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  • Hey thank you for all your input and replies! I really appreciate you taking the time to make me feel welcome. :)
    Yes It makes sense.

    I'm somewhere in between. I can be mono for a while but I know I can't be mono in the long run. In order to continue my poly life, the ethical way would be that my mono partner to know it, right? And then that would be end of that mono relationship because he can't tolerate it.

    I guess I'm afraid that I won't be emotionally satisfied with my poly relationships. But then I was not that satisfied in mono ones either.
    Hey Kevin,
    I really appreciate your comments. You are my no1 advisor since the begining. I'd like to ask you something.

    You know about my triad or V startups whatever... but I'm also seeing a guy who is really conventional when it comes to relationships and love. The thing is i like him, I like spending time with him and I love his affection towards me. But also I know that it's not really me, even though i can be...

    What would you suggest me to do? Maybe it's because i don't feel loved/cared that much by other parties yet but only him. I want to be with him but i also know i will be betraying myself sort of.

    Does this need of feeling loved worth to sacrifice my other side? And since i recently accepted everything about myself. Do you think it would be more damaging?
    Hey I had the same when I went to your profile. What is that all about, I wonder?. I will send you a pm on there, lets see if that helps?
    hi my name is mark and im from connecticut...
    I am interested ..along with my wife and her partner..in any meet up groups ,also we are new to this concept and have read alot about it. my wifes partner lives with us. we all get along great ,as they both do as well . but I do not share any sexual relations with them...I would like to find someone that may be a good partner for me as well. we all agree this would be welcomed
    Hello kdt26417, thanks for the membership. I've enjoyed reading some of the posts and I'm interested in knowing more.
    Hello Kdt! I'm just getting started here but appreciate all the info and support you give in the welcome forum. Just thought you should know. :)
    Good Morning. Can you give me advice on how to delete my profile, I want to be part of this site, but my name can easily associate me with work. I would like to delete the profile and start a new one (with a better introduction). Thanks
    Darby's for breakfast on 5th. Budd Bay restaurant east side of the sound, past the Farmer's Market. Ramblin Jacks on 4th almost across from City Hall. Cicada a few blocks up from Ramblin's. Koibito if you like Sushi. Brewery City Pizza, three locations west side, Lacey & Tum water. Those are my favorite. Mekong (Thai) to on State across from Les Schwab. They opened my senior year of high school (89).
    I grew up K to 12 there and returned for 9 years until we moved east to Idaho. It was more family driven needs for the move and a new baby. I do miss Oly but I have family still there so visits do happen just not as much as I'd like. If you ever want word on good eats or activities, just ask. I know come end of March or beginning of April is the "Procession of the Species" parade. It's on a Saturday and I believe near the timing of the Spring Art's Walk. You'll love it there!
    Wanted to give you a big WELCOME to the PACIFIC NORTHWEST! I grew up mostly in Olympia and just think you and your family will really enjoy the culture in addition to the weather. I have to warn you, there may not be as much sunshine as you were told.
    Re: "No worries on not recognizing. I used a different handle. So I wouldn't have expected it :)
    Oh and I totally don't remember the handle, so couldn't even tell you if I wanted to ... it was ... shockingly ... polysomething?? ... hahaha"

    Ahh. Glad I'm not hopelessly muddled! :)
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