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Week one at new job done! And overall, it's been really good. I can tell that the students generally want me to succeed at teaching them. The "testing" of a new teacher has been minimal. They enjoy being in my classroom, mostly, and the ones who don't simply don't enjoy school at all. Learning names is a huge challenge. My classes have between 24 and 29 students in each and the ones who don't stand out are a struggle. My usual style of teaching doesn't suit one of the classes, so I'm learning how to be a better teacher for them. I'm honestly embracing the challenge.

Also, today I discovered that I'm probably going to be eligible next year for a $10,500 (less tax) government payment that will go straight on paying off my student loan. It's a voluntary bonding scheme and I'm in a "hard to source" area (maths - yes with an s because it's mathematics, not mathematic). But it will reduce my loan by about a year, which is great since I have about 4 years to go without the payment. I'll take that.

I'm planning on spending a lot of this weekend in my classroom making posters and resources and planning lessons. A change of school means a massive change in the way things are done and I'm seriously playing catch up. But I'm feeling good about things in general.

Adam is away tonight in another city so I've talked to my bff (by video) and had a few drinks. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the rest of the evening; get dinner definitely, then it's a toss up between going out and staying in. The new TV is being delivered and installed (wall mount by the company because it save on so much risk) tomorrow so I can either Netflix on my laptop, write an email to Puck, or go out. The email followed by Netflix will probably win. Ok, definitely.

I have a guy I've been talking to about 3/4 of an hour up the road. Thing is, I can't drive that far in the dark right now because my eyes have suddenly changed (yay 43) and last time I drove any distance at night I got a massive migraine. So that guy will have to wait until he can either host over night, or I can go there during a day, neither of which is going to happen this weekend. But he seems promising, hell, he fosters kittens, Imma go there just for the steady stream of cute LOL (almost j/k).

I spoke with Lance recently. He's doing well and is waiting to see if a sample order is going to turn into a major contract. I have everything crossed for him. He's regretting a previous (work) purchase that he was rather excited about, but overall seems to be in good spirits. I've seen him worse. Hell, by now I've seen him in every mood, I just haven't got to hug the bastard yet. That sucks.

Puck has been crazy busy at work and with major other projects recently, to the point that we've been a bit distant. He actually apologised for that today (by text) but I hadn't been feeling abandoned; I miss him, but I'm definitely okay on the emotional front. I feel really secure in our relationship so a couple of weeks with minimal contact isn't a drama. It's interesting, he's had issues with Iris and her feelings of abandonment quite quickly. He chalks that up to ADHD (technically undiagnosed, but at least one of her children are dianosed). Now, I'm undiagnosed but I seriously exhibit ADHD signs. Iris, however, from his description is more Borderline. He even admitted he saw that too, once, but has since reneged. But jeez, the behavior that he describes...yep! Oh well, not my circus. Hell, I've got my own abandonment issues, I'm bloody adopted after all and even in infancy that affects a baby. But damn when he was fed up with it last year and I heard all about her insecurities. Yes, bad hinge blah blah. Honestly, it's good to know that there are going to be some small compromises I'm going to have to make when I'm visiting. Originally, had I been there Easter last year, it would have been that I got a night (of recovery) to myself while he kept their usual weekly date. He and I have since agreed that post pandemic, when I finally get there, there won't be any nights apart and he'll deal with the fallout (without telling me about it) once I'm gone. Still, we'll both need time to phone our other partners to touch base, so I'm sure we'll manage that easily between ourselves and Iris will get to "develop empathy" (hah) for how I usually communicate with him. Most importantly, I desperately hope that one of my other metamours will help him with his drop after I leave rather than be all *secure me and my abandonment issues now she's gone* like Iris will. Because he and I will both struggle with that first farewell. We're hoping that his return visit out here will already be booked by then, but there's no guarantee.

Solomon and I have yet to work out a regular call time. Damn time zones. I've just made a suggestion, but it's the middle of the night there right now so he won't get it for while, so fingers crossed we can talk this weekend.

I'm also really hoping to catch up with UniverseFan soon, too (video call).

And Mike, in person.

And kitten guy.

Life seems pretty good right now.


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I wonder just how many of us on this board ARE adopted? I mean, off hand that's you, me, @FallenAngelina, and at least a few semi-regulars I remember mentioning it. I suppose it doesn't really matter, just interesting.

Glad the new job is going well!!!


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(maths - yes with an s because it's mathematics, not mathematic)

I always knew it was with an 's', but I never really knew why. I actually thought it was maths because there are many types, like arithmetic, geometry, trig, calculus, etc, etc.. But your reason is far more simple.. lol
I love maths/sciences... I quite enjoyed watching Hannah Fry's videos on Youtube on various mathematical topics. One relevant to the world today she had a few years ago where they were studying the spread a pandemic would take on the population of the UK, and simulating actions they could take to mitigate spread and such. It was rather cool. Unfortunately, I think when the pandemic actually showed up, politicians mostly did whatever they wanted regardless of any previous research done. But hey, NZ did really well! I think you've got a pretty great PM over there. Not surprised she won the election again easily.


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I wonder just how many of us on this board ARE adopted? I mean, off hand that's you, me, @FallenAngelina, and at least a few semi-regulars I remember mentioning it. I suppose it doesn't really matter, just interesting.
I've found the experience to be an enormous factor in my life. It's hidden, but for me explains everything about my quirky emotional trajectory.