The "How Are You Doing" Thread (redux)

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Xmas sucks when you are own your own. My boys mom took him away at 9 am, then i sat like a mug in my flat on my own. How cheerful ! :confused:

Luckily, family rescued me and invited me for lunch, and we laughed a lot, and i felt better about things a bit.

Ex love txted me prolifically yesterday, 80 messages, then 107 on xmas day. At least i now know what upset her. Lots, actually, im glad she vented and at least we are communicating. It makes it easier for me to know all that bothered her.

Nice day with friends today, though, and I have time with my boy, but I have a stupid cold now.
Texted a guy I met a few days ago, & it looks like we will get together for a coffee date or cocktails end of next week. Good looking, intelligent, & seems like he has a sense of humor. So, yeah, we'll see.

Tried texting the guy I met last week (and wrote here about how excited I was), but I think the number he gave me is a landline/his office, and not sure if a text will get forwarded to a cell. He told me he was going to be out of town for the holidays, but don't know when he's back in NYC. Guess I will call him tomorrow if I don't hear back via text. Nervous - he is cute!!!

Thinking of ending it with one guy I've been seeing. Not sure, though.

Doing okay - just tired from working a lot, but I have two more days off before going back- yay!
new year sort of made up for xmas. At least the (ex?)girlfriend is still communicating and I know whats upset her mostly.

Hope 2015 is a good year for everyone.
I am well. Thanks for asking.

I am remarried and have my first child on the way. Christy, my wonderful partner, and I are open and conscientious friends andlovers. She has three children from a previous marriage and they keep me on my toes. (They have also infected me with their godforsaken mutant kid germs, which is why I'm writing this in the bath with Kleenex at my side).

The pain of my previous relationship, which some of you are familiar with, has, for the most part, transformed into compassion. We still don't talk, but that's probably how I have healed as much as I have. Perspective.

I have a lover and a partner and a dog and a cat. Three demanding little humans and a pregnant wife. I own my own business, and as my first year of working independently draws to a close, I can say without question that it the life I want to live. Now I just have to make it pay the bills.

Life is a trip. The trick is to get up when you fall.

Carry on, poly babies. You are all astronauts.
Oh Catfish! So nice to hear from you! I don't know how we lost touch - last I heard, you were about to take an "epic" road trip with a stop in NYC, but then I didn't hear anything. Was hoping to see you - did you ever make it here?

I'm terrible at staying in contact with people, and I always resolve to be better at it, so I hope we will stay in touch.

I will email you privately. Happy New Year!
Had xmas with my family today - the kids were all excited over their presents. Yay! Dude wasn't present (at Lotus's helping with a broken car) but was asked after. (My family ROCKS!)

Life is too busy but good.
I've been feeling melancholy, bordering on a depressive episode, for the past few days...

My first SEVEN published teen fiction novels, which were written during the end of my first marriage and helped me survive that time in my life (literally), have been pulled off the market as of Friday because of poor or no sales. I knew it was the right thing to do for my writing career, but I vastly underestimated the emotional impact having those books pulled would have on me.

I'm struggling with some financial issues, not so much in the household finances as with my personal ones. I don't have enough income to pay my credit card minimums, and I have some other expenses due this month that I can't meet without taking money either from Hubby or from our household account. Which I refuse to do because doing so makes me feel like a deadbeat.

Country and Alt spent a week and a half with their dad and came home yesterday. Alt's usually fine when she comes back, but Country tends to have trouble making the adjustment from her father's way of doing things to mine. She picked two fights with me last night, within hours of getting home, and generally made me feel like the crappiest mom in the universe. She seems to be over it this morning; I'm not.

On the positive side, Hubby and S2 have both been very supportive over the past couple of days, to the point that Hubby put aside his online game to spend half an hour just cuddling and listening to me vent, and S2 texted me yesterday to make sure I was okay. (He doesn't usually initiate a text conversation, just replies to my texts.)

And having those books off the market opens some doors in my writing career that were previously closed or barely ajar, so that's a good thing.
Still stunned that i was relegated to friend zone 2 months ago now :-(.

Too early to try dating, but someone on here suggested "lovoo", and ive made some nice female friends on there now.

It helps
A bit

But i miss my love :-(
Date is set up for tomorrow night with Cafe Guy (met him at a cafe at lunchtime last week). He revealed that he is divorced (not surprising for people around my age), and has a young daughter who lives with her mother. We are going to meet for a drink aftr I get off work. Ugh, I have no idea what to wear! Temps are frigid here (single digits last night, high of 21° F today!) and the heating system at my job isn't working properly so it's very cold and we have to bundle up, wear layers - not the sexiest outfit for a first date! But it should be okay, he seems interesting and cool. I'm feeling hopeful.
As is kicking my ass and my boys are a terrific support.
Sam and I drove an hour and half away with the girls to pick up this little guy, Decided to name him Falcor. He's sweet and fluffy


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My Friday night date with "Cafe Guy" went swimmingly well, and ended with some of the most delicious kisses I've had in quite a while. He's already asked if we can get together sometime this week - yay!

