendered, not male or female, I use they/them pronouns), Pansexual, Panromantic, and an artist living in California! I'm dating two wonderful men by the name of Seth (22) and Nate (20) (though he's turning 21 in a few days!). I have a laundry list of mental illnesses, though the most prominent would be Borderline Personality Disorder (roar I'm scary :p), and both of my boyfriend's are also mentally ill which makes things a bit tricky sometimes. We're in a very closed and very happy triad and are looking forward to the future together! We also have some BDSM tendencies and Seth is collared by both me and Nate.

I'm a freelance artist as a career! I draw "furry" art for a living, and if you'd like an example of my art, here is a LINK to my self representational character, Icey! I'm in college for a degree in Anthropology, though I suddenly got the inspiration to change careers to that of a funeral director!

I'm a Pagan, and I'm also extremely passionate about Marilyn Manson!
Hi there!
I'm A, 36 living in south florida. Posting by phone at work so excuse the forthcoming typos

No kids, never been married, heteroflexible
Relationship, mostly monogamous, with J for over two years now. I've never so much as had a threesome, but I've been interested in poly for a very long time. Just wanted to fully over think it first.
I work in environmental resource management. I like dogs a lot. We eat and drink like kings on our days off. I could use a few less days off. But I like to bike and be in nature as much as possible. I'm fairly pragmatic and can be a little negative and cynical.


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Hello! I'm 38, female, bisexual and married to a man (J) for 16 years. I have been pursuing a possible relationship with a woman for some time. Would be an LDR. Recently my husband and I have been discussing different poly relationships that we think might work for us. I joined this forum to educate myself on what a poly relationship requires. Not something I want to jump into blindly.


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1st post: Personal summary

Hello! I'm Joe and new here. I am 42, and was divorced 3 years ago. I tried very hard to make a monogamous relationship work, but I finally have come to the conclusion that I have to face who I am.

I do not do the monogamous thing very well. I have too much love in my heart to give. I think I'm made for a poly lifestyle, but because of society's pressure and cultural taboos its been impossible for me to find a woman who understands my need to love more than one female.

I am now at a point where I have an opportunity to begin again, to start over. With this in mind I am taking the plunge into educating myself about poly. I look forward to being a member of this community.
Poly-fi triad

Hello my name is Angelina and I am in a poly-fi triad. I am married to a great man and we have a girlfriend. We met in January and hit it off well. My husband had come the idea of opening our marriage and see how things went. Well, in April we found out that she was pregnant. On November 22 the baby was born. He was 7 weeks early. All through the pregnancy I was told that I will be a part of his life and nothing was going to change that. Being that he was early he has been in NICU and was 5 lbs and 1.5 oz. and his lungs went fully developed. The hospital has told them that because I not bio mother I can't see him. It has caused such a rift in our relationship. Now I am being told that, "he's their son and they are going to do what they think is best." I have 4 children before I met my husband. So this is their first bio-child. I feel like I am being pushed away because they are so worried, will not talk to me and now the gf is mad because I have been feeling left out of everything and it hurts. They are calling me selfish and jealous. I have been trying to find people to talk to that have been there and let me know there us a light at the end of the tunnel.


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hi, i'm a 27yo university student from Germany. I've been in a steady relationship with my gf for the last 5 years. my gf and i have been open-minded towards polyamory since we first learned about it (about 2 years ago). I think that it is the most accepting and respectful form of relationship possible.

for some time now, I've been noticing us growing apart, meaning we've developed new interests that don't conincide very much. and about two weeks ago, my gf started dating a girl with whom she feels an extremely strong connection. I'm trying to support her and her new gf but I can't help but feel a little jealous, a little left behind as they spend a lot of time only with one another. I understand that new/starting relationships are very exciting; my gf and I too have had a very long honeymoon-phase when we started dating. I don't want to be jealous, but I can't help it. I've talked about my jealousy problem with my gf and it helped a bit, but not as much as I had hoped - the jealousy is still there and I can't stop thinking about the whole thing. yesterday, we spent some time together, the three of us, and I really like her, which is good, I think.

what I'm looking for are people with similar experiences, willing to share these, so I can see if they felt/feel the same and how they are coping with it or if the feeling subsided for them at some point.... I'm looking forward to some good times on this forum!


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Hi, I am J. 42, bi divorced female. I am here for a support system. I am somewhat new to poly.

I am just coming into my own. I am a Wiccan and a medieval reenactor. I am outgoing, passionate and know what I want. I am a divorced mother of a teenage son. He is my true heart & soul.


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Hi there! I'm Aridan, and I hail from the Chicago area.

I'm in my 40s, and married with with two wonderful teens. I am bisexual and my husband is heterosexual. We are creative professionals, tend to be on the crafty side, like to go out to movies, big Disney enthusiasts, and fans of Halloween and horror movies.

We started out exploring an alternate lifestyle with swinging at first, although I knew from the start that wasn't really for me, and we never really took to it. I always knew that what I needed and wanted had much more to do with love than sex, and in fact I could never really separate the emotional from the physical.

I started this journey not really knowing anything about anything, and it was in fact many years before I even identified with my bisexuality. In the many years that we have been active we have always fallen short of finding the relationships that would make us happy. And even though I receive much happiness from the expanded horizons this lifestyle gives me, I continue to struggle with the angst caused by my own insecurities and occasional jealousy.

These are the very things that bring me to this community, to share and learn how others work through such issues, and not feel alone in battling my demons.


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Wow Aridan, if you hadn't mentioned the Disney enthusiasm I might have thought you were my wife The Signal (also late-identifying bi, 40's, formerly from Chicago, mother to two teens, working through her own demons...but really dislikes Disney!) Just so you know you are not alone out there.

I have a thread already going in this forum so I won't repeat myself here. I will just say I am working through my demons as well and wondering what the future will bring. Have to say I am feeling a little overwhelmed and outnumbered at present and also scared of being hurt again. But slightly hopeful.


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1st post of a newbie looking for advice


I'm a 26 yo bisexual female from Istanbul. I've always had issues with my monogamous relationships. They often ended with infidelity or my bfs being jealous of the close relationship with my gfs. Then I came out as bisexual which is also very recent.

I started to see casually one of my exes after 4 years and he is the only guy i was feeling safe by being fully myself near him. We were discussing about trying something more. We had a threesome with his bff and they also shared something betwen each other they havent shared before. They are also confused about it because it was a first. I really like seeing them together, it doesn't bother me at all in fact it turns me on and makes me feel like we are a whole.

We all are very comfortable with each other, i love their company and want to create my poly life with them but don't know how to start it. I don't know how should i talk to them about it. I'm afraid of scaring them off.

I found this forum online so I can get advice. Being a bi is not easy in these lands but being a poly female... i don't even want to learn what would happen if i come out to my parents. I am really going to explode if i can't talk about this to anyone. I need you.


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Hi. I am in my early 30s, bisexual, and a single mom.
Though I identify as monogamous, my boyfriend is polyamorous and is happily married, with whom I am also good friends with.
This is my first relationship with someone who is poly. We are fast approaching our one year anniversary. It has certainly been a learning experience with it's bumps in the road, but I am happy and excited about what our future brings.


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Greetings: My history of polyamory began a number of years ago with a poly UU church group in Hawaii. When my husband “M” and I met 17 years ago in California, I was in relationships with two other men which I ended after meeting him. M has been seeing two women in another city for several years now; one relationship is active, the other more on a friendship basis now. I am finishing my doctorate in business administration and have had no time for other relationships! The end is in site though. We live in the LA area and plan to relocate to New England next year.