Left a message for the guy I met in December on his voicemail. So, we'll see.

The gent I've been seeing casually and very sporadically texted me the other night from a bar, and seemed very lonely and forlorn. He wanted me to meet him there but it was 10:30 and fucking freezing out, and I really wasn't in the mood, so I didn't go. Sigh, sometimes he gets me down, though I really like him.

I am feeling in a better place emotionally these days, and more ready for involvement in a relationship, though I still have to fight my low-grade depression, which is always present.

Edited the next day: I have to get back to Cafe Guy regarding what night is good for me to meet, and December Guy called me back today, thanked me for reaching out, and said he'd like to get together sometime next week because this week is no good - works perfectly for me! He will send a text after the weekend to arrange a date. He kept it very formal. I had gotten the sense, when I met him, that he lacks confidence about his attractiveness. So I wonder if his level of formality was due to that, or maybe he was just staying subdued because he was calling from his office.
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So! Cafe Guy (I will give him a better alias if it develops into something ongoing) and I are planning to hit a cool exhibition at a museum on Saturday, and then grab a bite to eat afterwards. I am so excited about seeing him again, spending some time and getting to know him a little better -- and smooching some more! Woo hoo!
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Feeling a bit of a let-down after my date with Cafe Guy yesterday. It went fine, actually - we spent many hours together - museum, dinner, a drink afterward, and we even made plans for lunch this week. So, it would seem that he enjoys my company. But there was hardly any physical contact all day, and only three brief kisses (one a hello kiss, and two good-bye kisses). They were nice kisses (his lips feel really good), but didn't knock my socks off. The end of the evening just went <kiss> <kiss> <"Goodnight"> <"Bye."> and that was it. Physical Touch is my top Love Language. After the totally awesome makeout session we had on our first date, it was hard not to be disappointed - but that is what happens when one indulges in expectations!

I know he is very stressed by certain circumstances currently happening in his life and, it being only our second date, I really am just getting to know him. We spent all those hours together and got along very well. However, the fact that there wasn't at least the same level of physical touch as there was on our first date just made me question whether he is attracted to me or not. Like, maybe he is only looking for a friendship when he is making plans to see me again?

Expectations are always a killer.

December Guy said he would text or call me after the weekend to arrange a date with me. I find myself hoping he will, but doubting that it will happen. Ugh, I am letting my disappointment get to me. Well, I really liked December Guy and enjoyed our conversation when we met, so I hope he does call.

I didn't text Cafe Guy after our date because I want to leave the next move up to him.
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I am away on a holiday to try and clear my head. Im still not fixed, i miss my love terribly. But im ok with it now, and my strategy is to wait and see if things work out with her new relationship.
Would have been an interesting gig, but for what they pay jurors, no one can afford to do it.
Feeling turned on and excited about new possibilities right now.

Texted a bit with Cafe Guy last night and it was just a brief, friendly exchange. I sensed that he was super stressed, despite his good-natured joking around. We did not yet make any plans to get together for lunch this week, as we had discussed on Saturday night, but I'm going to give him a little room and leave him be, after I email him something I promised to send. I like him a lot but don't want to come across as needy/clingy.

December Guy got in touch with me today and asked me out to dinner. We had some Thai food, good conversation, and afterward - he was all over me. In a really great way! He said, "I wanted to kiss you all night!" Another awesome makeout session. I have found two guys who are incredible kissers! Good kissers can be so rare!

All in all, I had a very good evening!
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I'm actually okay ... Surprisingly okay!

As my title says I'm surprisingly okay!

My partner went to the dinner and movies, well that's what I thought they did but when she got back she told me they didn't see a movie (nothing on they were interested in). Instead they got a motel room to watch movies and happened to fool around.

She was completely honest with me about it all. At first I was over the top annoyed, felt betrayed, frustrated and my trust was broken by their actions but the more I thought the less annoyed I got, less betrayed I felt and less frustrated and my trust in her was restored. I even managed an I Love you to her before she fell asleep cause it how I felt ... I really love her.

After she fell asleep, I drove around to see if what my true feeling were and I was shocked that the ones I left with were the ones I was actually feeling.

And the green eyed monster didn't pop it's ugly head at all except for the fact they fooled around rather than me and her but there is always tomorrow.
Sounds like a breakthrough ... Congrats!
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